Sunday, November 23, 2008

I was recently tagged by DJ Kirkby to come up with a bunch of 7's... and since it has been a while since I've actually done a meme, I'm agreeable to do it at the moment.

7 Things I plan to do before I die:
-Hold my next Grandson in my arms
-Feast my eyes many more times upon the lavafields of Keflavik as I fly to Iceland

-Lose a bunch of weight and fit into my nice skinny jeans again
-Visit Niagra Falls
-See and experience the birds, beauty and food of Mexico
-Travel to Hungary, Albania, Finland, Norway and Denmark
-Drive across the US with my Sweetie

7 Things I do now:
-Spend a ton of money feeding all the wildlife in my yard and enjoying every glimpse of them that I get
-Derive enormous pleasure out of seeing the beauty of nature - sea, rivers, forests, sky, rock mountains, deserts, colored leaves
-Deeply admire and enjoy birds - especially Corvids (ravens, crows, magpies and jays)

-Am blessed with a wonderful family of loving, supportive people
-Go traveling with my dear mate as often as we possibly can
-Miss my Mom
-Look for a job every day

7 things I won't do:
-Cheat on my income tax

-Pretend to be something I'm not
-Be able to perform math comfortably
-Stop dreaming of moving to Iceland
-Understand death
-Eat liver

7 Things that attract me in the opposite sex:
-Earnest & laughing eyes

-A tender heart

-Softness for children
-Passion for fairness and truth
-Love of the earth
-Deep and warm love of family
-Strong honest character

7 Celebrities that I admire: Elizabeth Taylor, Mark Twain,
Helen Keller, Judy Dench, Mother Teresa, John Muir

7 Favourite foods:

These are among some of my favorites but by no means all of them... ha ha their number is legion
-Fried carnitas tacos
-Niguri sushi
-Raw oysters

-Braised lamb shanks
-Potato chips
-Mom's zucchini squash dish
-A good steak bbq'd medium rare


yellowdog granny said...

very interesting...
im telling you...if you cook liver just right....

it still tastes like liver..

Anonymous said...

XOXO--fine steak :-)

SOe said...

Interesting list! I also have the weight-point on mine (I will never stop dreaming :-) ). Not cheating on income taxes - You have definetely no ancestors from Germany :-) Okay, we Germans do not cheat - we just bend we tax-rules (and we have a lot of them!!!) as much as possible. It´s a kind of hobby :-). Chicago was very nice. Normally, I´m more a nature-forest-person but I can not resist such beautiful (concrete) constructions. With the great weather we had it was just perfect! In St. Louis I went through the Forest park in these fantasic fall colours - just stunning! But I´m also very happy to be back to the tasty Icelandic water and clean air :-)

catnapping said...

chicken livers...cubed into 1/2 inch bits...cleaned very well (soaked in salt water for a couple of hours) are very good...fried in real butter and tobasco sauce...then poured over steamed rice. good stuff!

I LOVE Judi Dench!

lime said...

i'd like to come along on your travels!

Ariel the Thief said...

Did someone say liver? Mmmmm... :-P

I love the photo of the Bear!

Doug said...

Miscounting celebrities is as just as justice gets.

jeff@sally said...

Ah liver for me either. EEEEWWWWWWWWW. Must be a Mom thing. I remember we got "rumaki?" once as an appetizer. Poor Mom didn't know it had liver in it and we all were quite discusted. Mom hated it with a passion. Today I was at a buffet with Jeff and Erik and I noticed something that looked like liver on Erik's plate. He took a big bite and he made a horrible face. "What is this?" He asked horrified. That confirmed to me the nature of the dish before him. Also....I noticed that you did not include Wyoming as one of your dream destinations. :( I am crushed. :)

Dr.John said...

Someday to Finland. Everybody's dream.

javajazz said...

Bear's all wrapped up!
how cute...!
i'm not asking any questions.
what you two do in your spare time
is none of my business...!

and liver...ewww!
liver is someone's liver you know!
why would you want to eat that?
my mom loves chicken liver and
it's a LIVER, people...!!!!

actonbell said...

Wonderful meme! John Muir isn't mentioned often enough.

And there's something very nice about the number seven.

Jeanne said...

You want to visit Norway and Denmark, but not SWEDEN???

I'm going to go hide in a corner.

Will Doohan said...

BLECCH!!!! Liver! My dad was on liver eating kick for while when I was a kid. Every effin week on Wensday he would cook it and force us to eat it to. Thank god he tired of it after a month.

Fred said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Terry. I hope you and your family are having a great holiday.

Liver? I love liver smothered in onions. Scrumptious.

javajazz said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Terry and Beary...! xo

javajazz said...

hey, Happy Birdy, Crow...!!!
have a great celebration
of you...! xoxo

Doug said...

I second JJ. I'll make cak if you all will come over.

actonbell said...

Happy Birthday!!

Jeanne said...

Happy happy. I had no idea.

TLP said...

Happy Birthday!! All the best people are born on November 30.

Kingcover said...

I've never had oysters before (raw or otherwise). Do you prize them apart yourself with a knife and a protective chain mail glove/mitten or do you just take a sledgehammer and a pneumatic drill to them??? :-P

Happy birthday to you. I missed it by one day but when you take our time difference into consideration I ...... ok ok so there's no excuse, I screwed up and forgot about it. You may banish me to the four corners of the universe ... or one will do - that way I get to have my head still connected with the rest of me :-)

Ariel the Thief said...

Tibbar, tibbar and Happy Birthday! Better late than never! And I bought cake and beer and tequila, no worry about the unexpected guest. I am going to be fine. :-D

margie said...

well, if one of your dreams is to visit niagara falls you will have to call the other souers du jour!! she lives right there!

margie said...

well, if one of your dreams is to visit niagara falls you will have to call the other souers du jour!! she lives right there!