Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Other than the crowds in St. Mark's Square

(all those little black spots are pigeons)

I did fall in love with Venice.

The huge rainstorm didn't come until later

in the afternoon... soaking us to the bone for the train ride home.


jillie said...

Well it's good to know I can be first somewhere...haha

I want to go to Italy SOOOOO badly now. I always did but more so now. I would love to see Venice, Capri, Tuscany, etc...etc...

ciao bella


Kyahgirl said...

I would like to go there. A lot of great perfume comes from Italy :-)

weatherchazer said...

Wow. That looks so relaxing to me. I would love to stroll through there.

Doug said...

All that water in Venice always seems so exciting to me. I don't mind rain, either.

Oliviah said...

How neat, the pigeons like pepper on the ground. I loved that picture of Venice, so beautiful and romantic. What an interesting color the water is.

Minka said...

My dream...Venice. I´ll go there and if it is teh last thing I´ll do!

just beautiful!

javajazz said...

i like all your bits of stories,
like little tidbits of real neat stuff
you did on your journey there...

tsduff said...

Oh I bet you are first in a whole lot of places :-D

I didn't see Capri or Tuscany (except by train) but Venice was better than I had imagined. The crown jewels though, were the stunning coastal towns along the west coast... words cannot describe the beauty of the impossibly blue water, steep rocky cliffs with buildings built right into them... ahhhh. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Kyahgirl... I smelled a lot of smells in Italy - most of them weren't perfume - LOL!

tsduff said...

Weatherchazer: Well, relaxing isn't quite the word I would chose, but it was an experience I wouldn't give up or trade, even though I did it all on a freshly sprained ankle.

Doug - I was fascinated with the water, its color, its amazing way of coming right up to doorways on the canals... the whole thing is just so cool! And I was so happy to find out that the water doesn't smell bad. The streets were so narrow you could hardly see the sky way up through the tops of the buildings.

Oliviah - the water was mesmorizing. There were lots of little bridges, leading over the still quite waters on the back streets which we took instead of the crowded avenues. Loved it.

Minka - hopefully, when you do go there, it won't be the last thing you do!:-D

Lisa - there are many many more!! You are are so kind to read them all.... :-D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, I love it. It looks totally cool.