Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Waves crash distant surf
Foamy salt water reaches
And tickles my toes


Outdoorsy Girl said...

I wish it were tickling my toes as well! ;)

And that last post is STILL making me hungry! Indeed, the perfect meal! :)

SOe said...

I hope the water is warmer than here. I can smell the ocean.

G said...

I just reflexively kicked off my sandles under my desk.

neva said...

damn,that surf is so distant it's practically on another continent.

still... i could sure use a little toe ticklin' today. hmmm. maybe a pedicure is in my future? ; )

Anonymous said...

Love the writing and the picture.
um um, I love the water.

~Mo'a~ said...

Interesting horizon...I take this is not in Iceland...most beaches there are black.

Doug said...

All that I can read
When I'm on a foamy beach
Is, maybe, Haiku.

jillie said...

I love the feeling of the cool (preferably warm) foamy water with the sand rushing between the toes...

I had the dogs at the beach on Tues. what a great time. To be oh so care free ;o)

tsduff said...

Julie - LOL - I would have left that last post up longer had TC not mentioned that the bread was getting stale...

SOe - My friend E from Reykjavik once told me that the sea smells the same, no matter where in the world you are. Yes, I think the water is a few degress warmer than Iceland, but still refreshing.

G - Me too. *kicks off the other shoe*... ahhhhh

Neva - LOL! Sure the surf is distant... seems like ALL surf is way distant for those of us not living at the beach... but that's what the fantasy is for! Hmmm, the first (and last) pedicure I had HURT, so I much prefer the tickling of the sand and the water.

TC: I know how hard it must be for a cat to compliment a crow, especially with his mouth full.... ;-)

Mo'a - good call - it isn't Iceland. Although, I can remember a certain beach my Love and I landed on after jumping down from the stark black lava cliffs, which was a perfect tan/sand beach on the Snaeffellsness Penninsula... It was a virgin beach and we wrote our names in the sand... :-D

*claps* Doug - well done well done! Oh joy, a real honest-to-goodness poet on my blog... I'm honored.

Jillie - I'm always in surprise at how cool it is for you to just step outside and instantly be ... at the beach! Growing up I was close to Malibu (10 minutes away from the beach by car) but never had the luxury of hearing the waves crashing so close, nor taking our dogs down to play (I did ride my horse down there sometimes though). *sigh* Can you hear me sigh from there? I do dream of it often.

Oliviah said...

*tickles everybody's toes*

giggles and runs