Monday, February 11, 2008

Mondays are prickly
Sometimes there is no way out
The small stickers hurt


RED MOJO said...

Indeed. I might be a tree-hugger, but those cacti are on their own!

Mo'a said...

Ouch!!!however, I love Mondays...go figure :)

SoCal Sal said...

Well your gonna have to tip toe through those tulips carefully!

dandjschoch said...

i love prickly pears, though trying to get out those little tiny invisible annoying prickles can be next to impossible. They taste interesting, though they are mostly prickles and seeds. Beautiful picture by the way.

ariel said...


There must be a way up or down.

Jeanne said...


jillie said...

Monday is almost over! Only 4 days until the wknd! wooohooo!!! By then that cactus may bloom ;o)

Anonymous said...

What are you up to? Prickly Pear is illegal to grow here ...

tsduff said...

Red Mojo: One version of this cactus is called an Indian Fig tree. I'm with you - that is one tree I'd rather admire from afar. (And I DO admire it - this picture is of the prolific mother plant of my baby prickly pear in the back 40 of my yard.) I think they are beautiful.

Mo'a - you must tell me your secret. How do you love Mondays?

SoCal Sal: Okay Tiny Tim - thru the tulips, maybe, - but I'm not tip-toeing anywhere near those stickers!

DandJSchoch: I leave all the peeling to the great Mexican restaurants who somehow manage. Did you know that when Bernard "harvested" my two plants from the mother plant down the road, he was wearing giant THICK sturdy gloves, and they STILL stuck right through the gloves into his hands? (He was a New Yorker - what did you expect? - ha ha, I tried to warn him).

Ariel - The only way up or down is to just get a machete and start hacking. They really are beautiful though. You have no business owning one though if there are small children about.

Jeanne - Thank you. You found the secret way up. And it is wonderful. I started out this week so far underneath the stickers that I had no hope at all.

Jillie - you are the eternal optimist, that is clear! How's the balmy weather in San Diego? It's a pretty balmy 66 F here today - almost "sweatin" weather.

Anonymous - I read about what happened down your way with tons of land rendered unusable due to the invasion of the non-native cactus which was introduced to Australia. Bummer! The native places it grows - (the American Southwest and Mexico to start) are already pretty unusable. Ain't it purdy though?

actonbell said...

Prickly pear is illegal to grow somewhere? How interesting.

That's a great picture for Monday--one that celebrates the beauty of life, but shows the thorns, as well:)

Agnes Mitchell said...

Hi hon. No response necessary here. I'm just checking in. When you're done reading I want you to smile and click the page closed and then click your eyes closed for a nice, well deserved, nap. I do it - so can you. ;)

First, I'll tell you that you and I are entirely of the same religion. I reflect every bit of your post to me. Every bit. That's why I'm going Google. Hardly ever lets me down and I usually get what I prayed for. (bad joke, I know)

I leave you with Bill Cosby's thoughts on your whole work/tax situation. Remember his routine? His wife wanted him to feed the children breakfast so he fed them cake, rationalizing it had milk, eggs, and such. When she found out she yelled at him and told him he couldn't be trusted to do it ever again. He said, "See, we are dumb, but we are not so dumb." Do it wrong once and you'll never be asked to do it again. ;-)
Of course, I'm kidding. I know you've got both best feet forward, which generally leaves you flat on your bum. Hang in there. It's gotta pass eventually.
When's your next vacation? Don't tell me....just start dreaming of it...right NOW. :)
Love, Aggie

photowannabe said...

Yep, i have to agree that life is like that sometimes. I really like this shot.

Doug said...

I garden cactus apples here at home. Literally and figuratively.

yellowdog granny said...

mondays are what you make em...and i looove cacti..

tsduff said...

Actonbell - I didn't know it was illegal to grow prickly pears anywhere either - they must be illegal aliens. I like your analogy.

Aggie - You know, you are better than any shrink ever could be :) Really, if you got paid for it you'd be rich. Your words made it all better. HA HA - you even brought up my all-time guru's routine "Dad is Great, He gives us Chocolate Cake!"
Next step - Church of Google. You are right - it never lets one down, and has all the answers.
Vacation? Only in my head.
xo Thanks so very much.

Photowannabe - are cattails. One minute it's all together, and the next minute, it has all blown up.

Doug - What is a figurative cactus apple? I've heard of road apples, which would be good for the garden, but what would that be, a prickly comment in your garden of verses?

Yellowdog Granny - I don't make Mondays - they are relentlessly more powerful than I. But I keep getting up after they roll over me. I love the beauty of cactus - more fun to look at than to get tactile with.