Friday, June 15, 2007

We'll always have Paris....

We took a night train from Rome to Paris - wasn't quite the romantic vision I had imagined. As chance would have it, our party of 4 shared a very tiny cramped 6 bunk train cabin with 2 others - a man from Morocco and a man from Egypt. Both were interesting and friendly, and some of our companions bonded, offering a place to stay in their respective native countries, should the occasion ever present itself. Feeling like a definite pebble mixed in with a punch of beans, I made myself scarce whilst the men shared in camaraderie.

So I post this picture as a reminder that life's experiences are to be savored and absorbed; even the unpleasant or unexpected ones.


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Awesome. I want to take the overnight train next time I'm in Europe. It's so much fun when you cross paths with those from faraway places that you never would have met if you both weren't on trains, in hostels, restaurants, or tours in a land that is foreign to you both.

Autumn Storm said...

Did you visit the Eiffel Tower? :-) Been to France so many times, but I have yet to visit Paris.

neva said...

i LOVE that! honestly, i have ALWAYS wanted to take such a train trip -- it seems so glamorous. or at the very least, adventurous.

thanks for the excellent reminder to savor each and every day. somehow i knew you were the kind of person who not only embraces that kind of philosophy -- but practices what she preaches! ; ) xox

tsduff said...

Julie - yes, traveling affords one many opportunities which otherwise would be never even seen. The fun of it is that everything is so unpredictable - surprises around every corner!

Autumn - no, unfortunately, we didn't stay long enough to see much of Paris at all. We ate (gulp) at McDonalds - because our friend was on a pilgrimage of sorts to see as many McDonalds in foreign countries as possible - other than giving my food away to the gypsy women who hustled us, it was unremarkable. No Eiffle tower - but we did see where the Bastielle used to be. I was wishing our French pal Bruno was with us to show us around.

Neva - We rode so many trains during our trip: little ghetto trains, local trains, big Eurostar trains, first class cabins and standing room only trains frequented by gypsys and pickpockets... every single bit of it was great - only one glamorous one where we ate an elegant lunch in the dining car on the way down to Rome from Florence. No murder on the Orient Express though... LOL

Oh - and I only practice what I preach when I think someone is watching ;-)

Top cat said...

wonderful words to live by terry.