Sunday, January 13, 2008

Great blue heron on the lake.
He went home without a fish.
Click to enlarge photo.

Still saving for my telephoto. ~sigh~


RED MOJO said...

Beautiful shot! Love it.

ariel said...

I love this shot. Looked moveless, then your poem gave it a new story. Poor heron!

Anonymous said...

Great shot! It looks like our Grey Herons or is he greatly blue because has no fish ;)

Nessa said...

I love the contrast of the curved lines of the bird and all of the straight lines. And the reflection in the boxed water is perfect.

Tom & Icy said...

More goose bumps on the water.
Long telephoto is nice, but then you need a good tripod and it has to be a really bright day and they're hard to focus. Takes a lot of patience and planning to use them. Takes hours to get one really good picture, but it's worth it when you do. I just never had the patience, but it's a thrill when you finally get that special shot!

tsduff said...

It is a nice place Red. After walking I love seeing the heron on his square thing... he is there every evening.

Ariel - he doesn't get lucky most times I see him... maybe he eats a big breakfast instead. I think he is a lazy hunter actually.

Anonymous - he makes a big "CRONK" noise before flying away. He does have blue-gray feathers, along with the black and white detail on his head (which isn't apparent by my so-far-away-photo). He must get fed somehow!

Nessa - thanks. It was my first bird picture with the new toy. The water was beautiful but the bird was even better.

Tom and Icy - you sound as though you have much experience with the telephoto. I love to see things up close and personal - hence my disappointment at how far away my bird shots are. Guess I'd be willing to try the tripod, but I'm so lazy I'd hate dragging it all over the hills. Do knees work for balancing? (Along with holding your breath, like when you shoot a gun?)