Friday, December 21, 2007

Yesterday I got an email
from the pound in Sonoma -
beagle rescue has found a dog for me.
Is Santa trying to tell me something?
Should I listen?
I dutifully deleted the email,
and the picture of the cute beagle mix
looking hopefully at me.
I know I'll see it again
in my dreams.


Tom & Icy said...

I wonder if, when I was young, they crossed me with a beagle, would I have had a white beagle baby pup? In my dreams... AuughhhH!!
Oh, really, I like Beagles. Snoopy and Willie have always made my heart throb. --Icy

Anonymous said...

Oh dear :( Knock yourself out with a saucepan for tonight.

lime said...

praying my kids don't get such an email!

SoCal Sal said...

Poor thing. I am currently on a no pet kick. Cramps my style. Can’t just take off.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear. I’m out until 1/2. XO

goatman said...

Take the dog! You cannot fight the coincidence of dreams. We had a stray show up last week just after the ice storm and he is now our buddy. Just think that whoever else (if anyone) would get the beagle, they may not be as good to it as you would be.
By the way, whatever happened to Oliviah? Just as she was discussing waterfalls last summer I saw on the news that a girl in Pennsylvania (I think) fell off near a waterfall and was killed. Didn't catch the name, but she hasn't been back to her blog since.
Talk about synchronisity . . .

RED MOJO said...

How could you delete that poor unloved little sweetie? All warm and cuddly and adorable. Oh, what a terrible time to be locked up alone just wishing someone cared about you.
God, now I'm depressed. Where's my saucepan?

tsduff said...

Icy, I think you would have had beautiful babies if the Daddy was a beagle... don't know about white, but they would have had your eyes ;) Yes, Willie and Snoopy are my heros too :)

Anonymous - you know that is a great idea LOL! I think that is what it will take eventually, in order to resist the urge!

Lime - ROFL! Your kids? What about you?

SoCal Sal: Oh, I must remember that! Repeat after me "A puppy will tie you down... A puppy can not ride on the bike"... Thanks R - and happy Christmas to you too.

Anonymous said...

speechless--is dog invited on outings

Anonymous said...

Think of Tobin and His i being replaced? He would not know what to think.

Toby said...

You know what to do.

Kyahgirl said...

Terry, I don't know if I'll get back by Christmas so wanted to wish you the best.

I'm sorry about the beagle...but, you'll know when its time for you to get a pooch. Casper says you can borrow him sometime if you want a temporary dog. As long as he gets more treats than he does here. He says we're kinda stingy!


tsduff said...

Goatman, I know there is a beagle puppy somewhere with my name on it... but I just haven't found him/her, nor is it the right timing. I have no doubt but that we shall end up together some day :).

Regarding Oliviah, she has recently been on Stumbleupon and so she didn't fall over the waterfall thank goodness! I haven't heard from her recently, but we spoke a few months ago.

Red Mojo - guilt is crushing me!! Leaving a homeless doggie in the pound... where DID you put that saucepan?

Anonymous - You should know... dog has accompanied us on a truck haul clear across the western states in hot car with drooling and panting over the seat... tail wagging and smile stretched across snout...

Anonymous - He would know what to think... that a whippersnapper puppy ain't replacing anyone...

Toby, Oh MAN, how many guilt trips can one stand... sheesh. I've always known what to do.

Kyahgirl - so wonderful of you to offer Casper as a loaner... :D And I know how pooches tend to exaggerate... I'm sure Casper gets enough treats at your place to put any doggie into bliss at the spoiling... :) Wishing you the best Christmas ever xo

ariel said...

Terry, I know you cannot have a beagle, not in this life, not on this planet, maybe not in this Universe. But... why?

jillie said...

I can see the sadness in his eyes he cries himself to sleep. Are you feeling guilty yet?