Thursday, June 14, 2007

While we were gone on vacation, some very mean and nasty people broke into my truck. They stole our camping outfit and our earthquake preparedness kit. This may not seem like a great tragedy, but to us it was devastating. Those items represented the ability to just take off and escape, whenever, whereever. Inside were beloved old cast iron cookware, in the family for years, emergency radio, flashlights, sleeping bags, foodstuffs... but the worst loss of all was the lightweight french press. How can you live without coffee?

Mean people. My truck is sadly damaged, and since it is an older model, my insurance coverage reflected such... (as in NONE) on window replacement :-( The inside was trashed, and I still haven't swept up the broken glass - can't hardly stand to look at her.

To quote an old mule I know, "Everything will be okay though."


javajazz said...

Terry, i'm so sorry...!
i despise vandalism,
a senseless and cowardly act.

but old mule is right.
and you need to clear
the muck by clearing
your thoughts
and focusing on
what is good in your life right now.
i know that must sound so cheesy
when stupid assholes have
invaded your precious belongings
but anyway, old mule is right,
everything will be okay....
sending love xoxo

Anonymous said...

Not only is your personal property damaged, loss of property but it leaves YOU feeling violated.
Sorry such a bad thing happened to a nice person like yourself.

Doug said...

Such a theft would be pointless unless an earthquake hits them. For the sake of justice, I hope they live on a different faultline.

Autumn Storm said...

That's just what you didn't need on top of everything else. Helps to believe in karma.

jillie said...

That is just terrible! What a thing to have to come home too and have all of your favorite things stolen from you. What is wrong with people these days?

Yes, karma will come back and haunt them big time no doubt!

Lucky thing and your guy are safe.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Those creeps! I am so sorry to hear about this. :( It's not exactly the welcome home surprise you deserved!

magdalene-sophie said...

What stupid people who only care about themselves!! Yes, you don't deserve it, at all.

terry, I pray everything will be okay, and that you will stay strong. God bless.


tsduff said...

JJ - Yes, everything will be okay though... and thanks to you I have some new postive avenues of peace. Thanks Fleabutton :-)

TC - just picturing the calm cat with the candle between crossed legs - thanks for the kind thoughts. I still haven't swept up the glass - manana.

Doug - most likely they hocked everything right away - it's hard not to be peeved at the theft of our escape fantasy items. Those items can't possibly have anything but dollar value to the thieves - unless they are homeless...

Autumn - don't know much about Karma - but have been hearing quite a bit about it just lately. Let's hope it all works out for the best, for everybody.

Thanks Jillie - hope your trip was great too. I always like to ask people "Was it what you thought?" The countries you visited... were they as you imagined?

Hi Julie - we were sad to find out about the rape of truckee... but the tired glaze of jet lag dulled the initial horror. Slowly we shall build up our kits again.

Magdalene-Sophie - Nobody deserves bad things happening to them - don't really know why it has to happen at all. But it does, and we all get over it. I still like to practice random acts of kindness, to sort of offset the rampant ugliness which is everywhere.

Tom & Icy said...

We have people that break in and steal silly stuff like the dogs water dish, a ladder, or a little calculator-type dictionary. What they take isn't as valuable as the damage they cause.

jillie said...

London was great but I think what made it so special was meeting Autumn. The weather couldn't have been better. It was crazy and busy just like I imagined it to be. Ireland was spectacular! The people, the smells, the food, the pubs, the narrow roads, EVERYTHING was as charming as I thought it would be and I would go back to the emerald isle in a heart beat again and again. Just not to Dublin. I like the charming little towns. But I do want to go to England again to check out other areas of it and get to Scotland. And you? What did you think of Italy? I so want to go there...

Oliviah said...

Oh, I am sooo sorry for your losses.