Tuesday, October 02, 2007




Another Sister, another Birdday. This one is somewhat further away than the last two... Albania is how many miles away? Check out her brand new blog here and wish Julee a Happy Birthday.


lime said...

LOL, i say this to people all the time and they look at me liek i am insane.

hippo birdie two ewes
hippo birdie deer jules
hippo birdie two ewes

EBEZP said...

Thanks Lime, it just came to me as I clicked comment!

Nice one Terry very clever!
Happy birthday to your sis! I'll take a cake!

Kelly said...

Terry, you are so clever and creative!!! What a fun birthday blog to Julee! I have been thinking all day and have come up with nothing but the same ol' same ol'. Oh Well, "Happy Birthday" is still a good saying! I hope Julee thinks so anyways. :D

jillie said...

LOL....my ass looks like the hippos face right about now...need to get my rear in gear and work out again! Too much slacking....

BTW...I popped over to say Happy Birthday to Julee


Crazy Me said...

Too cute!

tsduff said...

Lime - great minds think alike :) It's a great line.

ebezp - How very kind of you Simon - to bring the cake! (I wanted a bite but I couldn't disturb it before she saw it) And thank you so much for popping in to Julee's place - your comment was thought provoking.

Kelly - nothing says it better than Happy Birthday! I know Jules will appreciate it :)

Jillie - your skinny rear is a far cry from the face of a hippo! HA HA - wanna trade with me? How's that foot doing? Working out on it can't feel too good. You're awesome for dropping by Julee's place - thanks.

Hey A - how's that production doing? Did you break a leg yet? :D

G said...

Lime, they're obviously not fans of the FarSide!

This is the bestest bird day greeting ever! Let me go wish belated wishes to your sis.

Gledwood said...

The hippo looks like my old maths teacher from school many many many MANY moons ago....

tsduff said...

Thanks G - for visiting my sister :) Gary Larson is my absolute fav - I was completely bummed when he retired.

Gledwood - Hello and welcome. Must have been quite an interesting math class.. HA HA - anything to make math go easier. (I'm rather math challenged I'm afraid).