Thursday, March 01, 2007

First Day of March


... said the March Hare...

To find out the significance of saying Rabbit! Rabbit!, go here


javajazz said...

i remember that from last year!
first heard it here, i believe!
ps i always loved bunnies
must be my power animal!
tho i thought maybe mouse was...
yahoo, march is hopeful month!
(i believe they're sending us
freezing rain to celebrate,
and thats just the appetizer!)

are you out from under all that
pile of paper yet??


javajazz said...

oh ya,
wabbit, wabbit!
(wait, lemme read the rules)

javajazz said...

hey, i have a great idea...
lets see if we can get
to 100 comments...
c'mon, only 97 more...
(okay, just kidding...
kind of!)
oh oh, i feel silly...
watch out...

javajazz said...


javajazz said...

(no, really,
it was just a joke...)

tsduff said...

THERE you are! Thought we lost you in all that snow on the driveway...

Did you know you say Rabbit Rabbit EVERY month on the first... if you fail to remember then you must repeat Tibbar, Tibbar. I learned the hard way... *hangs head in shame...

Feeling silly eh? (did I say it right... oh, it should be AY, ay?)

javajazz said...

actually i think its
(howdy girl! where you been!!)

tsduff said...

ha ha - touche ;-D

Been where I always am... but now I'm home :-) Oh, before I forget - I went and checked out Brians site... man alive, the show at Benicia library on March 10 is only 1/2 hour from here!!!!! I'm so there!!

javajazz said...

shoot, no wonder i've been having
such crappy luck
i forgot to say rabbitrabbit
and then even forgot to say
tibbar (x2)
i thought it was only once
a year! i've got all that
straight now...
if i can only remember
from now until tomorrow

javajazz said...

holy cow, i almost didnt even know
who you were talking about!
thats not one of the freddie
shows is it? i gotta look...
its the only way i know what
my kid is up to! my ex just
told me hes bringing him home
for 3 beautiful days in march...
already hired a geetar player
and renting out a little cafe
to have a nice welcome home
party and jam session! it'll
be way cool! i'm jazzed...
(get it??) ha!
he's gonna kill me for never
ever showing up there...i have
NO idea where hes been living
and going to skool for almost
2 years that bad?
but he sure knows about my buddy
Terry! man, that'll be cooler
than cool if you show up...!
thank you!!
i'm gonna look there now!
(i'm such a bad mother...)

javajazz said...

hmm, nope, that was a "Dave" thing
at the library...the freddie concerts
are in april looks like mostly in sacramento...see, i dont really know
where a lot of these towns are in relation to where he is...chris did tell me they are mighty busy tho till the end of skool and hes doing this really neat concert in ny with dave and the LSO which should be kinda
awesome...daves just a real sweetie and quite a bright man...he's always loved mixing up the classical and jazzical stuff....bri has tremendous respect for him since learning so much more about his music...and of course hes brought such blessings to my kids life...even to have his dream come true there last week to meet his biggest musical influence ever...lots to be grateful! (or man alive, as TSDuff would say!) or is it mansakesalive? i cant remember, Scotty!! aye captain!

javajazz said...

man, i think that dvd blew some gaskets in my brain tonight,
thankfully! you must see it
if you havent...its ALL the rage, sweetie!!

G-Man said...

Happy March Terry.
I'm afraid it's comming in like a lamb.

Autumn Storm said...

Beautiful sunshine here today right on que. :-) Hope March brings you much sunshine and happiness. xo

Jeanne said...

Rehtob, sdrawkcab niaga. Tibbar, tibbar.

javajazz said...

bunny bunny...
(ynnub ynnub)

Jodes said...

you and javajazz are funny....happy March. cute pic.

jillie said...

It's March! Yay...spring is on it's way. Now is it going to come in like a Lion and out like a Lamb? We shall far it's looking pretty calm here! ;o)


tsduff said...

JJ - now I feel so important because you made my comment numbers go up :-) I can always count on you.

Galen - I like lamb. Bring it on (preferably roasted with rosemary and garlic (yum)

Autumn - There is actually sun in gloomy London? Yay! Happy March to you!

Awe Jeanne - you made me get my mirror out and squench my eyes up trying to read your prose... not to worry, there's always next month :-)

JJ - hare! hare!

Hi Jodes - I agree - JJ is fun. Put her in the mix and you never know where things end up :-D How is everything in your sunny, seaside town? Dip your toes in the warm sand for me.

Jillie - see comment above to Galen - I LOVE LAMB! But the weather isn't "lambish" here... rather threatening once again. How's that cast - getting it off tomorrow?

Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit rabbit. I just wish I felt that good!

Jeanne said...

The first of next month will be April Fools Day. If I point out the window and jump up and down while I say it I can kill two birds with one stone!

tsduff said...

Awe Icy - well, you sure LOOK that good
:-D I know how it feels when you can't keep up with those young bunnies ;-)

Jeanne - HEY HEY HEY whose talking about killing birds... !! *ruffles feathers menacingly* OH, I get it. Phew... yeah, April Fools...

weatherchazer said...

Love the pic of the sis would, too. Just ready for spring (and spring temps.)

Anonymous said...

Its coming in like a freakin LION around here.....hold on folks!!!

Happy Day Terry,
Love the post :)


javajazz said...

golly, is this spring?
sheesh, we just got slammed today!
its about bloody time, i say!
woo hoo, that came on
like a ton of minute
nothing the next a pile of
blowing slippery blizzardous mess...(i made that word up.)
i kinda dig it! just got home!

thanks Jodes for saying that
me and Terry are funny...not
that many people find me
very amusing! actually, yes,
they really do...
however, your kind words not only
give me hope, but boosts my
spirit tremendously, which is
a great thing after a long
winter...up here in the Land
of Igloos it gets pretty
dismal round about now!
i think me and Terry
make a darn good comedy team...
and she often laughs at my
sicko humour, which automatically
makes her Queen of the Universe!
she's pretty darn funny herself!
(hare hare!!)

javajazz said...

and Terry? you are important
no matter whether your comment numbers are high, or low!
now i know nobody really
believes that, but its true...
comment numbers dont mean
squat in the spiritual realm...
its never been about quantity,
tho i must express my utter
disdain at having lost the
million dollar a year for life
lottery today...that totally
pissed me off...
oh i'm broke...
AND unpopular...thank the lord
i'm so hysterically funny tho...

javajazz said...

ps, Meg, do you live
in toronto?
(in like a lion...)

Anonymous said...

Summer soon--Happy March First--A Toast to the Coming Spring--Remember time change coming up.

Anonymous said...

72 posts to go

javajazz said...

ha! 71!
(give me 14 minutes...
i can do it,
no problemo...!)

javajazz said...

(what i meant was...oh
you know what i meant...!)

javajazz said...

TIME CHANGE!! woo hoo! i forgot!
sometimes, it can be
a musicians
worst nightmare...
other times, it just means
Daylight Savings Time!!
that makes Spring
more official!

tsduff said...

Weatherchazer: looks like you've been having some "un" springlike weather out your way... I don't feel like it is quite spring yet. And, who couldn't like a cute little rabbit rabbit... :-D

Meg - Guess you need to drag out some more logs for the fire instead of opening the window to catch a spring breeze - LOL~ Watch out for that LION!

JJ - Awesome word "blizzardous"... you get a star for today

Guess I lost the lottery too - dang - didn't buy a ticket! I shall take my new title (Queen of the Universe) and go home.

Annonymous - Why do I feel like the sun just came out? *BEAMS* Yes, SPRINT ahead, FALL back for the time change... (hell, I know I know, it is supposed to be SPRING, but sprint just sounded so much more cool at the moment as I am thinking of Italy and our upcoming jaunt across the sea to Iceland, and then to the land of tomato sauce, liguini and Piza... :-D

tsduff said...

"comment numbers dont mean
squat in the spiritual realm..."

LISA - thanks for that little jewel - I shall take it to heart :-D

Keshi said...

Happy March Terry :) Huggggggggz!


tkkerouac said...

Love your rabbit tale!

Jodes said...

everything is great here!!! saw your comment yesterday and yes I have been told for year and years taht I look like Meg Ryan - thanks though I love hearing. ;)

Anonymous said...


tsduff said...

Hugs down under Keshi! You are so prolific on your blog - sheesh, how do you consistently publish so many lovely posts? I can't keep up!!!! Happy March to you - is it fall there?

tsduff said...

tkkerouac - an other piece of useless trivia for your file :-) The bunnies are cute though, no?

Jodes - HA HA :-) another famous lookalike eh? Well, you are adorable, and if I looked like Meg Ryan, I'd think it was grand (I like her alot - didn't you love City of Angels?)

Annonymous - i love your smile

Minka said...

Kanina, Kanina and a wonderful March!

Anonymous said...