Friday, January 04, 2008

You know,
Friday wasn't really magic for me.
I tried to talk myself into it,
but it didn't work.


javajazz said...

oh crow...
what a great
miserable sad crow picture, tho!
ps hows the weather down there?
Poopy says, dont worry
they always make it sound worse
than it is....sooooo?

Tom & Icy said...

Wish I could sit on a tree limb and look down at the world.

javajazz said...

honestly, i'm still just marvelling
at how someone is able make a crow
look so incredibly forlorn in
a photograph...
it's sheer genius, really.

ariel said...

What a photo! Did you take it? Or is it from a movie scene? Can you share a real big size of it? I love it so much.

If the crow doesn't want to come in and sit by the fire with me, I go out and sit in the rain with her. Every night is over once, dear bird.

RED MOJO said...

Not every Friday can be magical, but there's always Saturday!

Nessa said...

That photo is amazing and very moody.

Sometimes magic is dark and heavy. (I'm wiggling my fingers in your direction.) I hope you get the other kind soon.

G said...

Here's hoping the weekend's showing some magic your way. Love this photo.

Miz BoheMia said...

*sigh* I hear ya! I hope the weekend is treating you better storm 'n all...

Solitaire said...

Nothing about 2008 has been magical for me.

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Amazing still...your thinking is nice tooooooo

Agnes Mitchell said...

My what a sad old bird that is. Makes me want to just bring it inside and dry it off and warm it up. I do hope Saturday and Sunday have eased the Friday glum. (noting that your weather today is 40F. Ack!)
I'll tell you a little secret: Every single Friday for the past two years, the hubby has gone out and bought us Quiznos subs and brought them home for dinner. This has brought us to claim Fridays as Quiznos Night. The benefit is that a) We know the night will be easy and we'll be together and b) we always have that to look forward to. I suggest you and yours seek a Friday spot. It will certainly magic up the day. :)
Hugs to you dear one. May this note find you well.

RED MOJO said...

helllooooo. Where are you? I hope you are feeling well enough to come over and pick up your "You Make My Day" award.

Keshi said...



Anonymous said...

You need to watch a HAPPY movie. Please feel better soon :)

SoCal Sal said...

Awwwww {{HUG}}

photowannabe said...

Very moody and kind of sad.
A nice arty piece.

Doug said...

Icy, you'd just go to the bathroom on everyone below.

Sorry crow, especially for talking you out of your delusion.

Great photography as ever

tsduff said...

JJ - not miserable - just crowish... and yes, it is still raining - but I like it.

Icy - you can. Just close your eyes, click your heels together 3 times, and voila! (not in Ohio anymore)

JJ - Crows can look like anything at all. They are just beautiful in any form. He doesn't look forlorn to me - he looks smashing.

Ariel - I'm sorry the picture changed for you when it was blown up. Trust me, the crow means no harm. And you my dear, and the most kind Hungarian I've ever known.

Oh dear Red Mojo - Saturday was um, well, let's just say "quoth the raven, NEVERMORE".

Nessa - El crow is in its element. All is well, and thanks for the magic :)

Hey Ms.G - Life is good now that Saturday has come... AND GONE!

My favorite Bohemian - how'd YOU weather the storm? Ready for the next one? I KNOW this next weekend although still off in the distance, will be a million times better than the last.

tsduff said...

Solitaire - Thank you for stopping by. I can say 2008 hasn't been in existence very long yet - so here's hoping to a change in the weather for you. I do still believe in magic.

Raghu Ram Prasad: What corvid isn't amazing? :)

Aggie - always it's like an old friend when you come by. SO good to hear from you. I really enjoyed your post... and I'm sorry I haven't taken the time to respond yet - but I will.

Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday were weird, emotional (you know the type - tears, rage,confusion, utter despair...) but then somehow everything cleared up and the sun came out again *figuratively speaking of course :)* As far as the delightful Friday night treat... mine would of course be sushi and saki - but that gets a bit too pricey for this poor crow... so we make it a little less often.
Hugs to you and all your family - loved the new pictures (with adopted cat) and I'll be back to leave my crows two cents worth. xoxo

tsduff said...

Red - Loved the great and honorable mention :D It certainly made MY day better than it was. That is about the only place I dragged myself to - and it was nice. Thank you. Okay, today is day #2 (a fruit day, plus a deli sandwich) uuuummmm, good. :D

Keshi - so happy to see that flower still blooming around here. Thanks O beautiful one :)

Okay Ms Bird Anonymous... your happy movie just made me smile and smile. Those birdies have no business being so bright and cheerful I tell you... (caws hoarsely)

SoCal - I know you understand. Hope your plethora of problemos is much less today as well.

Photowannabe - Just wait until I get my present... (okay, I'll tell you what it is...) Bought myself a Canon Rebel T1. Picking it up Friday after it ships. then I can pretend I'm a real photographer :)

Doug - Icy is a lady who wouldn't "stoop" to such levels.

You didn't really talk me out of it... I knew it already. (we all need our delusions occasionaly, don't you know?)

SOe said...

I LOVE this picture!!!