Thursday, June 26, 2008

We passed through Tomales Bay along our way.

When we saw the Hog Island Oyster Co. - my mouth started watering.

Of course we had to stop and help ourselves.

Having learned how to shuck the little guys last year when I was up at Westcott Bay on San Juan Island, WA, I whipped out my little oyster-shucker tool, armed my son with it, and together we opened all 50 of those delicious mollusks.

What followed was pure bliss. Need I say anything more?


RED MOJO said...

Wow, can't do those! Oysters are definitely a love or hate kind of food, no gray area!

Anonymous said...

MMMM-excellent feast,indeed !!!!!

SOe said...

That´s one of these things which I have to try on one of these days.

sister celtic said...

Nope no more said just get up here and shuck with us..

sister celtic said...

Oh Terry the coast is Heaven I hope we can do it together sometime kinda meet up or something. Thanks for sharing when Geo. comes home and see's this it will be a road trip for sure...

Jon said...

Things like that are what I miss about the coasts. This big freshwater lake just doesn't feed me the same.

photowannabe said...

Sounds like bliss for you but so sorry, its not my thing.
That was quite a feast you had. Would have cost you several paychecks in a restaurant.

Nessa said...

I'm hungry.

yellowdog granny said...

oh my goddess..those look so good..i could eat all 50 of them my ownself..
i have a friend who lives in anacortes and has sent me pictures and it's just beautiful there..lucky you to get to visit..i'm so jealous..sigh* all that and oysters too..

Dr.John said...

Wow! Fifty oysters that's a lot. They sure look good in the pictures.

Doug said...

You call something your about to eat "little guys?"

Man, I'm supposed to be the heartless one.

G said...

No can do on the shellfish, but enjoy! :)

BEAUTIFUL pics - you've been doing some nice outdoorsy stuff. I wish we had someone to lead us in a camping trip. I'm willing to do it, just don't think I could spearhead a trip.

Oh and congrats on the beatiful news. I said it somewhere but - here's to a healthy and safe pregnancy for your DIL.

Cheesemeister said...

The only kind of oysters I like are either the really small ones--smoked--or Oysters Rockefeller. My father is a big fan of oysters. I don't like them unless the flavor is covered up a bit. I do like mussels and clams, though.

Anonymous said...

You're making me jealous! Love that second photograph :)

tsduff said...

Red Mojo - I think you are right. I fall into the love/obsession category all the way.

Anonymous - I'm glad you share my obsession :)

SOe - perhaps oysters will rank up there on your scale next to the minke whale and reindeer meat, both of which I've never sampled.

Sister Celtic - I know that would be a meal of great pleasure with you and G.

Sister Celtic - What a great idea. When are you coming down? We'll meet in the middle - how about Depot Bay?

Jon - I've only laid eyes on Lake Michigan. I sure they have their merit, but I think everyone should have an ocean nearby.

tsduff said...

Photowannabe - Oh so true (about the cost) These were really reasonably priced - 50 oysters for a mere $40. A plate of 6 on the halfshell costed $14 & some change. Just a taste. Ummmmm.

Nessa - me too!!! Still. Oyster liquore - nectar of the gods.

Yellowdog Granny - Some things are just divine... I put fresh oysters on that shortlist.

Dr. John - they don't seem so profuse when you set the platter of them down before 4 hhungry oyster lovers... they disappeared like butter in a hot pan.

Doug - Those little guys were delicious, every one.

"O Oysters," said the Carpenter,
"You've had a pleasant run!
Shall we be trotting home again?'
But answer came there none--
And this was scarcely odd, because
They'd eaten every one.

-Lewis Carroll

G - I'll lead the next west coast camping gig - just bring your sleeping bag and some chocolate, marshmallows & graham crackers for the smores around the campfire. I'll take care of the rest.

Thanks for the congrats I echo your thoughts for a healthy delivery - I'm perfectly thrilled about having a new little one to spoil :)

Cheesemeister - I adore oysters of all sizes & shapes. Just pass the lemon, and horseradish cocktail sauce, and dig in. Smoked oysters were a treat in my youth, and I used to steal entire tins of them out of my Mother's pantry for secret stolen pleasure.

Anonymous - did you like the little cormorant on the post? Tomales Bay is an inlet of brackish (fresh water and salt water mixed) seabirds abound.

McRaven said...

Mr. Bruce loves this stuff I made him get up and come see the photos he was drooling...:)

tsduff said...

I am drooling again myself. I pull up this post and stare at it just to whet my appetite once more.