Friday, September 21, 2007

Think I'll go for a walk :)







neva said...

lovelovelove this picture! (apparently i'm a big fan of ALL the pictures you post!)

happy happy birthday to your sister -- it would seem we share an astrological "cusp", she and i, for she's almost a Libra, and i'm thisclose to bein' a Virgo. what can i say? September birthdays rule! woohoo! : )

okay -- now i'm off to take my walk...

ariel said...

Taking a walk or flying away? :-)

Very Happy Birthday to your sister!

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy B-day to your sister!!
I hope she has a great day!!

I'm going to take a walk later when the sun starts going down. Right now, it's too hot!

Enjoy your day and your walk and your weekend!!

EBEZP said...

Hey happy birthday sister!!

Love your pic with the all seeing sun.

Enjoy your walk and your weekend.
I went for a walk today found a Queen!

Kelly said...

Oh no, now I'm famous on your blog, at least for a day as your Sister with the birthday"! How fun to receive special wishes without having to be embarrassed at a restaurant or something. :D Thanks to all of you for wishing me a wonderful day. Every day we're on this side of the grave is a great day right? Especially any days after 45 years right? But who's counting when we're having such fun. I'll go take my walk at the beautiful Oregon coast tomorrow! Thanks Terry, Love, Kelly :D

tsduff said...

Neva - LOL do you know I've stolen your lovelovelove line a whole bunch of times since I first saw it on a comment from you :)

Virgos are not like Libras... just sayin. Close, but no cigar.

Ariel - walking takes care of the lower regions (muscles, I'm talking about muscles!!) I do go flying, but only in those cool flying dreams.

Jamie Dawn - nice comment - thanks! Our California hot weather mercifully cooled off the past several days, and it is divine. For a while there I think walking was just torture in the waves of heat. It is supposed to sprinkle tomorrow - can't hardly believe it.

ebezp - Was she lost? Bravo, good for you! Was HM wearing her gorgeous crown? Probably not in that rain.

tsduff said...

Yep Kelly, I'm grateful I woke up on the top side of the dirt this morning.

Thinking of you on the beach - eating clam chowder and sourdough, heading off the stiff wind with a warm flannel... surrounded by all your boys. I wrote a letter to Caleb about the ways & means of waiting on a Mother hand and foot - hope he doesn't crinkle it all up, and jump up & down on it...

You ARE special :)

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Birthday Kelly.
Happy Weekend Terry.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your drawing! Happy Birthday Kelly!

Nessa / Goldennib said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly.

My daughter is a Virgo and I am a Libra. We are definitely different.

Great drawing.

Northern musings said...

Great pictures - excellent blog!

Hope you had a terrific weekend.

ariel said...

"on this side of the grave" - I like it. There are some nice things on this side of the grave. Sisters with blogs and such. :-)