Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time to pull out
All my dreams
Lay them out
Expose their seams

How to use
This time of fear
See what's do-able
Right here

Maybe time
To change my tune
Change my theme
Reach for the moon

Like a seedling
To a flower
Seasons changing
Years to hours

This could still
Turn out all right
Just grab my hopes
And face the light.


Doug said...

Great start, I'd say.

Dr.John said...

Beautiful flower. Beautiful poem.

Anonymous said...

clap,clap clap,clap clap,XOXOXO

lime said...

bloom, baby, bloom

yellowdog granny said...

cactus flowers are so beautiful and so is the poem..can I steal it and send it to my daughter?...she would love it...

G-Man said...

EVERYTHING here is beautiful!!!!

Ariel the Thief said...

How to use this time is always the question. If you can answer that, you win. Best wishes!

Logophile said...

The future's so bright,
you ought to wear shades,
I mean that in the cheerful way, not the apocalyptic way it was written. That may not have come out the way I intended.
Move along, nothing to see here,
bungled attempt at cheerful encouragement...move along!

SOe said...

wonderful poem - Reach for the stars, Terry!

tsduff said...

Thanks Dog. ~

Dr John - Thank you. A cactus flower has a lot of beauty. It was the only one on my prickly pear this year.

Anonymous - you are my Beary favorite fan.

Lime - Thanks for the reminder - I need to go water it :) We have been in a drought, and the blossom is long gone.

Yellowdog Granny - You sure know how to touch a person. I almost pulled it after I wrote it ... because it makes me feel squeamish inside - I don't like to put it all out there like that.

Galen: You never lack for the right things to say. Thanks dear.

Ariel - I just made a snap decision to drive to the state of Washington to visit my aging Aunt and Uncle. They need help with a project, and the Bear & I are free to help. So, I win, yes?

Logophile - How did you know that is one of my favorite songs? It has great wisdom (not to mention great music :)) Your words were much appreciated and struck my funny bone. Nothing to see here but a fine buddy :) Thanks Hon.

jillie said...

There is nothing more better than our hopes!

I thought of you today...as I was driving home, there was a house up the street that must of had about 20 crows all along their fence and trees. DAMN...talk about not having my camera at the right time. It would have made for a great post!

Hope all is well with you. Robert was just in your area but I have my mom here so I couldn't go. She'll be here until the end of Oct. SO...the next trip to northern Cali...I am there! Hopefully you can be my newest blogger encounter!

javajazz said...

oooh, i like that.
i came over here
to find exactly this...
an oasis,
a beautiful image,
and words to match.
thank you for
the inspiration.
lord knows i need it.

photowannabe said...

I feel like you are standing on the edge. Time to jump off and see where you land. Good luck to you Terry.

Ariel the Thief said...

You do, Terry. :-)

tsduff said...

Jillie - I would have enjoyed seeing all the crows. (can't help myself).

So happy to hear your Mom is with you. *sigh* I miss mine so much. Anyway, looking forward to yours and Robert's next trip to the wine country - you know you have a place to stay in Walnut Creek (about 40 minutes from Napa) if you desire. We'll toast the season's Merlot (and don't forget your camera :))

Ms Harmony - I have missed talking to you. What gives? I always love seeing your comments - they bring ME peace and comfort. That cactus flower was the only one of its kind on my little pioneer prickly pear. I think you and my own Moonchild Bear are so similar. You both love warm colors. xo

Photowannabe: I love what you said. Jump off and see where you land. I think I almost have the courage this time to do it.

Ariel the Thief: I'll tell you all about it when we get back :)

Will Doohan said...

Beautiful poem and flower. Thanks Terry. I haven't been visiting blogs much lately, busy with other things. Haven't tried the black widget yet either. I'll get to it eventually.

Take care, you and "The Bear". :-)