Saturday, December 22, 2007

Crows have a big heart.


ariel said...

If that's true, that's incredible. It's funny the way the try to explain it. I mean, those two are friends. What's better than my friend waiting for me at the door every morning?

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!! Very heartwarming story Terry :) There is no greater compliment than a bird regurgitating into your mouth!

RED MOJO said...

Very cool.

tsduff said...

Ariel - As a crow, I can tell you to believe your own eyes as you watch the crow and the kitty together. Personally, I'm appalled at the rogue crow's behavior - imagine carrying on like that with a cat child... (secretly applauding).

Tom & Icy said...

Great story. Shows how love and friendship overcomes what we often think as natural barriers.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for that wonderful video. What are the odds for crows and squirrels?

javajazz said...

i love that story!
sometimes its more important
to follow your heart
instead of following the rules....
even in Nature!

so, sounds like you guys
have a party and an
adventure on your hands,
going to visit your dad
with Joe and Ellie and all...
have a great get together
and take it easy on christmas...
just do the essentials
and let the rest be...

my kid's home,
i'm happy.
i'll take any precious moments
i can get to be with him...

have a great holiday!

EBEZP said...

A very Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas Terry!!!!

Diesel said...

The apocalypse is here.

ariel said...

Happy Christmas, Terry and Bear!

Agnes Mitchell said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TERRY!! I hope your holiday is beautiful and full of love! (And I hope your finger has healed up from Thanksgiving! ACK! - What will you do for an encore?)

Great big blessings to you.

G said...

Reading your blog over the past year or so, I've come to know what a big heart crows have.

Happy Christmas and wonderful wishes for a good new year. XOX

Anonymous said...


javajazz said...

merry christmas kiddo.
to you and yours...!
and arent you sweet
to send a card!!
there was even
a Bearprint on it!
wow! i'm impressed!
only the busiest people
take time like that
to send cards....
you constantly amaze me!
bless your heart
(and bless your finger too
while we're at it!)
happy merry
to you and Bear-y.
(yes that was a poem, thank you.)

Miz BoheMia said...

I am totally sitting hear teary eyed and this video had both Loverboy and me riveted, RIVETED I tell you!

I have always loved crows with a crazy and insane passion (and a huge PLUS is that this part of the city whre we live is FULL of them and their crowing sound is always something you hear upon stepping out and it so does my heart good) and am all in all a cat person so this was just the way to end Christmas day indeed!


Very beautiful and totally incredible story I am so happy to have had the pleasure to witness!

Merry Christmas to you and yours dearest Terry!

tsduff said...

Tom and Icy- yes, those "natural" barriers we think are concrete never really are. I loved seeing the crow tenderly feeding the kitten. I could learn something.

Lone Grey Squirrel - The odds can't be much better than the crow and the cat... maybe even worse! They both eat each other (when squirrels are feeding their young, the mother will often raid the nests of birds, eating both their eggs and the baby birds. Crows will snap up a squirrel if given the opportunity.)

JJ - Isn't it the BEST having the kiddo home for the holidays? I wish I could come see Brian's show on Ontario - wouldn't it fun to be there? My kid and his wife are now over at her parent's home a town away. It was heavenly having them here.

Ebezp = Simon - thanks for the pretty Christmas card.. oh, and thanks for the HILARIOUS funny other e-card! Hoping your Christmas was warm and wonderful - and filled with good times with your family.

tsduff said...

Anonymous - Yippee - yes he has! Hope he was good to you :)

I got a raven. (it is a fuzzy puppet - wild and wooley looking :)) Merry Christmas and happy New Year down under!

tsduff said...

Diesel - Where?

Ariel - Thanks from the the feathers and fur - from our home to yours... and now Happy New Year :)

Dear Aggie - Oncore? HA - no way Jose :D Once is more than enough. Finger is getting along - sutures removed and therapy in progress. I have a much bigger depth of understanding for people in physical therapy now... brave people to plunge ahead with the exercises when it HURTS! I hope all is well in your world - love and hugs always.

G - Your humor always fixes everything :) thanks for that. I love the way your musical mind works too - I find my self tuned right in. Thanks for all the great new discoveries, and re-discovered old favorites I'd forgotten about. Your wiring and mine are not so different :) Except you're WAY funnier.

Anon: i love you too xo

JJ - Yes, once in a while we send out greetings to people in foreign countries because it makes us feel special :) Nice poem girly :) You've definitely got talent.

Beautiful Ms. B: I've been so awful at making all the blogging rounds... forgive me. How was Christmas over there in fabulous San Francisco?? Being a bird person, it was heart warming indeed to see the two (cat and crow) in harmony with one another :) I love that you have crows... oddly I really have very very few right here in my hamlet called Walnut Creek. I've tried to lure them in with food, treats, etc, but they never stay. Last spring they tried to break into the Acorn Woodpecker's high rise poplar condo, but no luck. Then they left. I get the feeling it's too hoity toity around this neighborhood...
Hope you, Loveboy, and your precious little sweeties had a fabo Christmas, and are planning on having an even more exciting New Year! Loved seeing you - it's really been a while. xo

tsduff said...

My dear Ms. B - one other question... how the heck do you comment at your blog? bummer - I tried but failed.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh that's too bad about the crows not staying! Where most people are reviled by them, I just love them and see them as a good omen whenever they are around, which is why living where we do is a constant high! :-)

Christmas in San Francisco, was small, just us, celebrated on Christmas Eve and intimate with no family around... in other words, perfect! Hope yours was fabulous and with all your loved ones gathered around your lovely self amiga mia!

Really? Maybe it was acting up but I just checked and the comment section is working! Damn blogger! Now I'm officially bummed, BUMMED I SAY!

Hope you are having a great week and I truly have missed being around!

javajazz said...

hee hee, foreign countries...
to-ron-to, land of eskimo,
short hippy moms,
jazz musicians
and rugelach

Oliviah said...

Guess whose blog is the first one I've visited now that I'm back in blogland? ;) Ha! And oh wow, am I glad I came here, this crow video...oh Terry, that was great. I am so smitten with crows and just got a heavy dose of them while my daughter was here. Every time we drove to a shopping center or near the water there were loads of them. Not sure why there are so many of them right now. These are the smaller ones, the ones that flock. I haven't yet seen one of the giant loners that make me swoon and dive madly for the camera. Those are my favorite, favorite black birds. Sigh, I loves 'em all.

You are so cool!!!