Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well, blow me down! I've been (stunned and amazed) bestowed the most prestigeous (and/or dubious) THINKING BLOGGER AWARD by a most wonderful gal Weatherchazer.
This honor is given for "Blogs that make you think". I thank you mightily my friend. (curses, now I have to think!!) I have been tagged by one of the greats, who not only makes me think, read and reflect, but who originally caught my attention by her gorgeous and breathtaking pics of stormy weather. (everybody knows I'm just a picture hooker at heart)...did I say that right?


1. If (notice I said IF) you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think- BTW, this is an OPTIONAL exercise and no one should feel obligated to comply... I'm talking volunteer here only, no nipped toes, no hurt feelings if nobody feels led.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme-

3. Optional: Display the "Thinking Blogger Award" with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative gold version if silver doesn't fit your blog.)

Simple right? NOT! The hard part is finding only 5... you see there are so many that qualify.

I. The very first and foremost, Numero Uno of blogs that make me think is
Waking Ambrose. Doug, fondly referred to as "dry dog" by my friend Javajazz comes up with daily definitions, which stretch my feeble birdbrain to its very limits. His amazing intelligence is not to be toyed with... try to joust with him verbally and you will without any doubt become flayed... drawn and quartered for all to see. He reigns supreme over his court of comments, and in fact draws the most smart people in the entire blogosphere to participate in the antics produced by his wit and yes, humor. I bow in awe (yes, check it out, crows can and do bow) and am usually tumbled claw over beak in the dust when trying to keep up with the brains around there. Besides, I have to say that his disarming beagle mug gets me in the heart every damn time I look at it.

II. My Dogs Daze is a unique website run by Icy and her dog Spot OOPS - I mean Icy & Tom. When I visit this place, I'm alternately charmed, entertained, puzzled, and endeared to a sweet beautiful white dog Icy, her daddy Dusty, and the fabulous graphics (Tom's expertise) which appear in endlessly creative & comical ways. Here too are witty commenters, which make me struggle to think of something which has not been already said or thought in response. It is usually the first place I visit when making the rounds. Nothing makes one think more than a dog and her cans.

Hmmm, does it seem like there are a lot of dogs around here?

III. Inner Voice - otherwise known as Javajazz has a way about her that makes me have to stop laughing after I've read what she has to say! Hold on, this is a good thing... nobody hits my funny bone like she does, with her honest, straightforward perspective of things. Her words aren't minced, although she can use up a lot of descriptive words before her point is completely across. Having a similar "stage of life" in common, we can relate on that level very well. Both of our sons are gifted trumpet players, (although hers is more famous at the moment). She offers a genuinely loving, healing, nurturing and humorous addition to my daily thoughts. I find out about amazing new applications for musical instruments at her place (have you ever been digereedooed?) Besides - she taught me how to correctly pronounce Quinoa. I owe her for that!

IV. Nurse Ratched - Despite the way the eyecandy of her avatar seems to belie any assumed intelligent thinking... Jillie is one of the most thought-provoking and incredibly smart bloggers I know. A warm and loving woman in the nursing field, she is loyal to her family (Partner, Bro, Mom and late Stepdad) as well as to her friends. She throws herself out there on fund raising tours for breast cancer (giving her physical all as well... just call her Ms. Gimpy) and encourages others to do the same. Her amazing quick comeback in the humor department has me reeling... no wonder she is so popular around the blog circuit! A fellow female biker (J, that looks like a fine shovel... is that really yours?) she commands the respect of all just by the wit of her comebacks, and oh my, I wish I could look like that on my silver bike! (J, I just don't have the nerve to wear my CFM boots in public - you go girl!)

V. Reykjavik Harbor- run by Ms E. of whom I hold a great admiration. Her site hosts the most amazing insights to a place I've only been twice. She is not only an inspiration to me due to her situation, but I gain new delightful images both visual & mental each and every time she posts. I am inspired by her brave grasp of life this past year or so, and jealous also because she is actually doing what I've only dreamed of in her migration to Iceland from the US. When I inhale her detailed and descriptive tales of Iceland, I go there in my mind. I remember scenes from my own journeys there, and long for more - as she tells it. Truly a person could lose one's self reading her writings.

Thank you to every single one of you who comes here to my humble site, to read, look, comment, imagine, and interact with a birdbrain like me. I appreciate it so much - I live for those visits.


javajazz said...

i think you just totally
made my day...

more later!
(lots more!)
hee hee!
thank you!!!
xoxo me

The Old Mule said...


Minka said...

I know two of those featured bloggers quite icelandic third sounds very intriguing and I´ll check her out right away.

Very nice tributes!

Minka said...

Oh and also thank you for loving my Starbucks post that much...I notice dteh weird symbol when I was in teh US of late and needed to get an answer!
I loooooooooooove Starbucks! Soemthign we definitely shoudl import to Iceland!

Anonymous said...

always knew You were a world class act--CONGRADS

javajazz said...

on your Thinking Blogger Award!
everybody loves your blog
and your gorgeous photos
and well thought out words
cause much reflection
and admiration
for such a lovely
and sensitive soul
as your sweet self!
xoxo one of your adoring fans!!
(hee hee!!)

jillie said...

Do I get to make a speech? F*#&$K!!!! You got me Terry...I'm speechless...BUT only for a while...I'll be baaaack!

Autumn Storm said...

Oooh, that must have felt good! :-) Congratulations!

javajazz said...

i should only look so good
spread out on top of a bike!
(perhaps i shall investigate
purchasing some leather garments...)
(i suppose then i'd need a bike
(i'd probably get a headache if
i tried that...)

Dry Dog!
more like
Dry Doug...

javajazz said...

hey, T and G
i saw your icelandic
fish oil today
in our hugest
health food store
on The Danforth...
(Galen knows the Danforth...)

Tom & Icy said...

Thank you. We love your blog for the beautiful graphics and how you apply them with themes in the context. Our blog complex is more for experimentation and pushing the envelope to see what we can do on an electronic page such as making pictures move and have sounds as well as inspire others to get ideas and try new things to make blogs more entertaining and interesting. There are many reasons for different types of blogs from being a community center to giving information, inspiration, being thought provoking, or just providing a little entertainment or humor in our lives.

Lindsey said...

Can't think of a better winner.

tsduff said...

Hey Lisa - just sayin. Glad it made you smile :-D You always make me smile.

Old Mule - I've been neglectful. Thank you for stopping by. Having been to your place several times, I haven't been lately. This will be remedied. You have a fabulous site.

Minka - you won't be disappointed. I'm sorry - because I could only list 5. Yours was a very close contender.

Annonymous - your words make me blush. But that is nothing new. *blush*

Lisa - Methinks you lay it on a bit thick... but shucks - thanks.

Jillie - SPEEEEECH!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn - Yes, but now my little twinkle of fame has receded and I'm back in the real world once again :-D

JJ - spread out on a bike? I have this bandana (won it at a raffle on a bike run) that depicts the bike as a beautiful male - long flowing hair, beard, and other ah, atributes... (actually looks like my Bear) in all his natural glory, with a beautiful female riding the bike. Yes, it is what you think.

Doug is dry - wry - spry and that's no lie...gotta love that guy.

Okay Lise - how come most of the eastern US gets the benifit of all the great Icelandic products, whilst all of us in the west suffer without? Mo'a is always tell me about all the Icelandic stuff she gets in NJ at Whole Foods... our Whole Foods has NOTHING Icelandic. No Smjör (butter) no Skyr (yogurt-like stuff) and no Hangikjöt (smoked lamb)... what is a poor California girl to do????

Tom and Icy - I know you have several blogs - but my favorite continues to be the one that features you and your sweet pups and their antics, wise words, and hilarious graphics.

Lindsey - coming from you this makes my day.

javajazz said...

oops just saw this today, monday...
first of all, we have this humongous health food store here that has a whole other supplements store thats so big it has its own store. man, i saw EVERYTHING there the other day, things i couldnt find anywhere else in town...and the big store has everything like organic meats and produce and healthy cosmetics and a big vegan cafe and the regular health food store stuff..its like a supermarket! normally its california who has tons of that stuff before anyone...we also have the store Ikea...thats not icelandic stuff though, is it? i thought it was norwegian, cuz they sell all this food that sounds kind of similar to the stuff you wrote...hey, where'd you get an umlout (sp?) on your keyboard???
i suppose i could mail you that icelandic stuff, but i'm worried the glass bottle will shatter...imagine that stuff all over the place! i think carlsens is very pure. i've been liking it...i think my hair is starting to shine....!! my arthritis still sucks but at least i smell like fish oil now! (kidding...)

ECS said...

wow, *blush*, what an honor! I have to say that your support has helped in my decision to stay here. Knowing that even people I've never met and probably never will are rooting for me helps when I'm feeling a little at sea. Thanks for the props!

G said...

Hey mazal tov on your honor! And I'd have to agree. Also knowing only two from this list, I have a few others to check out. Wonderful indeed (and couldn't agree with your more on the first two that I do know).

Doug said...

You know, the problem with a wonderful tribute from a great friend is you read about how smart you are and immediately feel like a MORON for not noticing the post sooner. It's an honor to be in such fine company, though. I need to get to know your other friends better. Thank you.

JJ, you're first.

javajazz said...

ha!! i finally just saw this today!
i'm late, as usual...!
but it cheered me up, Doug (Dog?)
you're the first beagle
i've been really tickled by...
i think it has to do with your brains
or somethin...(probably moreso than your coat...)
but thank you.
i most decidedly needed that perk today, and poof, there you were!
xo lisa