Thursday, July 05, 2007

(for reals)


javajazz said...

I love you!
you're the best, TS!!
thank you AGAIN
for another wonderful
birthday greeting.
its really my birthday today
and i'm actually having
a really great birthday this year!
my kids are taking me on the road
(and hopefully not leaving me there!)
ha ha ha i'm so funny.
its a cool road trip
exploring and doing fun silly things!
woo hoo!!!
thank you again Terry for being so
good to me! i loved the before
birthday greeting a lot and showed
my kids and anyone who would look
at it! it was so cool
and so are you! xoxo lisa

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful friend to post lisa's birthday up here.
I've already been over there singing the Happy Birthday song.
Happy Birthday again lisa.:)

neva said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy, JJ! : )

Crazy Me said...

Happy birthday, Lisa!

G said...

Happy Birthday Lisa (belated but no less heartfelt)! Hope you enjoyed or are enjoying your road trip! ~ G

javajazz said...

oh for Pete's sake,
how could i have not seen these???
thank you G for notifying me
of these lovely birthday wishes...
thank you for your wishes
and thank you Crazy Me
neva (so cool!), sweet Cat
and Autumn!! xoxo lisa