Monday, October 06, 2008

The beach:

Before the fall
Before I knew
End times were near
Payment was due

A time of bliss
But job angst too
So unaware
My job was through

The water's edge
So pure and true
No other motive
Nothing new

I'll take it over
Beach and sunshine
Make me sing


jeff@sally said...

Hurray! You wrote something. I have missed your posting. :) Uncertain times and yet the tide that retreats at low tide will return with fresh bounty once again when the tide comes in. :)

Ariel the Thief said...

You remind me of Bettye Lavette as she is singing, "I have learned so many things from my mother/ See how happy she made me/ So I will take this road much further/ Though I know not where it takes me"

Keep your moments of bliss handy. :)

actonbell said...

That's beautiful. And a belated rabbit, rabbit to you--good luck.

sister celtic said...

Blows me away your gift..How beautiful God will turn the tide your his kid after all...Amen!

Doug said...

You captured it. The tide comes in, the tide goes out, enjoy the neap.

Tom & Icy said...

Some beaches are full of rocks, sometimes our bed is lumpy and the road is bumpy. But life is really so sweet after all.

Dr.John said...

The Picture and the poem are just filled with meaning. Let's hope soon the tide turns and you get a new job.

yellowdog granny said...

one of the most beautiful places ever..thanks for reminding me..

lime said...

ah, there is peace to be found somewhere then....

Will Doohan said...

This simple poem made me feel good. I'm going thru rough times too. Walks in the woods and getting out in the sunshine cheer me. :-)

javajazz said...

water's good.
and cleansing.
and pure.
it helps everything.

Anonymous said...

love the sound of the sea creating the sound of pebbles colliding together...sweet XoXo

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh what a beautiful phot! Did you take this? I could look at it every day. Please may I take a copy of it for my work computer?

tsduff said...

Hi Sal - Yes, the tide comes in and goes right back out.. I have hopes for what it will bring one of these times.

Ariel the Thief - I am not famliar with Bettye Lavette, but after going to her website I enjoyed some of her soul music. I like your advice very much.

Actonbell - Thank you and also for the good luck :)

Sister Celtic - Coming from you that is such a compliment - you - with all the fabulous most published photos of anyone I know. Thanks for your sweet well wishes.

Doug - I love the tide. It is like a campfire - you can just sit and look (and listen) to it for hours. It is a nice break.

Tom and Icy - I love your ability to look at things so cheerfully and pragmatically. Well said.

Dr. John - The tide will do what it endlessly does. I'm not so sure about the job part.

Yellowdog Granny - It was gorgeous, with its beach of pebbles rolling and clicking with the wash of each wave. They weren't so fun to walk barefoot on though.

Lime - Actually, yes, there was peace there for a bit. There is peace in all the places one goes to escape the daily grind, but this one was exceptionally peaceful :)

Will Doohan - Hey - take a walk on the beach if you can - it has the same effect on me. Sorry your sea is a bit rough right now - getting out into the fresh air away from people and cars into the wild makes me feel better too.

Javajazz - yes. Water is what we all need. I think it is essential in all of its forms... beach, rain, drink, ice, fog, and my Sweetie's favorite - a nice hot bath ;) xo

Oh Baby - you came up with the right word I was looking for :) That is exactly what it sounded like. *sigh* xoxo

dj kirkby - I'd be thrilled to know you had my picture put up somewhere :) I took it on a lovely beach far away from all the people at Carmel, California. I wish you could hear the sound that the pebbles made when they collided together.