Thursday, December 04, 2008

I've been away.
Missed Rabbit Rabbit Day
No computer access
With which to play
So now I must
The piper pay
No more fun
Time to say

I'll return



Just kidding - I'll be back in a few days when I get home, with a whole new load of pictures. Sigh. If only I could make a living doing this.


NESSA said...

I, too, have been away

but never far

I hope you've been okay

see you in a day and a day.

Kingcover said...

Well as we seem to be in a poetical mood I shall bring forth my own attempt ...

From blogging I have never been away
What can I say?
Just like your face catches a sun's ray
To you coming back in a few days I say "Yay!".

Dr.John said...

No poem here.
So have no fear.
We all wish we could make a living doing this.
I told you no poem.

actonbell said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Looking forward to your pictures
And the inspiration they imbue

Sounds like happy times:)

Diesel said...

No more rhyming, I mean it.

photowannabe said...

See you in a few with more photos to view.

yellowdog granny said...

just hurry back..poems and all

Ariel the Thief said...

Funny poems all over,
I'm waiting for you with flower.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Back in May? Poetic license, no?

Sherri said...

I love pictures!

Will Doohan said...

I like your poems
and that is why
to your blog I clik

Like all of your frends
I will cry
If I can't see your Pics!

Cheesemeister said...

I know the feeling. If only I could make a living writing.

Mo'a said...

Looking forward to your return :)

javajazz said...

home from where, crow?
i think you should make
a living doing this...
(is this writing cool
poetry on your blog?)
do it...!
even if the pay is lousy...

looking forward to your

ps tibbar tibbar...xo

Anonymous said...

may a bear and crow always wander together...XOXO

SOe said...

You gave me a start! I looking forward to see new posts and pictures.

Santa! Why isn't it snowing?? said...


don't scare me like that.

Doug said...

Maybe my previous comment will be back by then. Rest recover be well. Buy bear a drink.

weirsdo said...

Have a good trip.
We'll try to get a grip
And not flip
Because you gave us the slip.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to the Cutie,sitting across from Me...XOXO

sister celtic said...

Oh Terry thanks for your posts always full of love and kindness you and bear have big hearts.... We love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our lives.. My dads death hit me about 6 days later when I saw the funeral on youtube done by my neice and then finding out my uncle passed within 24 hours of my dad..Today is the day my sister in law committed suicide and 2 days ago the anniversary of George's heart attack...We just need to pack as much into the day as we can and we loved your visit.. I can't wait for you to post your pics of the rainbow sunrise I am also glad you saw it as well to know it really happened.. I can't wait so looking very forward to it.. We didn't have the right lens , we had the big lens on not the panaramic so hurry and get em ya

tsduff said...

Nessa - we stayed away a long time - playing hooky is always more fun than being responsible.

Kingcover - Such a lovely lilting poem - I could almost hear your brogue.

Dr John - your thought was way better than a poem. Hmmm - how to make a living doing what we love. It can't be impossible.

Actonbell - Really? Wow, what a nice thing to say. Excellent rhyme btw.

Diesel - OR what? *taps her foot looking around expectantly*

Photowannabe - AH! Time to get over to see your pics... I've really been absent forever and a day.

Yellowdog Granny - I've missed your Texas humor for too long...

tsduff said...

Ariel - you have the mind of a poet - and now all of us know it :D

Lone Grey Squirrel - I have no license to make poetry, so I make one up. So simple!

Sherri - me too. Shamelessly in fact.

Will Doohan - All the way from outer space
It's great to see your smiling face. (Man, that is a lame rhyme isn't it?)

Cheesemeister - I think that would be the life all right... writing, blogging, posting pretty pictures (and taking them) AND having enough money to pay the bills and buy good food. *Sigh* Pinch me, I'm still dreaming.

Mo'a - Here I am - but truth be known, I'm not really all back yet. Time to pull out all the Christmas stuff and pretend to make merry. Santa will stuff the stockings with very little this season because the piggy bank is bare.

Javajazz - You know all is well with me when you show up around here :D The sickly hazy winter sun is hurting my eyes as it streams into the dirty diningroom windowpanes... time to get up for another cup of coffee. xo

Anonymous - This crow will never fly far from the side of the bear. xo

SOe - I enjoyed reading so much about your trip to the US, as well as your love of concrete which cracks me up. My Sweetie loves concrete too. There are worse things to love...

Santa - It is snowing somewhere I saw in the news, but it is just bleary winter haze around here. No scares around here... just one lazy blogger weary from the road.

Doug - What a nice idea. The Bear is always in rare form for a cocktail :D Lifting a toast to you and yours this fine December day. Cheers.

Weirsdo - No please, no flips - no slips... just beary hugs and kisses.

Anonymous - *looks behind herself... You tawkin to me? ...*blows a kiss to the Great Bear smiling at her* xxoo

Sister Celtic - You know we enjoyed our visit with you and your G immensely. I hope one day we will get to return the favor, although I know you don't get down this way very often. G's cooking ROCKS - best meal ever, although it left me with an insatiable craving for chili rellenos for the rest of our trip... You guys are great hosts, friends, and fellow sojourners in life. love and hugs xo