Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is where

I would like to wake up

Tomorrow morning.

But it won't be happening...

I can't deal with the traffic


Hotdogs over the campfire in the garden,

Watching the coals

As they glow red

Sleeping bags thrown out on the ground

Sweet sound of singing birds

Gently waking me

In the morning.


Crazy Me said...

I hate mornings but that doesn't look like a bad place to deal with them!

SOe said...

Sweet dreams!... It´s funny! I found out if you catch the butterfly on your page it wishes you a happy day. Nice!

Autumn Storm said...

Happy 4th of July!
Beautiful pic!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun terry.
Beautiful pic.
Happy 4th of July.

Jeanne said...

Ms. T,
I sent you an e-mail, which I'm wondering if you got.

Very nice rocks, but I would personally like to wake up in the soft, grassy area next to them.

tsduff said...

Hi A - It is nice when you are awake in the morning before the sun, having time to just soak up the quiet stillness before the world wakes up around you...and you don't have to be anywhere. Makes the morning so much more fun.

SOe - :-D I like butterflies too - glad you caught it... and let it go!

Autumn - I remember where we were last 4th of July - being shown about by the one and only queen of hospitality in London :-D Thanks all over again and yet again for the great time you gave us. It is a great memory to relive now :-)

TC! Happy holiday to you - and may I add have a happy happy birthday starting manana when you first greet the day, and last all the way until your eyes close in sleep at bedtime :-)

tsduff said...

Mz Jeanne - man alive I'm remiss in my long absence in comments and emails! YES, got it, read it, LOVED IT - you are the best twist end writer ever, on par with my idol Hitchcock and others of his ilk.... I love surprises, and your latest piece didn't disappoint me :-D My sweetie has a habit of reading endings before beginnings (he also likes dessert before dinner) but since I had already read it, I was spared from hearing the story backwards... Well done Jeanne, and thank you for trusting me with it. I await your next work... how do you come up with them anyway? I'm amazed.

neva said...

i hope your 4th was as lovely and peaceful as this picture! ; ) xox

Oliviah said...

Beautiful picture. Beautiful thoughts. I hope you had a great weekend.

I have two beautiful pieces of lava on my desk. Yay! Thank you so much. :-)

goatman said...

Nice effect of the sunlight webbing from the source of light.
Could there possibly be water nearby to swim in?

tsduff said...

Neva - LOVELOVELOVE hearing from you ;-) My 4th was quiet - and blah... the heat made us ill and we just listened from our bed to the low bass booms of the fireworks being shot off from afar...we didn't venture out at all. Today is much better - the air temperature has miraculously cooled.

Oliviah - isn't lava grand?! My pleasure. :-D Better watch out... it is a bit addicting.

Goatman - a person after my own heart... alas, no water source near by, but I can imagine one... welcome, by the way.

evalinn said...

What a beautiful place!