Friday, December 14, 2007

Everybody LEAP into Friday!! The weekend is here!

Time to go shopping,
Time to clean house.
Time to put Christmas/Chanukah things
Inside and out

Cooking and baking
Wrapping and stuff
Stockings and gingersnaps
It will be tough

Cards that need sending,
Lights to be hung
Wonders how everything
Will possibly get done!

Okay, just forget about
All of those chores
Come out and play
Shopping's a bore!

Happy Friday!


ariel said...

Shopping's a bore! I'm out to play.

Tom & Icy said...

I want to play, too!

jillie said...

I wanna play! As long as there is no running involved...LOL

Anonymous said...

WHAAAAAAAAAAA it already IS the weekend here and last weekend before all the shops are empty before Christmas ....

Diesel said...

Happy Friday!

tsduff said...

Ariel - Good. I knew you would feel that way :)

Icy - You're always game :) Lead the way on your broom.

Jillie - here, hop on piggy back. Just don't kick me with that red cast... here we go!

Anonymous - Savor each moment of the weekend before it is all gone. Did you say last weekend before Christmas???? AAAUUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Diesel - Will you put your book right here in my stocking please???

lime said...

shopping is indeed a bore! i'm ready to play!

RED MOJO said...

Seems like everyone wants to odd!

G said...

I am so not shopping! It gives me a stomach ache (what doesn't these days?).

Have a great weekend! Hope your hand is healing up nicely.

Mo'a said...

Your hand? Did I miss something...I second G's sentiment.

Your poem is great...I you sure you are not Icelandic...your know that everyone in Iceland is a poet :)

Mo'a said...

That should be...are you sure you are not Icelandic? Hmmmmm!!! I hope you did not think I was insulting you...I would never do that :(

tsduff said...

Lime - does that offer still stand? :)

Red Mojo - Well, not EVERYONE is a workaholic... of COURSE we want to play LOL! Now put down that snow shovel and get over here and play :).

Thanks Sis - I'm with you on the stomach ache thing LOL. Finger is giving me fits - but it is still attached at this point HA HA. Nerve damage is a real pain in the well. finger. I still look like Frankenstein with all the stitches but that part is actually kind of fun. (Hunter loves it in a little boy horrified way ...)

Mo'a - Just a normal run of the mill type accident with a knife... you know, slice and dice, psycho bloody kitchen, stitches, surgery, nerve damage - you know, the usual. HA HA. No more turkey carving for me. *shudders*

Awe Mo'a, you are so sweet. I knew what you meant - and was proud and honored to be mentioned in the same breath as an Icelander... It is a fine and much-to-be-desired heritage. Sigh - alas my roots are from Denmark.

Kelly said...

Terry, I thought our roots were from all over the place....Lithuania, Ireland, Scotland, England.......I'm sure there must have been a viking who traveled to Iceland in there somewhere....LOL. So what did you do for play over the weekend?