Monday, December 17, 2007

With this set of hieroglyphics I can't even spell MONDAY. Hmmmmm. I have trillions of shopping chores to do (as you know I was out playing - oops I mean, procrastinating on Friday...)

-have yet to stand in the post office line to buy holiday stamps in order to mail my cards
-must buy roast and trimmings for Christmas day family dinner

-must get my stitiches out
-must go to physical therapy
-must do the Santa-run to Cost Plus World Imports for stocking stuffers
-must call Lindsay to see what I'm bringing to her Christmas dinner party on Thursday
-must go to company work party Friday night BLEAH
-must rsvp to Peggy and Mark's neighborhood Christmas party on Saturday
-must get hotel reservation for one day/night trip to San Luis Obispo to see my dad and family for a mid state holiday dinner Sunday night

-must wrap everything currently lying all over my bedroom floor

must ad nauseum.... the fun never ends.

And a very happy lastweektoshopforchristmas to you all too.


ariel said...

Keep it in, dear raven! That little joy should not be wasted and put on the floor...

My best friend and I used to use those hieroglyphics to write secret letters each other in primary school. It was easier to learn than we expected, it was a lot of fun.

Doug said...

Um, the bear will be doing the carving, right?

lime said...

must take a little time each day to just sit still and breathe.

and good luck with therapy. :)

Tom & Icy said...

the hurrier you go the behinder you get

Anonymous said...

Oh no ...NOTHING is left in the shops on the last weekend ... that's for cleaning!

Kelly said...

The whole shopping thing and all the's all for the birds, and I don't mean the raven birds! If I was clever, creative, and had oodles of time, I'd just make something special for everyone, but I'm none of the above, so I have to fight the stores with everyone else. Sigh. We will keep it to a bare minimum though.

dandjschoch said...

I haven't gotten a single present to give to anyone. How evil is that. I think I'm in a funk, we don't have Costplus here. What am I going to do for stockings?

By the late caption for name that caption : Run Chicken Run!

I love The Frisco Kid. I was almost sad that you knew where the line came from, I was getting all ready to type the Gene Wilder lines. Oui! "Keep your eye on the tukas!"

Who's house are going to see dad? I feel so our of the loop. Darn electricity.

jillie said...

Well if I were closer, I'd bring a good bottle of Merlot and we'd laugh about all the things you're NOT getting done!

Good luck and not too have PLENTY of time...ok, maybe not.

Got my new cast on today. They took the old one off, removed the stitches that were healed INTO the skin...OUCH and I itched my foot for about 5 min and then they casted it again...hahaha!

I get the new one off on the 31. YEP, New Year's Eve...hahaha! What a way to close out the year.


SOe said...

I´m so scared! I have only ONE christmas gift until now. Normally, I start to buy them straight after the last Christmas. Something like: "Oh, look at this. Isn´t that something for ...?"
Wish you good luck with your list!

SoCal Sal said...

Well thats Egyptian to me!

Nessa said...

I want to crawl into bed and never get out again.

tsduff said...

Ariel - I too had a secret written language with which my best friend and I would communicate - it was fun. I think the hieroglyphics would be more fun being pictures and all :)

Doug - yes, the gleam of a knife makes me shiver any more. I think they are all evil. Besides, the Bear's claws are pretty sharp.

Lime - Still amazed at your new avatar - wow! Yes, I need to just sit still and breathe several times a day... it's just that I sometimes forget. Therapy today after stitches came out - OUCH! Ouch ouch ouch.

Tom and Icy - I need to frame that brilliant saying, and put it on my wall. It never fails to be so very true!

Anonymous - Man, there was plenty left last night at Cost Plus - I think I went broke there!

Kelly - count yourself lucky not to be in the huge maw of the mall....

Jules - You can put cheese in their stockings... and candy. GIVE ME SOME CANDDEEEEEEEE.

The caption will always be there for you to name. I'll be waiting.

Who could forget The Frisco Kid? I think I've only watched it a billion times so far.

Dad, Bev, Dawn, Alan, Naomi, Scotty (if we can bribe him with a train ticket) Joe, Elli, me and the Bear will all converge in Morro Bay I think for dinner. Ummm - I smell seafood.

Jillie: Thanks for the very nice thought (merlot and laughs together) You got your stitches out? How'd you like that hairy leg when the cast came off? Been there, done that... LOL I did my stitches today - YOWSA that smarts!!! Then the debriding (man, that just plain makes me yelp) and finally the therapy - bend this way, now that way, straighten out... my finger now feels like a cartoon finger, huge, red, and throbbing. Hmmm, did that sound bad? WELL IT WAS BAD.
You get your cast of on New Year's Eve? Whooppeeee. Sounds great - does this mean you will be dancing? xo

SOe - I got 6 things on my list done so far - not too bad, except I left the worst for last (wrapping). I'm a great procrastinator, and have never been "ready" for Christmas until Christmas Day when we are opening presents! Good luck to you with your shopping - I hope you manage everything :)

SoCal Sal - yes, and Greek too :)

Nessa - I hope that doesn't mean you are sick! I'm getting something that vaguely feels like a cold, but I refuse to acknowledge it so it will go away. I had the hardest time getting up this morning - and it wasn't even Monday anymore! I think I must be part bear, wanting to hibernate in the winter (and put on fat too LOL) Hope you are snug in bed with that warm comforter pulled up over your head. Take care.

Crazy Me said...

Mailed my packages, wrapped the others, decided no cards for me this year. Too much of a pain!

Keshi said...

Terry I was at the PO yday and the queue was as long as the Nile river!


SOe said...

Oh, this wrapping :-( Actually, I´m the only one in our family who do it. Every year, every family member comes to me (mostly one day before 24. - because in Germany the gifts are given by Santa Claus on the evening of 24.) and let me wrapp his/her gifts. Did they never see the possibility to let your gifts wrapp in the shops? Happy wrapping to you!

tsduff said...

Angela - looks like you got the important stuff done! I did the frivolous stuff first - now on to the wrapping!! Bleah.

Keshi - LOL! As long as the Nile River? That is the best description I've ever heard :D

SOe - Why do people want you to wrap their stuff? I can't understand that. I have a hard enough time wrapping my own stuff - especially the stocking stuffers which takes me all night! The stockings are the first things to be opened, and the favorite, as most of the presents are small innocuous items that are either funny or silly. I don't buy my stuff at stores which offer free gift wrap :(

RED MOJO said...

Oh, I miss Cost Plus World Market. They don't have them here on the crappy coast. Do I seem jaded? All the snow we've been getting is making it harder and harder to be here. Bleck.