Friday, March 02, 2007


Glad to be alive this beautiful Friday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder.:)

jillie said...

What a great picture. Where do you find all this cool stuff to post?

MY CAST IS OFF!!! Yippie...but now I have an aircast on it for two weeks and then the physical therapy starts. So it looks like I will be off work for about 6 more weeks. UGH...

javajazz said...

man, how come i never see
shit like that comin out of
our mountains here?
oh, right, we dont have
mountains here...
anyway, gorgeous image!
nothing says TGIF like
some babe busting out of
a volcano..!
happy weekend girl!
you better not be
working the entire weekend!!
hey papa bear Bear! what a nice
daddy to go with your kid!
so sweet
xoxo me

Dan said...

Can I have her number?

tsduff said...

Thanks TC - Most days I need to be reminded... but today was one of those Friday's that just blazed out that reminder loud and clear

Jillie - Hallelujah and AMEN! But, what the hey is an aircast? Sounds cushy :-D They didn't have those in my day...nor the cute pink casts. Man alive - I wish I could be off for six weeks... sounds divine. I think you should go to Venice and lounge in a gondola...

JJ - you know this is me in my dreams - meeting my volcanic soul Bear in mid life...

Dan - here you go:
1 (800) HOT-PELE


Anonymous said...

:-} dinner is on :-}

Bjarni said...

Watch Out down stream--the goddess is Awake and ALIVE--My thoughts of peace blessings and prosperity,are flowing your

Anonymous said...

only 93 posts to go JJ---if it is a goal to see 100 posts here(what did TERRY,think of the idea ?)

javajazz said...

well, BB (BjarniBear)
maybe one day, when i'm in
a silly mood (you know us
Cancerians, the moods come
and go like the tides of
the moon and all that jazzzzz)
then i'll sneak in 93 posts
when everyone's asleep and
we all forgot about it,
so it'll be a silly surprise...
tonight i dont feel that
silly...not sure how Terry
feels about it all...tho we
did note that quantity wasnt
always as desirable as quality!
anyway, we'll never
know what crazy things can happen
in Blogland...!
hey BB, have a safe trip will ya?
i know your sweetie must miss you
already!! Terry, dont be sad...
i'll make stupid jokes for days and days and before you know it, your Bear will be back!
xo JJ

Autumn Storm said...

What a glorious picture and the words to go with perfectly chosen. Full of life and vitality. Happy Friday from one moment to the next, xo

Minka said...

Some mythology confused, but a wonderful picture inspit of that :)

Maybe this happens once every 100 years or so!

tsduff said...

Anon: Dinner was absolutely fabulous!

Bjarni - yes, definitely alive - don't know yet about "awake" after getting up this a.m. at 4...

Anon: whose counting? You know I'm not fond of numbers.

JJ - you are a good egg. *not egg in cup please note...

I'm awaiting the jokes. He is gone.

Hi Autumn! Happy weekend - you aren't working today, are you? I hope not. Enjoy your spring weather - xo

Minka - Who knows when a volcano explodes - she may burst forth every time! Next time Hekla goes, take a look ;-D

neva said...

me too! and, may i say, that's some powerful imagery, my friend, lovelovelove it! (the picture *and* the Haiku)

*claps* xox

Agnes Mitchell said...

Wow! Beautiful energy!!! I just love it.
Ok, I've been away too long. I scroll through you posts and want to comment on every one!

I LOVE the March Hares. It is TIME for SPRING!!!! (could I type more in caps?! Maybe I should BOLD too. lol) Yay Spring! Get here NOW!

The over-run desk is hysterical. I'll pray for a little serenity for you. Pass me some of that paper. I've got time on my hands at the office anyway. LOL

Oh the sleeping child. I can never get enough of those. (expect new soon of neices and nephews)
He's a beautiful boy. 5 is a very good age. :D

Ahhhh - that kite! I saw one the other day and just wanted to stop the car and get out. I wanted to be 6 again, so fascinated with the very thought of a warm, windy day and a very, very long kite string.

And finally - where can I get me some of those buzzing panties???????? ROFL.

A mountain of love to you dear! Thanks for popping by. I'm beginning to get my head back around the world. I do miss routine!!! Oh, and I think you and I were on the same page with my last fractal. Very Aztec Sunburst. :) I liked the oddly frayed edges. Can't recreate that now for the life of me. LOL
Great big, happy hugs of sisterhood to you! May joy rain down on your weekend like petals of sunflowers.

tsduff said...

Neva, you are so special! Thanks hon :-)

I've used your "lovelovelove" many times... (sorry) good thing you didn't patent it.. (sheesh - didn't know how to spell that danged word)... I use it all the time, THANKS! :-D

Agnes - I'm always soooooo glad to be here when you surface ;-D

Does SPRING ever really come to Texas? My grampa was born in Yoakum county, raised my Ma and my Auntie - I'd say, all I ever heard about was relatives bein kicked by a mule to their death, cotton fields needin water (still own some), tornados to run from, AND (experienced personally) RED ANTS which require certain lotions to ease the sting. I miss Texas :-D

I knew YOU of all folks would understand the sleeping boy I would say, (my sweet little kidlet grandson) that inspite of recent add-ins everywhere, YOU have inspired thus with kiddie pics more than any other. Your curly-haired little sweetie is my inspiration... ;-D

Sorry - still - ah - looking for the buzzing panties - no luck yet!!

I know absuolutely zilch about fractals: creation, design, any way at all other than what I view at your place and Oliviah's place; I don't visit DT any more. He was less than receptive for whatever reason I have no idea of, to this day, as he has not graced me with an explanation, nor an invitation.

Absolutely FABULOUS to hear from you!! of my most favorite folks.

Love your art -
Love T

:P fuzzbox said...

Awesome pic!!!

Anonymous said...