Monday, October 29, 2007

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday. With our young Captain at the helm, we struck out across the reservior in the peddle boat.

Had a wonderful picnic lunch while drifting serenely on the water - the warm sun making sparkles on the lakes surface.


Good heavens, what just jumped into the water???? AUUUGHHHH, my cell phone had worked it's way out of my pocket with the motion of the peddling, and escaped over the low side of the boat.

I watched in a kind of fascinated horror and disbelief, as it slowly spiraled just out of reach, the sunlight catching the glint of metal as it tumbled deeper and then out of sight.

Call my phone today, and talk to the fishes.


javajazz said...

okay, that was REALLY funny...!
(maybe not to you...)
you are a master story teller,
you set the stage for this
sweetest scene with you
and your precious grandson...
i can almost feel
a single tear welling up in my eye,
and then,
in goes the phone
ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!
you're good.
(sorry about the gurgle gurgle on the line)

SoCal Sal said...

Do you think Mr. Limpet will answer?

Sherri said...

Oh, that sucks! Those cell phones are EXPENSIVE!

EBEZP said...

Sorry about the phone Terry but what a lovely post, despite the phone!!

lime said...

oh no!!! what a sinking feeling that must have given you! (sorry, i couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

what will be thought, in 450 years...21st century clam???...thoughts of nemo and great adventure

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAA, I began reading thinking how clear and beautiful it was in contrast to previous recent posts and then ... HAHHAHAAAAA! I shouldn't be laughing :(

Tom & Icy said...

That happened with my sister and I've heard so many others say they dropped their phones from their pockets. Seems they could have a chain or strap to hang it around the neck like a camera or walkman. Or some Velcro or something.

photowannabe said...

So sad but now the fish can phone home...

ariel said...

This is so terrible! Now your cellphone is sitting alone in the dark. All the names and numbers it has. But nobody comes to help. How sad it is.

javajazz said...

i'm actually surprised that thang cant float.
heck, go back,
maybe its bobbing on the shore somewhere!
hee hee!
(sorry, i shouldnt laugh..)
HA! (muffle muffle)

Kelly said...

HA HA HA ! Too funny, but not to you I know. I don't have a cell phone so I can't even feel your pain, the ache of having to fork out $$$ that you don't possess for a new phone and then the annoyance of having to plug in all the numbers all over again and of course there will be some you'll forget, sigh. But, your sense of humor comes through in your post. Glad you can laugh a little too. Glurb, burble, gloop! So glad you could spend the day with your favorite grandson though!!! :D .............ha ha ha again!!!! Have a great day! :D

Minka said...

Is it ok to laugh?

I am sorry, but how lovely it is to have this final picture of your phone. This might give fish the push they needed to grow legs and evolve, to check out technology :)

TLP said...

Talk to the fishes! That used to mean being murdered and dumped in the ocean, now it means losing your cell phone in water. I love it.

Oh! That was so insensitive! Not like me at all. Much. Anyway.

jillie said...

That's as bad as me watering my plants talking on the land phone when I realized I was watering my phone...d'oh!!! So I took it apart and tried to dry it with my hair dryer. Didn't work as I am sorry to say and I lost a lot of phone numbers.

If I call, will I only hear gurgling?

javajazz said...

depends who you call...

SOe said...

From fire to water. Looks a very nice day! I called your number and had a nice talk with the Monster of this sea - Nessies little sister :-).
Your phone can be lucky, I threw mines 2!!! times in the toilet (Please don´t ask!).

Jodes said...

LOL!! What - you did noy jump in and save it? LOL - love that lat line.

FYI - they do dry out and work again - my friend dropped hers int he toilet and it was fine.

tsduff said...

JJ - well, it was a precious moment - until the phone made its move...

SoCal Sal - He only would speak to a Ladyfish :)

Sherri - I've had that phone so long I wonder if I'll know how to use one of the new fangled things they have now... and yes, an unplanned expense.

Thanks Simon - nice of you to say so. :) It was a lovely day, despite the errant phone caper.

Lime - very punny!

Annonymous - yes, a clam of the techno sort.. not a nice thought to imagine it still crusting away down there after 450 years...

Annonymousy...go ahead, laugh at my pain... I can take it

You know Tom, I was wearing these deep pocket pants, and had no worries that I would lose the phone. Unfortunately, it had a mind of its own. Dang thing... I had grown much too dependent upon it anyway.

Photowannabe - HA! Now if only they could figure out how to program it...

Yes Ariel - it is sad in the dark murky slime at the bottom, along with all the coot poop we observed. I wonder if it has any company?

Lisa - it had the most lovely leather cover on it... snaps which picked up the sunlight as it tumbled its way down... like a little gernade. *sigh*

Kelly - Hannah got that phone for me eons ago when the phone co. was having a Mothers Day special... buy one, get one free for your Mom. Problem is, I paid both the phone bills... ha ha. Such a deal... NOT!

Minka - I think they will turn nonchalantly as fish will do... and simply swish their unevolved tails away :)

TLP - I murdered my phone... or actually I like to imagine it made its own leap to its fate... either way you look at it, it DOES sleep with the fishes. (Can you tell I watched the Godfather over the weekend?)

Jillie - I keep hoping to hear the Little Mermaid... I can't even pull off my phone messages I'm such a clutz. Oh well, you are lucky you didn't get electrocuted with your hair dryer!

JJ - HA!!! (know any hot gurglers?)

SOe - there is a giant worm monster that lives in Egilstaddir... think they might be related? Who ya gonna call? Uh, I know someone who rescued their cell from the toilet trap... it wasn't me.

Jodes... Sorry to say, by the time my stunned brain realized that the phone was making a break for it... it was already 3 feet down and spinning... I'm no wonder woman. Boo hoo, I let my phone drown :(

G said...

What an almost perfect day! And depending upon how you color it, maybe perfect.

I love the pic with your captain at the helm. Great post, Terry.

Crabby said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA! I can't believe you got a pic of it!

Oh man! That's great! You're a trip.

SOe said...

All this monsters are related. To Halloween they make a big family party. Don´t go swim tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

MWHAHAHHHAHAAAAA just having another laugh at your pain

Nessa said...

Gurgle, gurgle, bubble, bubble.

jillie said...

Mr. Limpet called and said he found your phone!!!! LMAO

tsduff said...

Ms. Gina - there is no finer Captain than ours :) It truly WAS the perfect day.

Crabby - phone, schmone... now I have a NEW phone. It takes pictures! (being technically challenged has it's limits... :( Okay, got any canDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

SOe - Yeppers... stay out of the water tonight!!!! Trick or treat!(Sorry about your toilet phone caper...)

Annonymous... LOVE your color changes - happy Halloween!
(writhes in pain)

Nessa - took some pictures of the bottom of the lake... had to come up for a breath of fresh air!

Jillie - HA HA HA HA HA!~~~ Mr. Limpit has YOUR number? You lucky gal - he is such a hottie! (His voice is rather LOUD though... LOL) Happy Halloweinie you cute witch you... :)

RED MOJO said...

That is so funny. I know that feeling of watching it sink slowly in stunned, frozen horror. I dropped mine into a swimming pool I was skimming. I was talking on it at the time on my headset, the phone was in my pocket, and mid conversation, plunk. I let it get all the way to the bottom before it occured to me in the skimming net in my hand. :)