Saturday, January 12, 2008

Any guesses?

UPDATE: Lopapeysa or Icelandic sweater is a traditional Icelandic style of sweater, characterized by a yoke design—that is, a wide decorative circle surrounding the neck opening. The sweater is knitted in a non-varying circle, meaning that there is no difference between the front and the back, unless a zipper is added. The yarn used, lopi, is made from the wool of Icelandic sheep and contains both wind hairs and fleece. Lopi is remarkable in that it is not spun, so it contains more air than spun yarn and as a consequence it has better insulation properties. This also makes lopi more difficult to handle than spun yarn, in particular for those new to the material. The colours can be artificial, but undyed wool of various colours is very popular.


Anonymous said...

A new tea cosy for your head?

ariel said...

Your new scarf? I am thinking about starting knitting again, what is more relaxing that the slight voice of the needles and the endless threads around your knees?

Tom & Icy said...

Oh boy! Bet you got the new camera with macro. Eat your heart out Ariel!

SOe said...

Icelandic sheep whool???

RED MOJO said...

Bear knitted you a car-cover for Christmas? Nice shot by the way.

Nessa said...

A warm and cozy sweater?

Nice close-up.

TK Kerouac said...


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lime said...

a knit hat

tsduff said...

Anonymousie - What are you saying? My head is hot and full of tea?

Ariel - I have no knitting talents whatsoever. That is why I have to depend upon my Icelandic Mom In Law to knit magnificent Icelandic wool creations for me like this stunning warm Lopapeysa she gave to my Bear. I should learn.

Tom and Icy, Well, great answer, all except for the part about Ariel having to be worried LOL! She is the picture queen. A novice is what I am. Yep - got the new toy though.

SOe - you smartie pants - you nailed it on the head. Er, on the wool :)

Red - You are funny - Bear knitting me anything is a riot. Nice thought though. First one posted with the Rebel. I have a ton to learn.

Nessa - thanks. Yes, you too got it right off... Icelandic wool is the warmest sweater material there is. I love the pattern. It reminded me of foam washing up on the black Icelandic shore.

Thanks TK for the invitation. How did you get the answer so easily?

Lime - A knit hat would be a great addition. How do I get one? Dang, I should have learned to knit when Grandma was alive to teach me. How do you think wool would take to a good tie dye job?

ariel said...

I have found it on Flickr. This one has zips.

tsduff said...

Ariel - you should see the one my Sweetie wears. He just slips it on whenever going outside - it keeps him so warm and he looks so handsome in it. It has the traditional yoke of light colored yarn, and the entire rest is brown like in the pictures on Flikr. He actually has two of them - one is black which is perfect for going anywhere dressy. Everyone, absolutely EVERYONE wears them in Iceland, and they are wonderful. I have one but it is out of character, being a powder blue color.

javajazz said...

at first glance i was gonna guess
that its the Bear's sweater...!

javajazz said...

now i read more about it! ha!
if i wore one of those,
i think i'd break out
into one giant welt.
could be interesting actually.