Sunday, February 24, 2008

We took a magical jaunt across the bay
to San Francisco this weekend
- it was Chinese New Year,
and we had to be there to see the parade,
just like all the other years.
It was raining,
etc. but
we had
a fabulous time!
Met some characters
(street people)
stayed at
an amazing
and quaint hotel,
and generally
played "tourist"
all weekend.

This picture was seen
painted on a gallery window
and I
was quite pleased with it.
I wonder if
anyone can tell me
are over


yellowdog granny said...

my daughter lives in san francisco...she lives in the haight..she went to the parade for chinese new years the first 2-3 years but didn't go this year...she goes to the park a lot and they play drums and she has learned how to play the diggerdu(spelling?)..and has a great time...and complains all the time the weekends go to fast..

Tom & Icy said...

I've always envied those people who had jobs doing things they loved and enjoyed their work as much if not more than their time off. I guess it's that short time in youth when we prepare for a job with education. When I was young, I guess I chose to prepare for a job that seemed secure rather than something I loved to do.

RED MOJO said...

That sounds fun. I miss San Francisco, and California :(

SoCal Sal said...

So we can get to Monday mornings quicker. Cha!

Sounds like a fun weekend.

ariel said...

Poor artists! They create the most wonderful and exciting worlds but cannot live in them and cannot live outside them.

With all those characters, raining and stuff sounds like a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but week-ends never, End. Wonderful memories,at the ready to be "booted-up" at a moments notice.

sister celtic said...

ahhhhhhhh, love the sign and glad you were there to join in the celebration!

actonbell said...

Wow, you did have a wondrous weekend--those kind always go too fast *sigh* but now you can dream about it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds excellent! I can't tell you why weekends wizz so quickly - I think even the boring ones do *sigh* Make the most of each weekend regardless :)

Mo'a said...

Your weekend sounds heavenly...I would like to go to San Francisco again sometime soon...I have inside the US travel planed for the Fall...after Iceland and before Denmark.
Your photo is wonderful...glad you have your camera back. I look forward to seeing lot's of photos that you take.
I love that saying...Marc Chagall's work is amazing...I can well see why he would like to slip into it.

Diesel said...

It's the drinking.

G said...

Now I'm sorry we didn't make it to the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown this year. Julian is into the dragons and when he passes a Chinese cable channel he stays there and shouts out "Chinese Mommy!"

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Glad you have your camera back too.

Keshi said...

time flies these days Terry...I agree.


Keshi said...

Terry luv it wasnt abt my it was abt me.


tsduff said...

Keshi - I'm stumped. Oh well - fabulous post anyway, and my kitty IS a stalker, a perfectionist, and a biter. ha ha.

tsduff said...

Yellowdog Granny - HA! The diggereedo is a difficult instrument to learn - requiring a type of circular breathing... my son has one which he purchased in Australia and can actually play too. The Haight is a favorite haunt of ours, as is Golden Gate Park. Maybe we've seen your daughter - at the summer of love festival this past summer ;)

Tom & Icy - when I was young and getting educated, I didn't even know WHAT I wanted to do. Oh, I entertained ideas of being an ornithologist/biologist - which I would have loved, but I just through it out the window by wanting to get married and have a family right away. Ah - now I understand the daydreams of the old.

Red Mojo - I miss it for you ;( Your snowy drivewway makes me cringe. But you are so brave to live through it with your pups. How do they like the snow?

SoCal Sal - Okay you odd optimist... who put happy juice in your Cherios? NOBODY likes Mondays, do they?

tsduff said...

Ariel - your point of perspective always amazes and delights me. I suppose I never imagine that fact; that artists create such beauty, but often live in turmoil despite that fact.

Anonymous - yes, want to go "boot up" right now? *evil laugh*... he could beat his drum....

Sister Celtic - you know your G would have scored some fabulous photos. It was a great weekend full of fun and non-mundanity.

Actonbell - This past weekend does indeed provide fodder for new dreams of old times... (even as "old" as 3 days ago... lol!)

Anonymous - All weekends blow by so fast - simply because they are free time. Time at work during the week isn't free... you are delegated your time and place of being. Therefore, all minutes of the undelegated time are to be cherished, no matter how they are spent. :) And oh boy, I do cherish them.

Mo'a - tee hee - while you are traveling the US in the fall, so shall the Bear and I. We have a road trip planned most likely in September - PA, Ontario, Minn, South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas... you know, a hodgepodge. I can't wait. I love San Francisco - and it is fun to take advantage of the proximity of that beautiful city to my own (45 minutes away by train). I am so envious of your trips to Iceland and Denmark - I love those countries. Having my camera back is fun :)

Diesel - Ah ha! But that doesn't explain the rest of the week.

G - The parade was great - really fun to watch. The many children marching by were just cute as ever - twirling their sparkly things, and smiling. Most were wrapped in plastic to protect their silk costumes from the wind-driven rain, including the dragons and lions writhing was not a comfortable parade by any means, but certainly an entertaining adventure. I bought a bunch of Chinese popper things for Hunter - you through them on the ground and they blow up. Fun kid stuff (and Grandma stuff...I already did a whole box of them myself...)

Keshi - no time flies by as fast as our weekends. Thank goodness they keep on coming...