Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I spent last Saturday (yes, most of the ENTIRE DAY in my office, because my home computer is still unusable) doing what I thought would be a breeze... completing my traffic school online. I had not received a speeding ticket in 15 years or so... and was terribly unhappy (how's that for a nice tame adjective) to have to jump through the traffic school hoops. Thinking I could just waltz through the questions on line, I spent hour after hour taking copious notes, paying especially close attention to the RIDICULOUS little questions which were interspersed throughout each of the 12 chapters regarding "Chili the Dog" - supposedly to verify that it was indeed me taking the test. Let it suffice to say, that as the day dragged on, and I had nowhere else to go but onward to the next chapter, I became more and more furious. Road rage in my chair. Keyboard in danger of being smashed by the frustrated pounding of my fingers as they punched harder with each keystroke...

After the day had dragged all the way by, I took the final test.
The 4 questions I GOT WRONG, WERE ALL QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO CHILI THE blankity blank DOG - having absolutely nothing at all to do with traffic.
I'm foaming at the mouth just remembering it. (Some feat for a crow)


Anonymous said...

Nicely vented...now that gizzard can dispose of any remnants...sip of water,mmm..i feel better now : - )

javajazz said...

i think i'd rather see
that gorgeous photo of the
moody rainy crow
than a foaming at the beak one...
tests tests tests...
the real tests are the ones
we dont get marked on...
chili dog..hee hee!

Tom & Icy said...

Chili Dog? That's a hot one! You think on-line traffic school is bad, just think of on-line rehab. Icy is trying on-line obedience school.

Jeanne said...

Argh. "They" say, lately, that this is when we create our own misery. We CHOOSE to let things upset us. Really, we should just let it go and be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

Uh huh.

ariel said...

So I can ask someone to type in the answers for me, and I will have a license?

ariel said...

On-line rehab, LOL!!!

EBEZP said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Terry

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this a a law of some type to renew a license after so many years? My Eldest applied for a new license (computer at registry) and got last three wrong, not wanting to ever have a license at all now! It costs a lot each try too!

Nessa said...

I'll remember to stay away from there.

RED MOJO said...

I did online traffic school once to get a speeding ticket off my record, and it was fine. I think there are a bunch to chose from and you must've gotten a stinker. No chili dog in mine. Sorry about that! Just think of bunny rabbits and soft fluffy clouds :)

actonbell said...

Doing things online has this convenient ring to it, but it's seldom pleasant and often very time-consuming. I have felt your pain.
Great rant! This is one of the reasons I read blogs--we're not all alone in our modern day frustrations.

dandjschoch said...

ha ha ha ha, I'm picturing you at the keyboard like mom doing the dishes. Clank Clank! CLANK!!!!!!! as she got madder and madder.

~gkw said...

LOL, I'll just pay the ticket....

jillie said...

Yeah, I had to do that about 5 years ago. What a pain in the ARSE! And it won't let you just "go" to the next chapter. Damn dogs! Hey...if you're going to be in SD on the 28th of Feb...you are MORE than welcomed to come to court with me...lol!!!!

tsduff said...

Every one of you did matter
And so I answered all the chatter
Now I'm madder than a hatter
Because Explorer ATE the latter

Every answer was presented
Funny comments humor hinted
Now each bit is but ghost
OH DAMN this electronic host

Even though I carefully saved
On my clipboard every fave
With the last keystroke IT FROZE
Such as my life blithely goes

I will write
Again to all
Just not now