Saturday, April 14, 2007

Watercolor by the Naked Pastor

Every evening when I lived in southern California, I'd be out in the backyard in the late afternoon... and I would notice flying overhead, the crows. Each day at around 5:30pm, they would appear, in great numbers, winging westward toward their evening roost. I thought this was just a local phenomenon, but after moving up to Northern California, I noticed it happening up here as well. You could set your watch by their flight.


G-Man said...

A murder of crows?

Awesome watercolor!!
Have a great day.....Galen xo

Doug said...

I just now came in from my backyard, where I was watching crows circle the sandstone cliff behind my house. You guys sure fly pretty.

Oliviah said...

I know a lot of people hate crows but I love them. They are so smart, it's uncanny.

G said...

Terry, I had to post this as I thought of you when I heard the song. I featured this music in Central Snark this weekend. The song is called Crows. Take a listen :)

Autumn Storm said...

Congrats G on your impending status as grandpapa! Happy news, thrilled for you, x

Hey Terry. :-)

G said...

Let's see how this works: CROWS.

PS: I was a little surprised that I was being congratulated for becoming a grandpa, when I noticed g-man before me.

actonbell said...

That's interesting! Cool picture, too:)

Keshi said...

cool pic!


tsduff said...

Galen - I'm impressed - yes, a murder of crows every night for my viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I have only a single pair of crows living near my home here. They badger the acorn woodpeckers in my poplars - but so far have been unsuccessful in their attempts to pillage the hole/nest.

Doug - (takes a bow) I must admit that the flying skills of the crows and also of ravens are not commonly rivaled.

Oliviah - not many can appreciate the amazing intelligence and comedy to which crows can boast. I'm glad you like them too.

G - Spent a long time enjoying the new world of Stephin Merrit's music - wowsa! Lovelovelove the crow song - now I must get the movie Lemony Snickett!! I've not seen any of it at all.

Autumn - :-D

G - It is rather comical how many "G"s are around here... (you, g-man(Galen) and then it is my own G - Bear) who is the new expectant Grandpa! Slighty confusing I must say.

Actonbell - Hardly anything in my book that is more interesting than the corvidae family... crows, ravens, magpies.

Hi Keshi - hope your week down under is a good one! How are you?

Tom & Icy said...

Great blues. Very calming effect.

weatherchazer said...

I always get a kick out of the bird pics you post!

weatherchazer said...

PS I left something for you on my site.

jillie said...

You know, I'll have to check it out. We have a few that hang out here along with the wild parrots in Ocean Beach. I find anything with nature fascinating.

Great picture to.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting.
It captures the feeling of the moment.

tsduff said...

Icy and Tom - Thanks. Blue is the best.

Weatherchazer - awe shucks - now I've got to think!

Jillie - we have wild parrots (famous I might add) in San Francisco - hook bills are some funny nature as far as I'm concerned. They bite too hard.

Glad you like it TC - wish I painted it. Watercolor is a perfect medium to capture such things -and crows make a very interesting subject.