Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Okay, so haven't you ever heard of wishing someone an UNBIRTHDAY? (Thanks TC for the forgotten term)

Happy UN-Birthday to our own Javajazz!

She loves coffee, and her children

She is a healer

She knows her herbs
and offers calming remedies

She has a gift with music

She is filled with creative energy which she generously shares with everyone

She always makes us laugh in spite of life's little hardships...

Celebrate today Lisa - happy un-birthday to you. Then celebrate once more on July 5th. Okay?


G-Man said...

Add a great "Keeper of Secrets" to her resume'!!
She is all of that and more...She always has encouraging, loving and careing words for those in need. And she is incredibly smart and intuitive..A fine human being, and a loyal friend. I love her dearly...

Fantastic tribute Terry!
You are also a great friend, and an awesome human being!!

Jodes said...

wonderful post and a very happy day to javajazz.

javajazz said...

OMG, i cant believe you found all these
photos and put such a beautiful image
together! (where'd you get that didge
photo???) woo hoo!
maybe you can do this all again
on July the 5th when my birthday is,
and i will love it then too!
ha ha !
thank you!
ps, guess what Lucy got
in the mail today!
(i remember that vitavetavegamin thing!)
you're a hoot...thank you!
and, next time you start a rumour
make it a good one!!
JULY 5th 1955...!!!!!
hows that for secretive?
(thanks coolest poster of posts
and best happy birthday wisher...
that was great....!)
even though its so not my birthday today!
nyuk nyuk

javajazz said...

wow, i cant believe you found all those
pictures!! you must have researched for ages!
this is so right on i cant believe it....
you got the coffee, the flute, the music, the crystal bowls and pendulum, the alternative healing, love all the people on the floor getting "didged" as we call it (that looks like our gathering last night with about 5 strolling didgeridoo players honking their stuff over peoples bodies!) love the coffee with the candle in it! i have that card with the young girl flute player in it! and the djembe with wings! too cool, i love it are such an artiste its not funny! now dont forget to do this all over again 2 weeks from yesterday! haha!

javajazz said...

aww G-man, you're so sweet i can hardly stand it.
now, can you say this stuff all over again and more,
about a week from next thursday?

and Jodes, thank you too! whens yours?
the 6th? i forget all the dates....too!!!

tsduff said...

Okay, can we start to party now?

javajazz said...

its not my birthday yet.

javajazz said...

ps...i LOVE Lucy!

(Terry sent me a talking
I Love Lucy card....)
you're so wacky, Ms Corvid

tsduff said...

You know in some cultures, the party goes on for weeks.. why not start now?

Say, after some of Lucy's cureall stuff, don't you feel all your aches and pains melting away?

Anonymous said...

terry this is such a great post for our wonderful sweet Lisa.
Thank you, it's very sweet of you.

Oliviah said...

Well how neat. :)

javajazz said...

i know TC, isnt Terry awesome?
and TC, when is your b-date?
some one is the 14th, yes? and theres
a bunch of them around
July 1 and 3 and 4 and 6th...
c'mon everyone....fess up
or i'll have to look back on TC's archives
and that means i'll end up being distracted
when i find that photo of him in the shower
or playing his geetar, or sleeping with
sock monkey or wearing that cool straw hat
okay i'll stop....

tsduff said...

Sock monkey? ! Lisa, Galen said keep of secrets... perhaps KNOWER of secrets is more apropos - LOL

Minka said...

That is so sweet of you to do. Happy pre-birthday Lisa. July 5th is only a few days away!

javajazz said...

oh golly,
this just keeps on getting weirder
and weirder....

what, you didnt know TC
sleeps with a precious sock monkey?
that's hardly hidden knowledge!
(research, girl, research...)
me, i love my teddy...
he keeps my tummy company.
when i was a kid
it was Bunny
(rabbit rabbit)
though at this point
i wouldnt turn down
a live one.
(no, not a bunny...!)

a very merry unbirthday
to ALL!!
especially the kapillion July birthdays
coming soon to a theatre near Terry...!

tsduff said...

A certain Bear I know entertains another year of life on the planet on July 18th. I won't be flying him to Iceland like I did a few years ago... :-( but boy what a great time we had.

I like my Bear close at night too. He's no bunny.

tsduff said...

Minka - I knew there was a reason to love you besides the obvious (I love peguins). You are always putting in just the right words. :-)

Lisa - what's so weird? Haven't you seen Mary Poppies? Oh, I meant Poppins... (the poppies, the poppies... ) Oh dear, perhaps I meant the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.. Now I can't remember who the heck had the unbirthday party... sheesh. I think I lost more than a few braincells in Europe. I need help.

javajazz said...

that was in Alice...
but i always had a fondness for the bunny...
I'm late, I'm late
for a very important date
no time to say hello goodbye
i'm late
i'm late
i'm late
i'm late and,
when i wave
i lose the time i save
my fuzzy ears and whiskers
take me too much time to shave...
i run and then i hop hop hop
i wish that i could fly
theres danger if i dare to stop
and here's the reason why you see i'm
i'm in a rabbit stew
cant even say hello goodbye
i'm late i'm late i'm late.
good morning mr Chatterbox
i'd love to stop and chatter,
but in 6 and 7/8 minutes
i must meet with the Mad Hatter,
the mad mad mad mad Hatter.
we must talk about a very important matter...
i'm late, i'm late
for a very important date
no time to say hello goodbye
i'm late i'm late i'm late....
(now i sound like Puppybrose
doing the Wizard of Oz today
on Dog Blog...)

G said...

Happy pre-Birthday Lisa from a fellow Cancerian.

Lovely tribute.

javajazz said...

thank you g!
wasnt that lovely what Terry did for me?
it was the nicest thing anyone's ever
created for me!
fellow Cancerian, you.
there seems to be tons of us on here.
maybe cuz we like this way of socializing
better than actually having to go out
and meet live ones....
i love hiding here at home, too!
suits my hermitudinous nature...
i believe we have a ridiculous number
of things in common.
hmm so whens your bday g?

Anonymous said...

mine is one day after yours..:)

jillie said...

Well a very unhappy belated early day then...hahaha....I will be back on the 5th ;o)

Justin Thyme said...

Happy belated B-Day Lisa! Hope you had a special day, and that the coming year is filled with tremendous happiness and joy for you!