Monday, March 24, 2008


We did arrive
At Navy Pier
Although the ice
Not so severe

There was some snow
And ice about
With Canada geese
Along the route

The downer
Of the day was sad
No Funnel Cakes
Were to be had

And so we walked
Along together
Like so many
Birds of a feather

Those of you
Who didn't come
Will mourn the fact
That we are mum.


RED MOJO said...

WHAT?! NO FUNNEL CAKES???!!! I'm never going there.

javajazz said...

what? no more pictures of
the Hot Dog?

javajazz said...

(whats a xenophobe?)

javajazz said...

i just found out...
"an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange..."
well, thats an "interesting" assessment.
i think i'll go back to
"no comment."
sometimes less is more.

tsduff said...

Red Mojo - no funnel cakes - and we are left with the unfulfilled craving. Maybe it is a summer thing.

JJ - we may get lucky later with a stray picture of the group... but unfortunately for now I can't post a picture because I neglected to download my camera's softeware in order to download the pictures on this laptop. It'll have to wait.

Don't worry - I had to look up the word myself. New vocabulary is so fun, don't you think? BTW - it is so nice to see you again. You've been missed. (by me, tee hee)

Catnapping said...

I've only been through Chicago. Never could pull over! The only thing I remember is all the traffic! iy yi yi!

Mo'a said...

So you are not sharing...staying mum?

lime said...

brrrr, it does look cold there!

ariel said...

"Like so many
Birds of a feather"

Wow! I can picture now.

Doug said...

Great verse. I'm still pissed about the funnel cakes. I know it was an outdoor kiosk on a cold day but what about our needs?

Doug said...

One more thing
You all should know
Is Terry's greeting
From a crow.

I suppose her story's failing
Won't count as a lie
Since the bird's improper haling
wasn't eye-to-eye.

tsduff said...

Catnapping: I agree - the traffic was intense, but then, so were the great tall buildings, cars, people... did I mention TALL BUILDINGS...? A nice big city to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live there.

Mo'a = Dear, don't worry. You know me, and my insane addiction for pictures... :D Yes, I'm sure something will pop up shortly regarding our trip - I just didn't have the means to download any pictures until reaching home just a few hours ago.... What a great weekend we had :)

Lime - You know, I must have commented until everyone threw up their hands in frustration, at all the snow! I've never lived in a place where it snows... only visited BRIEFLY. So, now that I'm home, and the hills are emerald green, the fruit trees are well into their explosions of blossoms... it is odd. This balmy temperature of 66F is making me sweat.

HA HA Ariel - I don't know about REAL birds of a feather - in fact I believe I was the only such feathery creature there, but it was so fun... :)

SOe said...

I will visit Chigaco in November during a conference and my birthday. Do you have some tips for sightseeing?

tsduff said...

Doug, so are we dang it. Sitting here this early morning in Walnut Creek our unrequited longing for funnel cake has returned with a vengeance...

Stunning prose - I'm still torn between amusement and chagrin. The crow did chose ME to drop his greetings on, after all.

SOe - My best advice is to have wonderful tour guide if possible - we had the best.

jillie said...

BRRRRRRRR...that just looks WAY too cold! I love going to the Navy Pier in the summer time. I sure will find plenty of funnel cake there.

That Chicago dog looks pretty yummy below as well ;o)

Anonymous said...

Have photo of the offering crow..stately staunch on a branch....crunch crunch snow is so a delight---

Minka said...

too many wings, make any bird outing noisy ;)