Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm ready and waiting for the storm like this one, that just blows through with blustery winds, taking all the colored leaves off the trees... It's fall already, so where's the weather?? Nothing but blue skies so far. I want to put on my warm sweaters, boots and scarf, smell the woodsmoke and feel the rain on my face. I wore a pullover sweater to work yesterday and fried. Wishful thinking doesn't make it so ~sigh~

But it IS finally Friday.


EBEZP said...

Love the picture but I hope the weather doesn't make you eat your words Terry!!

Have a great weekend!

SoCal Sal said...

Bust out the leathers and take a cruse down that country road. Varrooommm!!!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular! Any chance of seeing a movie when the trees are being stripped naked? The colours are amazing in that photograph :)

RED MOJO said...

Hey, I've got your freaking cool weather over here! You want it, you can have it!

lime said...

well the colors are lovely at least...

Miz BoheMia said...

Then come on over to the city sweet Mama! We are having it all! One day it is gray and freezing and raining and the next warm like you would not believe!

Yep... come on over and look me up when you do! Faboo FO SHO!

And as for Friday... oh thank GOODNESS it arrived! 'Tis cause for much celebration here in the land o' B I tell ya! Have a good weekend...

photowannabe said...

This is beutiful.. The colors, the perspective and even the yellow line down the road is that a word?
Great composition. I have to say I'm loving our warm sunny weather. After living in "fog-land" all my life I am enjoying going places without a coat.

Tom & Icy said...

I'd love to take a stroll down the road in that picture.

Jeanne said...

Just goes to show how much circumstances can affect feelings. There is NOTHING I love more than a wild, windy autumn, but I want blue skies and sun! You should see (and if I get my butt in gear and a little cooperation from the weather, perhaps you will) how beautiful it is to stand beneath an overgrown apple tree absolutely covered with large, shining red apples and green leaves, with a deep blue sky in the background. And believe me, pressing cider in the sunshine is much nicer than pressing it under low, grey skies with you feet sliding around in the mud, with stiff, cold fingers.
Good thing we are protected from your weather wishes by an ocean and a continent in either direction :) Not that it's helping.

ariel said...

Now I feel special in my suede jacket, gloves and scarf. Beautiful photo.

G-Man said...

47 degrees at 6:00 am?
Sal is right..Great riding weather!!
Have a good one Terry..

tsduff said...

EBEZP - no storm on the horizon as of yet! But I'm ready to start eating any time :)

SoCal Sal - you found my itch... am dying to take a spin. Got to do something about my dead battery first :(

Annonymousie - I rather doubt it as this picture isn't taken too near my home. But it is nice to imagine it in full motion, leaves wildly released from their anchors - bombs away.

Red - LMAO!! I read your post of getting ready for cold weather and wowsa, you can have it!! I want weather, but not your kind ha ha ha! No snow involved please. Just wind, rain, bluster and big sound & light shows :)

Lime - yes, whoever said California doesn't have fall colors obviously never saw the reds, spectacular oranges, bright yellow (I can see all of these colors out my window as I type this) which are in loud screaming color right now. Gotta love it!

Miz B - no excuse for living a skip and a jump now from one another and still not having had sup together. Let me know your fav restaurant (I know, it must be on the diet chart for you) and we'll meet for lunch or dinner. Bring the crew - and I'll bring the Bear. Weekends are about the only time as that pesky "work" thing gets in the way.... We like to ride the BART.

Photowannabe - It gets darn cold over there in tule land sometimes I know. But your countrysides are so pretty. I love that you have manzanita right out your window.

Tom - Icy would make a lovely addition to the scene.

Jeanne, is it apple press time already? You paint a perfect picture of your tree, loaded with lovely deep red apples. We have an apple tree up at the mountain cabin, but it gets neglected during the year when nobody is there. When it comes time to pick them, we have to use a huge ladder, and the deer have eaten all of the fruit on the lower branches. Do you put up all your cider in jars and store it for later? Do you make Apple sauce? Apple fritters? Apple pie and Apple Betty? Ummmm.

Ariel - I know my time is coming, when I'll get to put on my Icelandic wool hat, scarf, handmade sweater - I'm already wearing the wool socks. I'll put on the leather gloves when I jump on the bike for a frosty ride come December.

Galen - yes, I'd better take advantage of this weather while it is still temperate. I'm such a whiner, huh?

javajazz said...

are you sure your frying armpits
were weather related?
just sayin'...
and if you want frosty,
we've got frosty.
i'm good for a few days
of this refreshing
harvest time,
then, i could dig
a little more summer
thank you...
a lot of people do love the autumn tho..
time of renewal (oh no thats spring aint it)
whatever, reflection, refreshment,
re something, i dont know!!

jillie said...

Thursday was the perfect chilly day. I had the fireplace going and everything. I too am waiting for the cold weather. I don't do the heat as well as I use too. Although, this does not mean I want to be moving to the land of snow anytime soon either. Just ready for the cold weather and rain...yes, glorious rain!!

Well, time to go and watch some football ;o)

Enjoy the rest of your wknd

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm in AR and our high today is supposed to be 80.
Last week was in the mid to upper 70's.
It's been nice, and I'm not in ANY hurry for the cold to come. It WILL come.
There's a cold front coming in tomorrow which will put us down into the 60's which is good sweater-wearing weather.
I hope you get some nice, cool weather soon. I DO want you to be able to wear your darling sweaters without sweating profusely.

jillie said... need to stop by and pick up your award ;o)


Lindsey said...

I had to wear a sweatshirt for the first time the other morning...and real socks and shoes!! (normally I'm a flip flop girl.)

This is my favorite season though...just wish I could be on vacation during the whole thing. :o)

weatherchazer said...

I'm with you...Where's the weather?!

G said...

Terry, I'm cracking up sis. When I read "taking all the colored leaves off the trees", I jumped up as I remembered I had a little red leaf in my pocket from a lunchtime stroll to buy a salad!

It's safely in my dictionary now (there was another under my tissue box from last week). So thanks for the reminders. :)

actonbell said...

That is a lovely picture!
The weather is coming late this year.

Doug said...

And now it's Monday again

tsduff said...

Okay Ms. Lisa - from one older hormone to another... yes, maybe not JUST the weather was hot. Actually, for me, fall is more of a renewal than spring... as new waves of family tromp through, new views poke through the newly barren tree limbs... and new wardrobe emerges from long forgotten boxes in the closet... yeppers, I'm a mad dog today. This Monday was brutal.

Hey Jillie- didn't hear any of the scores,... hope your football weekend cleaned up! How'd you like that joke I sent cha? (well, I thought it was funny too :)
As far as the heat? HA HA HA - I used to spout on and on about how much I loved the heat... NOT ANY MORE. I've got a little more now than I bargained on, and it is all from within - groan. A fireplace sounds lovely - and I wish I was comfortable in sweaters like the olden days. HA!

Jamie Dawn - My Mom had some time growing up near Little Rock, and my baby sis moved there for a few years... when I visited her some years ago I saw my very first lightning bugs there, along with my first cardinals and cicadas... WOW what a terrific noise those babies make! Except for the chiggers, Arkansas is a lovely state!

Jillie - You rascal you! Thanks Hon - you win the award for nicest ever person, EVER.

Lindsey - I'm with you. Fall is the best season, but man alive, wouldn't it just be cool if we were all off on holiday and didn't have to slave away at the daily grind and miss all the fun? I'm having a tougher time dealing with being at work than I used to... hope it doesn't get worse or I'll up and quit. Then, you know the drill... the fun stops when the money runs out...

Weatherchazer - Yes - from one who knows :) This sunshine and temperate weather every single day has just gotten boring. Sorry (red mojo) but the guilt from those who are toughing it out in the inclimate climes isn't bothering me. I'd trade, if only for a few days... :)

G - you crack ME up! I have scarlet red leaves stuffed everywhere... in bookes, in a small bowl in the kitchen, in my car... in my pocket! Nice to know I'm not alone. Leaves are some of those innocuous pleasures of life. Don't let them get away!

Actonbell - I wonder if there are any dire predictions in the Farmer's Almanac? I've not looked this year... have you? Did you know my Acorn Woodpeckers have had not one, not even two, but THREE clutches of babies this year deep within one of the holes in my poplar trees? The latest brood just fledged last week... wow. this is so late I can't believe it. My yard is overrun with woodpeckers!

Doug - you are the most astute of all. I couldn't lay low any longer after your comment.

Minka said...

a plane ticket perhaps, to ...let's say colder shores, where people know just how to have weather?!