Thursday, December 20, 2007

Welcome to Thursday -
only 5 days
before Christmas is upon us.
Being such, of course it's time to
"Name That Caption"


SoCal Sal said...


Anonymous said...

MEDS now!!!

ariel said...

(Oh my, I know that face expression.)

Tom & Icy said...

That's Morris the cat on the TV show called "Where Are They Now?" that shows what happened to past celebrities.

Anonymous said...

The sickest cat you'll ever see.

SoCal Sal said...

Tom & Icy – LMAO, perfect! You got my vote!

lime said...

cap!!!!! dman my lack of opposable thumbs!

RED MOJO said...

Childproof is one thing, but CATPROOF? I NEED MY COD LIVER OIL!

javajazz said...

"thanks, man, i owe ya..."

(but i have to say, i too,
vote for Tom and Icy's!)

merry Happy kiddo!
hows your fingie?
got enough to do?

xoxo lots of love
and happy holiday!!


tsduff said...

SoCal Sal - You called it!

Anonymous: That cat looks beyond manners.

Ariel - was that when you were a cat?

Tom and Icy - ROFL!!! You nailed this one right on the nose. I loved Morris - he was so fat and well, cat-like :) Too bad about Morris.

Anonymous - I wonder what's in the bottle?

SoCal Sal - Yes, Tom and Icy have cinched the title :)

Lime - Ha ha - If cats had been gifted with opposable thumbs, they they would have ruled the universe.

Red Mojo - Cod liver oil? LOL! I have a nice big bottle of Icelandic cod liver oil on my counter. Just a spoonful a day keeps the doctor away...

Lisa - Well now you put the right light on that picture. I like it. The down and out scruffy cat gets a pick=me=up from a kind soul...

Finger wears a sock now - stitches are gone, vitamen E oil being religiously applied, ugly as all get out, doing owie therapy exercises despite the pain so that I won't be giving everyone the finger permanently... tee hee. Hire a butler - HA!

ariel said...

LOL @Tom!!!

T, I am sad to say that is now when you show me a peanut butter cup. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to read you have a sock puppet now :)

goatman said...

Hows about "Ode De Lostmama"

This is great!!

jillie said...

Methadone clinic for cats?????

OMG that's a funny picture...hahahahaha!

SOe said...

I know childproof closure but catproof is new for me! Funny picture!
"I need my stuff - NOW!!!"
"I love mouse drinks but it´s so difficult to open the bottles!"

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha! What a hilarious photo! Poor kitty. That must be a bottle of Catnip.