Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sinking into Monday?
Join the club.

I had a great weekend -

didn't finish anything at all.
Didn't have the grandkid over
like I had hoped.
Didn't dig in the garden

Pigged out and ruined
any chance of
weight loss this cycle

Dinner menu Sunday night:
Killer sirlion bbq hamburgers
on buttered, toasted onion buns
with onions, tomatoes, bbq sauce,
with gorgonzola cheese inside
Fresh peaches and cream
for dessert
Monday begins
11 more days of
the Diet 4 Idiots

I will lose this poundage.


Keshi said...

**Pigged out and ruined
any chance of
weight loss this cycle

then it was a BRILLIANT n totally AWESOME wknd! :)



yellowdog granny said...

fun is sometime more important that weight loss....glad you had a nice weekend...js

RED MOJO said...

Your days off are supposed to be quilt free. Try to enjoy them, and then let them go, and get back to it. You'll do fine.

Doug said...

Man, if I had drove north at noon instead of South I would have et a lot better.

lime said...

yo uand me...i had lost 6 lbs before i went to georgia, put 5 back on while i was there. sigh.....

Tai said...

mmmmm, but that menu sounds so GOOD!!

jillie said...

That sounds YUMMY!! I can't wait to start walking to get rid of this butt that found it's way to me from my FIRST, it sucks to get old. You gain 5 trying to lose 1!


sister celtic said...

Hey Matthew won the childrens hospital seattle contest " the biggest loser 67 lbs. in 2 months so there was a big Mexican Fiesta dinner on Sat. to just enjoy... So What you'll lose I'm trying too so misery has company deal me in..

sister celtic said...

Oh and I have to lose 40 lbs. I was 135-ish before cancer treatment and now 180 from sitting for 10 yrs after.. Hey sounds like a group "Ten Years After" giggle soooo flippin what it will happen God willing.. My favorite book for loseing was Charlie Shedds "The fat is in your head" I lost so much weight and my life changed after that.. Remember good ol Charlie from the old days...

Kelly said...

Yes, you will lose the poundage!!! and your spectacular weekend sounds wonderful! That's exactly what the diet days off are for! We are just taking it slow and steady!!! We can do it!!! I think I can....I think I can....I think I can....I know I can!!!!!

Mo'a said...

Life is short so one might as well have fun and eat well.

Anonymous said...

Is it Monday there yet? I'm eating Tuesday's lunch after surviving Monday. Glad you had an indulgent weekend :) Now RUN!!!!

tsduff said...

Keshi, you crack me up! Yes, it WAS fun, but oh, paying the piper afterward is the rough part.

Yellowdog Granny - As long as I just don't drop the ball and stay in the fun zone... moderation is the key :)

Red Mojo - well, have to admit - I DID enjoy the days off. I'm ready to be back on track - hard boiled eggs here I come.

Doug - Every beagle around here eats good at bbq time... I don't even make them beg. Sorry you missed it.

Lime - Just hurry up and put out your "Better-Than-Swill no calorie cookbook so we can all get back into shape again :)

Tai - that was only ONE night. We had lots more great eats besides that menu. Sigh. It's all over now for the next 11 days.

Jillie - I would be just fine and dandy, not to mention skinny as all get-out with what you call a "butt"... ha ha. And what do you mean old, girl? :) xxx

tsduff said...

Sister Celtic: What? Matthew kicks butt - wow. How did he do it? Congratulations to him! (Ummmm Mexican food sounds divine)
YOU lose 40 lbs? HA HA HA you'd disappear! I could already blow you over with just one blow you're such a rail... I loved 10 years after - saw them at the Forum in LA along with The Rolling Stones!

I loved that you remembered Charlie Shedd - he was the best and funniest ever. I should look up that book. Remember Martha's braces?

Kelly - You are the great encourager :) What a great sister. (A grand little engine that could as well :))

Mo'a - you are SUCH an Icelander :) That is exactly what I learned when I visited that raging beauty-of-an-island Iceland. Good food, good company, beauty all around... yes, live and enjoy.

Anonymous - ha ha - yes, Monday is almost over, thank goodness! Why were you eating yesterday's lunch? What was it?

ariel said...

The words "weight loss" and the dinner menu in one poem, are you writing a Shakespeare drama? :-)