Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wishing all a happy Friday
and a wonderful
Memorial Day
holiday weekend
-Hope you manage
to stay away
from the temptations
which besiege you
(looks like "DAVID"
was unsuccessful
in that endeavor).


Tom & Icy said...

That's hilarious! I'll have to cut that one out and save it to paste in when Ariel posts more of her statue photos. You have a safe weekend.

Ariel the Thief said...


Oh my. I'm in tears...

SOe said...

LOL ... Ha, ha, ha, ... Looks like I have the same problem like David.

Doug said...

Too funny. Also, too late. This is hot dog weekend and it started over breakfast.

Fred said...

They usually keep this one in the closet at the Louvre.

tsduff said...

Tom & Icy - I think it would look very good with Ariel's statue collection :) Planning on having a safe weekend.... how much trouble can one get into while camping out in the back yard bbq'ing Icelandic hotdogs?

Ariel - Here is a hankie...

SOe - I noticed a marked resemblance to my own figure in the mirror... HA HA HA. It looks better on David.

Doug - The little lunch place around the corner was service "Chicago Hotdogs" on their lunch menu with all the special nuances of the original. I didn't fall for it though. We've got our Icelandic hotdogs in the freezer *we had them in our suitcase in Chicago*, waiting for this weekend over the barby in the back yard. Happy Hotdogging to you too!

Fred -until he grew too big... LOL!

Dr.John said...

When did David start putting on the weight?

actonbell said...

Well, he is gettin' up there...
LOL, where in the world did you get this image? You're amazing. And I've missed a couple very interesting posts, too. Mybad.

Happy Memorial Day weekend:) I almost typed Labor Day,but then, I'm impaired. Mybad.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

LOL! I am supposed to be seeing David while in Florence. I will demand my money back if he looks like this, though! ;)

Your description from your Italy trip made me want to go even more so now I am!

Hope you have a GREAT holiday weekend!

javajazz said...

aw poor Dave!
there's nowhere to hide,
just like in Blogville.
happy Memorial day.
or, sad Memorial day...
not quite sure what
the appropriate
greeting is....

G said...

I suddenly feel the need to go for a brisk walk - bye!

Have a great weekend!

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, good grief!!
It was hard to tell if that was a male or female.
I will try to refrain from too many carbs and calories this weekend.

tsduff said...

Dr. John - after his trip to America.

Actonbell - you always crack me up. Why I think it's funny when someone says mybad I have no idea. Happy Labor Day to you too.

ODG - I can't wait for you to be on your trip! It will be one you'll never forget! David was very impressive - although not as rotund when was saw him :)

JJ - well, I could have posted a picture of me (NOT) but I used David as a surrogate. Kinder for everyone that way.

G - Did the brisk walk help your fever? Hope you are feeling ever so much better by now. Hope you are having a nice long weekend.

JD - I lost a battle of the bulge today... tomorrow is another day. Soldier on I say.

jillie said...

Who's been spying on me??????