Thursday, April 19, 2007

IF we can find lodging... (lots of folks fully booked already :-()
This is where we shall spend our first night in Italy...
Lovely Varrena.


Anonymous said...

it's beautiful...I wanna go.:)

Minka said...

Can I come? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese???

javajazz said...

yumm! so sensual, Italy.
i think i would love it there.
and no, its not just because i have
this "thing" about older graying
Italian men!! that has absolutely
not much to do with it....

Keshi said...

take me too!


Autumn Storm said...


jillie said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

I want my next trip to be Italy!!

I could sit and stare at this all day. Seeing that I really don't have all day....a few moments will do for now...

simply lovely!

ciao bella

tsduff said...

TC - You can join Weatherchazer in my backpack... could become crowded in there.

Minka - Peguins are small and easily smuggled through customs... jump in! Oh, and please bring my Starbucks... mocha grande with whipped cream thank you kindly.

JJ - wonder how many older graying Italian men I will actually see? (I'll be suitably surrounded by my own lovely older graying men... but they hail from Portugese and Icelandic backgrounds... yum)

Keshi - if you jumped in my backpack, all the men (and women)would swoon clean away from your exotic beauty.

Autumn - looking forward to the red tiled rooftops of Florence.

Geez loweeese... Jillie, you speak better Italian than I do! Say, did I tell you there is only one Harley shop in the whole of Ireland? Maybe there are more now - the one I found was in Dublin and it was little more than a motor shop, including lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, a few odd foreign bikes, and yes, 2 whole Harleys! The matchbooks cost $5.00, lighters $8, and forget about buying a bike! (and that was away back in about 1997 when I was there). I spent a fortune on two Harley Dublin Ireland tshirts with a leprauchan biker, pint in hand and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on it.