Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ciao from Ravenna - the world in Italy is a lovely place! Lots of train rides, beautiful people, delicious food, amazing art and architecture, good company and well, just a few snafu's with trains, reservations, etc. All is well, having fun, and WISH YOU ALL WERE HERE!!!!

Lots of walking... can you believe it, but first night out SPRAINED THE HECK OUT OF MY ANKLE. Luck of a crow - lucky I still have wings. Nice colors showing up under the ace bandage :-) Asprin fixes anything.

Venice was wet and we got soaked... but ah, the beauty takes ones breath away.

Miss you all - no piccies today due to internet cafe. Ciao!


Icarus said...

So, I find you over there, across the way on our continent [Old Europe? New Europe? what was that about?] So two "pities" reported: you don't need a sprained ankle, really, do you?; and you do need to see Venezia with good weather, at least dry. Well, another time.
And where to next? how far south, I wonder. Envious, cos I would so like to go back to Italy, then France for 4-6 weeks. Buon viaggio!

Jodes said...

wow, you made it!!! how wonderful.

Autumn Storm said...

You're a lucky duckie, Terry, to be experiencing so many new and wonderful things, to be seeing sights many of us have only ever dreamed of seeing. :-) Continued wonderful trip, and keep snapping!

jillie said...

When do you get home? I had a BLAST and meeting Autumn was GREAT! I have major jet lag right now....


jillie said...

BTW...ice that ankle! Sorry to hear about that :o(

weatherchazer said...

One day....I may be in a wheelchair, but one day I will get to Italy.

G said...

Thank goodness for wings. Hope your ankle is feeling better - enjoy your travels. I'm sitting here daydreaming.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! Sounds utterly faboo!

I just realized how much closer you are to my neck of the woods! How about a hop over, hmmm? ;-P

Hope your ankle heals fast and live it up!

javajazz said...

hope you are having
one fun time flying around Italy!
(listen to Nurse Ratched and
ice that baby will ya?)
ya, cant wait to see photos
Terry-style....you always make things
even more beautiful.

actonbell said...

Have a wonderful time! I hope your ankle doesn't slow you down too much. I eagerly await your pictures.

The Old Mule said...

I am glad you are having fun! Bring back pictures are we will all think this is one big bluff. :)

javajazz said...

Rabbit Rabbit!
(yay, i remembered something!)
having fun?

i heart ravens said...

ow. hope your ankle heals up soon. i envy you your shiny black wings.


tsduff said...

Oh, for crying out loud... forgot about Rabbit Rabbit... I am all the heck mixed up around here. Today is Sunday so I must be in Rome... these foreign keyboards are awful. my dogs are killing me, the ankle looks quite like a watermelon, but I am seeing the country dammit. Love and besos to all of you... just found out yesterday what besos means :-)

Roman crows are a raucous bunch - love them with their rough caws and grey chests... makes me feel at home. Camera ate too many batteries - and then gave up the ghost. So may have to improv on the pics.... Mule ' I really AM here!!!!!!!

Ciao and will be back soon.

PS: I like grappa.

javajazz said...

my friend loren likes grappa a LOT...!
mustn't one have kishkas of steel
to drink that stuff?

Roman crows...haha!
i wonder if there are Israeli crows...oy!
caw caw, oy!

sorry about your watermelon feet...
you may have to have those looked at
upon your return...
and pronto...

hope you're having a great time exploring...
sending love and a cure for inflamed ankles,
xoxo ciao baby...

Minka said...

Gla dyou are alive, kicking and enjoying the breath taking scenes. Italy...I´ve never made it there, yet it is teh only place I wanted to go to ever since I was a teenager. I guess I am saving it for a special occasion!

Top cat said...

I didn't think you'd be online until you got back.
Sorry to hear about your ankle but everything else sounds great.:)

Crazy Me said...

So beyond jealous that I can't even speak. I hope you are having a great time, bad ankle and all!

tsduff said...

I Lovelovelove (Neva, imitation is the best form of flattery, yes)? the food here, the weather is too hot and humid, my legs have turned into something out of a horror film, red rashes and splotches and cantelope ankle... of which I have no explanation, but to h$%£*!! with it..., I am here and making the most of it :-). Keyboards at the internet cafe are very unfamiliar, so my typing speed is crummy, but it is amazing how it helps to commumicate with ANYONE!! Hi all and thank you so kindly for your notes, and my apologies for my terrible correspondence whilst here in the wilds of Italy. Today we went to see St. Peter's Basilica which was incredible. Walked for days and went up these teensy weensy steps (really, couldn't believe how SMALL the spiral steps were up into the dome... needewd an oxygen tank) something like 550 steps or something... Wowsa!!! Really, didn't think I could handle the crowds of today, but we hired a taxi rather than doing the bus or walking on my tortured feet all the way across town back to the hotel. It really is ridiculous!!!!!! I know I wouldnàt have been whining 10 years ago... this is for sure.

Tomorrow we decided to yet again deviate from the assumed schedule and go to Sorrento rather than stay longer in Roma. I am done here. DONE. Thanks EVERYONE yes, all of you ' I read each and everyone of you, for responding here, but this internet cafe makes people grumpy, and not easy to wait whilst I just blah blah blah away. I will touch base with all of you when I get back after the 12th. Of course, I will be totally and completely without any brain then... and I am returning to work the very next day after returning the late night before.... who cares what happens when I get to work, right?

Besos to you all...really, when I was adrift in a foreign land the thought of all of you upheld me. Silly, but true. :-)
Cioa from the Crow.

javajazz said...

that's sweet Terry Berry!
we all miss you and want
your cantelope ankle to
turn back into
just a normal ankle again...
use creative visualization
and see it as uncantelopey
and envision it normal again...
enjoy all the beauty
that is there,
and take more cabs if you can!
have a good rest of trip!

jillie said...

Oh Terry I hope you are ok and I think about you and worry about your ankle. HOPEFULLY you didn't do the same thing I did to it. I know what you mean by making the best and the most of it. I want Italy to be my next trip. Some of the castles in Ireland had narrow tiny steps. The people back in the day were obviously smaller than we are now. Man...it almost made me dizzy to go up AND down them. OH NO!!! A dizzy blond on the stairs...yikes. Everyone...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES...hahahaha.

I know you are having fun and enjoy the food, vino AND grappa...

ciao bella


If you ever get access to ice...ice ice baby!!!!!!! ELEVATE...I can't help it...it's the nursee in me. Are you able to get to a store and get an ace wrap? I know...just thought I would ask.


neva said...

dammit, had i arrived here sooner i'd have told you to find yourself some Arnica Montana! BEST stuff in the world for bruises and/or swelling.

unfortunately, i was sick, and not behaving like a good blogger, and certainly not like a very good friend.

hope your ankle is better by now, dear Terry, and that you are having the TIME of your LIFE!!! : ) xoxo