Saturday, April 21, 2007











Anonymous said...

an anonymous smile

javajazz said...

oh, so beautiful Terry!
you are truly one who cares
about the earth, who shows
love and respect for all
the beauty here...
happy earth day!
these images are so
calming and just gorgeous!

Doug said...

Great photos and sentiment.

actonbell said...

Gorgeous photos, Terry! One could get lost in them for quite awhile.

And that's a really cool "cities online" counter! It says I'm from Hershey, which isn't very far off the mark. Love the flying crows.

Autumn Storm said...

Doug said it best. :-)

jillie said...

I just love your post today. I was at an earth day festival quite a few years ago on a first date with an old boyfriend. What an amazing day for an amazing cause. We really do need to slow down before it is too late.

Thank you for a wonderful reminder Terry...xo

Jodes said...

lovely images, simply wondeful. hope it was a good day for you.

Dusty Doggy said...

We love your photos. Sorry, but we had to steal the one of the pond and add a leaping fish. I just couldn't resist! Click my name to see what I did to it. Just playing around.

javajazz said...

ha! that was awesome what you did to the photo! i thought dusty dog was dry dog...! that comment thingy scared me, so i'm leaving it here! but that was way cool, as was Terry's pond photo!

G said...

She's all we've got. Lovely pictures.

Doug said...

And by the way, Terry, you're one of the best earthlings I know.

Thanks, Autumn. I like to think I clean up pretty when I rinse the sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Hello Iceland

weatherchazer said...

The pictures are beautiful- guess I'm a photo hooker, too. :)

whyioughtta said...


G-Man said...

Everyday is earth day to me....Good Job Terry.

Doug said...

OK, for now do you have any pictures of smog?

Lord Garfunkel of Ballyesmond said...

Jolly lovely post old bean.

Anonymous said...

especially tender the earth.
Beautiful pics.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, everysingle day oughta be Earth Day, I concur!! We are teching our 4 kids this very principle.
Even the bugs get a say here, our 4yr old daughter tells people off for killing flies!!! Why you may ask.."Because they are all God's creatures!!" She exclaims, LOL.

We enjy going to a place here in town called can see what the place is about following..

Minka said...

To true and what an amazing picture the green floating water. Just beautiful!

tsduff said...

Annonymous - you know I love that smile :-)

Hey JJ - you always say such nice things about me... *tell me more about mah eyes....*

Thank you Dawg. Nice of you to say.

Actonbell - do you really live near Hershey? Okay, you know my next questions... is there CHOCOLATE THERE?? UMMMM how far?

Autumn - true - rarely have I see Doug loose an untruth.

Jillie - you know I didn't even go to a festival this year - just stayed home, watching the jays, woodpeckers, finches, titmice, tohees, doves, bandtailed pigeons - red tailed hawks, and starlings from my back porch... oh, and crows. Lucky I didn't have to go far to enjoy the earth's gifts.

Jodes - Hope you are dealing with your lost okay. Hugs.

Dusty Doggy - you know I'm just tickled to pieces with your fun with fish... sure added to the picture! I do like fish.

Lisa - Dusty Dog is Icy's daddy... Doug is of a completely "other" breed :-D

Thanks G - She is worthy of our awe and admiration, care and respect.

Doug - that's nice. At times my feet ARE on the ground...

Wondering though, do you ever rinse it off? It seems inbedded. :-)

Annonymous ?

Weatherchazer - not such a bad thing to be I think. I have the same weather pics (storms) that you have, on my computer from somewhere... gorgeous.

Whyioughtta - well said.

Doug - just go down over the grade - look down over San Fernando and you will see what you seek.

Galen - You are right on. There ought to be more with your sentiment.

Lord Garfunkel of Ballyesmond - Never been called a bean - much less a jolly one, but thank you - I'm touched. Thank you for hopping over the pond.

TC - I know how you kitties adore tender earth :-D

Cazzie - your little one has the right idea. Glad to hear things are well and good down under. Say, we have a Ceres here too - only about an hour's drive away from here. Your Ceres looks lovely - and bravo that they celebrate Earth Day :-D

Minka - I like to think the Earth is as beautiful and even moreso than these pictures can convey.

Sinead H said...

Your pictures are stunning. They make me think indeed!