Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here is the view from our campsite above the Mendocino coast. We could hear the waves crashing on the rocks, like a sweet lullabye.

Along came a squadron of pelicans, droning along in their formation against the foggy sky

Looking down the rocky coast, we observed an unfortunate consequence of living next to the relentless pounding of the seashore... one of the houses in the distance had actually succumbed to the crumbling cliff and fallen off. Double click on the picture to enlarge it. Others were in the process of slipping. The dirt was drapped with a huge green tarp in hopes of slowing the inevitable, but it looked pretty hopeless.

Again, if you double click on the picture, you will see that those slugs laying about on the black sand are actually sea lions which have heaved themselves up out of the water. Each time a new one swam up in hopes of securing a position among the ones already positioned on the sand, much barking and snarling commenced and usually resulted in the newcomer dumped back into the water.
All told, it was a foggy experience as we made our way down Highway One on the beautiful California coast, but it was enchanting and refreshing all the way.


RED MOJO said...

Proving life is hard just about anywhere, even someplace as heavenly as the California coast...

lime said...

bringing back wonderful memories of sleeping along highway one. there's nothing like going to sleep to that sound.

yellowdog granny said...

before maryjo moved to san francisco she lived in willits..and she would go all over there admiring the beatiful country side...
those poor people in those sad..

Dr.John said...

Those are great pictures and it looks like you had a great experience.

Nessa said...

Scenes from a Gothic novel. I hear the werewolves howling. Beautiful.

Jon said...

How come they build there? Don't they understand the forces of erosion? Does the beauty cloud their senses? It sure is beautiful, though.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photographs! The slug/sea lions made me giggle :) Great shots of the pelican formation and sliding homes. We have home sliding into the sea where I live...

photowannabe said...

Great trip along the coast and the perverbial fogscape.
The never ending surf eventually wins where homes on its shores are concerned. Pacifica had many homes land in the water from the crumbling cliffs.

Fred said...

Wonderful trip and pictures. I wish we had that sort of scenery here. Sure, we have water, but it's as flat as can be.

tsduff said...

Red Mojo - let's just say
The path of life
is oft times tough
Don't let it put you
In a huff

Because the good part
Is there too
With oh so much
To see and do

Man isn't the boss of nature - it seems to be the other way around.

Lime - this is the absolute truth. I yearn for that sound most of my life; it is only a scarce few times when I actually get to hear it.

Yellowdog Granny - Willitz is also a pretty place - farther from the sea, but loaded with redwoods. Hey, want to buy some sea front property with a view - cheap?

Dr. John - yes. The fresh memories have recharged me for another go 'round at this mundane day to day work week

Nessa - An interesting thought - werewolves... I couldn't hear them over the crashing surf. But that is so like a writer to notice :)

Jon - Man is the eternal optimist when weighing Mother Nature's chances against his own. Gullible and naive, isn't he?

Anonymous - those pelicans made my day when they came bombing along. I snapped pictures one by one as they flew over my head, following their pattern to perfection. It was a great trip.

Photowannabe - yes, the folly of man is fully evident when the flimsy works of his hands prove to be no match for the surf. I'm like so many of them myself - wanting to put myself as close to the beauty as possible. Good thing I can't afford it :)

Fred - and instead of sea lions, you have biting alligators, manatees and palmetto bugs. I could thrive on observing the bird life you have there.

Ariel the Thief said...

Wonderful photos. I so much wish to see it. Sunny or foggy, it is beautiful.