Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Run for your life

Happy 1st of November

I like this month.

Month of Veteran's Day

Month of my Grandmother's birth on Veteran's Day

My only Grandson and I were born on the same day in November (only 45 years apart)

We share the same birth date as

the fabulous Samuel Clemens - A.K.A. Mark Twain

Month of cool weather.

Month of Thanksgiving


javajazz said...

rabbit wabbit, baby!
man, is it november already?
time flies when you're old.
you and Hunter have the same bday?
thats so cool.
my sister's kid yo Adrian and my dad
also share the same birthdate..
i find stuff like that kinda neat....
happy un halloweenie.

SOe said...

Did I miss something? I thought Christmas is coming!
That´s great! My birthday is also in November. Party, party, party!

lime said...

ok, the first and last pictures just crack me up!

rabbit rabbit

Anonymous said...

November is different here but glad you have a good one! HEY you were already excited on the 31st of October Heehee :)

SOe said...

... and I´m so inspired by your post that I also made a "I like November"-post. But I don´t have so funny pictures.

Doug said...

Rabbit, rabbit! You also, I believe share a birthday with TLP. Just sayin'

jeff@sally said...

What is it with you and rabbits? :)

Cool pics. I would also have to say that someone else in the family has a November birthday. Someone who loves chocolate and lives far far away.

G said...

Rabbit rabbit! Lots of birthdays of wonderful people this month!

Love the photos (especially that last one).

Have a great November!

Tom & Icy said...

Yes, the last one is fantastic! Woof woof, rabbit rabbit!

Anonymous said...

guess it is rabbit stew for two tonight--cat and dog dressed for a fine feast.Happy Turkey Month :-)

Kelly said...

Terry, I too always think of Veterans' Day and Grandma's birthday on the 11th. I love November too, but then I also love all of the other months because each one has it's own special surprises. November is full of special birthdays of old and young alike, from Dave, to Timmy to Richard, and on and on! Maybe you will escape the Great Birthday Gathering though this year since you will be at home for Thanksgiving. :D Oh, and the first and last photos are hilarious! Too funny!

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit. And yes, you and I share a birthday! Doug knows how old I am. We've met. I adopted him as a blogson. Well, not as a blogson. He's my ONLY blogson.

I always think of Winston Churchill when naming famous folks born on our day.

tsduff said...

JJ = Yes, the fabulous month has arrived once again, but excuuuuuuzzzeee meah... who you calling old? Cool - another Grandparent/Grandkid duo :) I think it is the coolest ever. My middle daughter Hannah shares a birthday with her paternal Grandma... isn't it amazing when relatives are born on the same day? I think it is special.

SOe - yippee! Another November baby... come sit over here for the group picture :) In my family alone there are 6 this month - now I hear there are many other "special" people who are celebrating their birth this month... they are coming out of the woodwork.

Lime - RABBIT RABBIT - hey, will you bring some of that fabulous Trini food to the party? *Oh, and wear that dress*

Annonymouse: I can't fathom spring in November... ha ha what a funny thing. Still, I'll eat a piece of turkey for you on Thanksgiving.

SOe - I love your November post! LOL - especially the part about shopping before the Christmas crowds hit the store...unfortunately, it is becoming too late for that as it already started before last week!!

Doug - natter, natter. I think that is funny, calling your Blog Mom a mere 40...such a flatterer. But hey, folks born in November are special. Are you bringing the guacamole?

Sal - I don't actually like rabbits per say, but there is a saying that if you wake up on the first day of the new month, and say "Rabbit Rabbit" you will have good luck. If you miss it and forget to say "Rabbit Rabbit", you need to say "Tibbar Tibbar" and maybe you can save the day. :) I've been pretty good lately... eh, the old black crow is still what she used to be :) Uh - If you are referring to the chocoholic brother in law who lives in Albania and eats his wife's chocolate... well, yes. His birthday is er, well, sometime this month too. He went into a chocolate coma last year if I remember right.

G - Rabbit Rabbit! Yes, and a happy to your kiddo as well. Who can be sad or depressed - IT'S NOVEMBER!

Tom and Icy - See - some dogs actually do hang out with cats. (Doggy is probably pulling Cat's tail in piccie)

Bearie Annonymous - Rabbit stew or eggs and bacon... no rabbits were harmed in the making of this post. I can't promise the same thing for the turkey though...

Kelly - *heavy sigh* Alas, too many people know about the great birthday gathering and I'm afraid (very afraid) that I won't escape the clutches of spanking hands and big cake... I found some ridiculous party hats and paper plates on the icebox... hmmm, wonder who those are for?

TLP - it's good to be the birthday girl - or is it? Sometimes I don't know ;) That Doug - he has added a new word to his vocabulary... check him out at Minka's. You'll laugh.

Winston Churchill, yes. Another great.

jillie said...

OMG that is one crazy picture!!!

I love celebrating birthdays and I LOVE thanksgiving! The food, family what makes the simplicity of this holiday that makes it so special.

Happy Friday to you Terry ;o)

photowannabe said...

That last picture is a riot. Very funny. The first one is too funny too. Good stuff in your blog.

dandjschoch said...

Rabbit rabbit brings a certain Monty Python movie to mind and a holy hand grenade.

Dave is flattered that Sally would remember his birthday. Bravo Sally!!

That reservoir picture is SO California! The foliage totally reminds Dave of the lake near his place near Sacramento. Home sickness comes from little images and hints here and there.

Hey hey ... who here shares a birthday with Bruce Lee, Jimmy Hendrix, and Eddie Rabbit (Rabbit Rabbit that is). Gotta be a November man since he loves a rainy night. All these were born on the 27th, baby! (eat your heart out says Dave).

Timmy shares the 21st with both Goldie Hawn and Voltaire. Only here will you read those two names in the same sentence.

dandjschoch said...

Terry ... how could you forego mentioning that you share a birthday with Billy Idol?!?

tsduff said...

Jillie - YAY - Finally Friday :) Yes, Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday too, although sometimes it gets a little crowded when it is combined with birthday festivities... bleah. I'm not a real birthday party type of gal.

Photowannabe: Thanks for stopping by. Rabbit Rabbit is usually a fun day :)

Jules... yes, the carniverous bunny from Monty Python is a favorite standby on the first of the month - ha ha ha.

The reservior is beautiful - a jewel set into the oak-strewn hills above Lafayette. We are fortunate to have it so close by.

I see someone did their homework... researching famous folks born in November... go Dave. I am aware that Billy Idol was born a year before me on that lovely day in November, as well as Efram Zimbalest Jr. (sheesh, where did he get a name like that!) and of course the rock & roll guru Dick (never ages) Clark...

Dave - I bought your bday card yesterday. You'll love it. I did.

ariel said...

How many reasons to love November! Cool month indeed. Rabbit, rabbit!

javajazz said...

Ephram Zimbalist Jr...! ha ha ha!!!
probably one of those made up
hollywood names
like englebert humperdink...
probably his real name was
Hymie Gazorkinplast
or Dave Schmaltz
or Heysoos Schwartz
or Bob Weiner
or Gurn Blanston...
(my bad, i stole that last one
from an old Steve Martin routine...)

Jamie Dawn said...

November really is a great month for you.
How neat that your grandson and you share a birthday! I bet you both are just as smart and witty as Mark Twain.
It looks like you enjoyed a great time on the water with that cutie pie at the helm of the pedal boat.
What fun!!
Enjoy November to the max!!
Happy Sunday, Terry!!!