Friday, February 29, 2008


On the first day of the month,

it is reasonable and good to say

"Rabbit Rabbit"

- thereby ensuring one's

self of good luck,

as the legend goes.

If you wake up,

and forget to say it first thing,

there is still the saving grace

of repeating the words

"Tibbar Tibbar"

(Rabbit Rabbit)

... backwards in order to assure good luck.

Wishing everyone a wonderful new

and refreshing

Month of March.


Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit rabbit good luck and have a good month!

Lily Strange said...

Rabbit Rabbit from me and Daria (my rabbit)

G said...

Rabbit Rabbit! Hare's to a good month for you and yours.

Mo'a said...

Rabbit, Rabbit...I am glad you told how to save the day...month.

I am sorry that you had a problem posting on my site...I did get several messages from you...I appreciate you many are a good friend.

RED MOJO said...

rabbit rabbit, Have a great March!

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit. I look forward to meeting before the next march of Hares.

yellowdog granny said...

rabbit rabbit...or hare hare..

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Good luck in March:)

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit, March is hare.

ariel said...

Rabbit, rabbit! I like the poem too.

Anonymous said...


javajazz said...

bunny funny.
me late too.
tibbar fleabar...

tsduff said...

Tom and Icy: Rabbit Rabbit - I wish you ever piece of luck this month and always.

Lily Strange - Daria doesn't bite does she? :D Rabbit Rabbit.

G - Okay my ECS - Working on those punny hello's... tee hee. Rabbit Rabbit to everyone in the G household.

Mo'a - well, I do get a bit over-exuberant at times... forgive the many posts LOL! Rabbit Rabbit!

Mz Mojo - Rabbit rabbit - wishing you melted driveway soon - and all the best of Luck in March :)

Doug: - Hark, Rabbit Rabbit - and yes, we shall put our feet together for a memorable photograph soon (doggie paw, mule hoof, bear claw and crow's foot)

Yellowdog Granny - Just so long as it isn't Hari Kari ha ha ha.... Rabbit Rabbit!

Actonbell - Rabbit rabbit!

Nessa - Rabbit Rabbit to the best punner hare...

Ariel - you are the best. Rabbit Rabbit - how do you say it in Hungarian?

Anonymous... for a very important date! Rabbit Rabbit, from the most glamorous rabbit in literature.

JJ - ha ha ha ha ha oh my... always the droll one. Tell me, what is a flea bar? Step right up, let me pour you a fleatail. Snow melted yet or are you going nuts with the horrible arctic cold?

ariel said...

In Hungarian: nyúl, nyúl!

It's so funny that you and dog fly over the country to meet. :-)