Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did you hear?
A beagle
might run away
with the winning bone
at the Westminster Show tonight
That hasn't happened in 95 years!


SoCal Sal said...

I had a beagle when I was a youngn. I loved that dog!

RED MOJO said...

I had one once too, named Lucky.

ariel said...

What perfect little figures! Do you have the new camera?

Doug said...

Right breed, wrong beagle.

weatherchazer said...

My hubby was watching that last night. He was talking about it to me over the phone in a drunken slur...maybe that's why he was picking winners in the divisions?

Kingcover said...

Why is it unusual for a dog to have a bone??? Haha j/k, I guess it's a contest a little like Crufts in the UK?

sister celtic said...

Sure did hear that also when the Bouviers are on if any win they are all related to Kemo-Sabe aka "Monkey" or Monkey Bear.

Anonymous said...

Have no idea what you are talking about and those beagles aren't even real!

tsduff said...

Okay for all you folks who couldn't get my cryptic watercooler-type post (you know, two dogs at the watercooler talking smack about the other breeds), the gist of it is that a beagle was voted Best of Breed in the hound group - and as such will join the other 6 dogs of the other groups in the final judging for Best of Show tonight at the Westminster Kennel Club dogshow at Madison Square Gardens in NY. The two bronze doggies pictured were my grandmother's, and have graced that same buffet sideboard where they still stand for over 40 years. They are a daschund and an airdale.

SoCal Sal - Nothing, I do mean nothing beats a beagle.

Red Mojo - Mine were named Jake, Sniffer, Sad Sack, Banjo, Beanie, Tinkerbelle, Sagebrush, Brandy, Mandy, Dubee, Winston, and my sweet Beau to name a few. I had a cat from the pound named Lucky once.

Ariel - YES! :D

Doug: Does a hund count?

Weatherchazer - AHA! He had an inside scent to the winners!

Okay, I was punning, Gareth - I should have said trophy rather than bone :) I had to Google Crufts - yes, think of this rather elite dogshow as the U.S. version of Crufts.

Sister Celtic - How cool to be related to royalty :D Kemo definitely has my vote for the prettiest HUNK.

Anonymous - ha ha, those beagles ain't beagles at all, but slick imposters gossiping about the big show tonight.

yellowdog granny said...

my daddy got my boys a little female beagle and we named her fanny farkle for the laughin tv show fanny farkle..they are the sweetest dogs..

Keshi said...

cute structure!


G said...

I'd like to enter Louie - I'm certain he'd get best in show. :)

javajazz said...

he DID win best in show,
cute beagle...
name Uno...!

javajazz said...

hmmm, oops, best OF show.
(can you tell i'm not much of a
dog show person?)

sister celtic said...

UNO WON! Coolio!

tsduff said...

Yellowdog Granny- That is a perfect name for a beagle. Love it. I always have the hardest time coming up with the right name.

Hey Keshi - The picture, or the puppies?

G - With Louie, there would be no contest - he'd take them all by storm. (like he does at home :)) How is that little heart breaker anyway?

JJ - I saw his picture in the paper today - doesn't even do him justice. Then I started boo hooing... sure would love another pup.

All you really need to remember is the BEST part :)

Sister Celtic - Numero Uno is right! What a great win for a cutie!