Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boo hoo hoo.
My blog won't publish any pictures.
I can't even see any pictures from older posts.
I'm ruined, simply ruined.... :-(


Autumn Storm said...

Must just be temporary blogger issues. I can see some of them but not all, but more importantly, I've seen other bloggers with problems publishing pictures also and it later worked out. So, don't get too upset - hopefully, it's sort itself out soon.

Happy Thursday!

tsduff said...

Oh thanks Autumn - you know I feel better now. :-D BTW - it seems the closest pinpoint I can give you of our time in Florence is June 1 and June 2. Do you think it is possible you might make it to have at least a meal with us? Lunch and or dinner? We have only one goal in Florence - our friend is determined to see David before he dies... and so we shall :-D

Autumn Storm said...

I don't foresee any problems, Terry, though I've learned not to take plans for granted - when I do that, Murphy tends to rear his head. I'll definitely know some time in advance, so that we can finalize details if need be before you leave the US.
Have a great weekend, if I don't speak to you before then. :-)

Jodes said...

i see the birdies below!!! :) love ya girl!!! have a good day!

jillie said...

Hi'll get better I was having the same issue's last night for about 2 freakin hours!!!

I think it's fixed now...whew! Just in time too. I was getting ready to throw my computer overboard...

It's almost Friday. Hope you're feeling better.



Minka said...

that happened to me once and it drove me nuts. Another time all I could publsih was titles. Can´t say blogger is not trying to keep you on your toes :)

tsduff said...

Autumn - we are looking to stay at a convent in Florence - should be fun!!

Yay Jodes - looks like Blogger doesn't hate me anymore :-D

Jillie - I thought it was only me! When I went to your site, I could see all the pictures - and everybody elses too! Just mine was messed up with those horrid little red X's! *whew* glad it is fixed.

Minka - I thought when everybody switched to "new" blogger, all the mish mash problems would go away. Apparently not! Didn't know I could get so upset!