Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you love accordion (as I most fervently do) and/or if you enjoyed the movie Amelie (which is a matter of eclectic taste for sure) you might find this performance as enchanting as I do. I'm obsessed with it... although I play the keyboard variety of accordion rather than the diatonic type pictured here it sounds as wonderful as I can imagine. The sound just blows me away... I love it magnificently. Please excuse me while I lapse off into my own musical spasm (for want of a more
mature word)... truly I'm lost in this performance. It is the best I've ever experienced. ahhhhhh

PS: If you don't feel like watching it, it does make excellent background music...


Tom & Icy said...

My childhood memories are full of that type of sounds and music. It seems like I used to hear it all the time, but rarely now. Music played on a Midi keyboard sort of has a similar sound, in a way.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Strangely, my mom used to play the accordion when I was young. It remains one of the happier memories of my childhood. Thanks for the reminder.

Minka said...

I played it for my flowers, I love it too. So mesmerizing! Good taste!

Logophile said...

Wow, the finger work is mesmerizing!
My dad is a huge fan of folk music, lots of different kinds and that reminded me of one of his favorite records. French Celtic if I rcall correctly, lovely,

lime said...

my mom played accordion when she was a kid. that was a fun listen. thanks:)

Hobbes said...

Nimble fingers. What funny keys to play like a piano.

catnapping said...

i love the accordion...and bagpipes too.

i wonder at how these instruments got invented...i think of old men wheezing in tune. lol

javajazz said...

one of Sarah's favourite movies
is Amelie, and she just watched
it with a girlfriend this past

pansi!!!!!!! said...

Thank's for your gift Mrs. Crow all tho it was LATE!!!! I have ben vary bizzy shoping at Hal's store where he has lot's of thing's. And I nead lot's of thing's!
Acordion's are the insterment's of the DEVIL!!!!!

Doug said...

Nice music. Whenever I see an accordion I expect Tocatta and Fugue in D-Minor and a monster.

SJW said...

Hi Terry - thanks for dropping by.
Enjoyed the accordion recording while reading your last few posts. I'm most familiar with accordion playing traditional Irish music, but really enjoyed this too.

Good luck on the job-front and remember - Expect the Unexpected.

Ariel the Thief said...

Amelie was too affected to me but I do enjoy this piece of music, thanks! :)

Doug, when you say monster, you picture a curmudgeon?

actonbell said...

I loved the movie Amelie, and this is very nice music. Accordion music makes me think of Italian food. Which reminds me that I'm hungry, and we are having pancakes tonight. Hmmmmm

yellowdog granny said...

during westfest there is accordion music playing from every store..

tsduff said...

Tom & Icy - When midi music came out I was just as enthralled with it... especially the hammered dulcimer music. I suppose that kind of music just vibrates a major chord in my brain. I love it.

Lone Grey Squirrel - I do think music is the universal language - crossing barriers of memory, language and culture. It can invoke happy or even sad memories, but always powerful.

Monika - I was serious about the flowers - I know they love it. My poor Bear on the other hand has had just about enough! I'm learning how to play that song by watching and listening to the video over and over and over.

Logophile - I'm just in heaven watching those fingers fly over the keys... I don't read French, but I think she is saying that is her own version of the composition. WOW.

Lime - Just think - Now just think, my own kids will be saying that about their mom... :) My Mom played the flute.

Hobbes - Nice word. And yes, it is mesmerizing, and almost impossible for me to translate it on my own piano keyboard. I'd love to have a go at that type of instrument.

Cat - Always the poet ;) Old men wheezing... that is funny. I always have loved the bagpipes as well... in fact when one or more play, I feel the tears well up. Don't know why.

Javajazz - It is one of the few movies we actually own. It's eccentricity makes me laugh every time. Plus it has a gnome in it, and of course, a great theme song :)

Pansi!!!!!!! - Crows aren't known for being on time...but the thought was sincere. As for the devil... well, I heard he was hot on the fiddle.

Doug - I doubt that you will hear any accordion music 20,000 leagues under the sea... Captain Nemo played the organ. Is there any part of anything at all that you aren't adept at? Music, literature, cowboys and dogs...

SJW - OH no! It's been too long between visits since I enjoyed reading at your wild and beautiful blog... thanks so much for your visit. I took another round of assessment tests for yet another agency... my time is coming.

Ariel the Thief - Amelie certainly is one of a kind... I wonder why I related to her on so many levels? (I do love to skip rocks)

Actonbell - All the years I learned to play accordion, I always thought it was only Italian - because my beautiful accordion was made in Italy. It was only in my wild hippy adulthood that I found out the Irish, the French (as in the Amelie theme) and so many others - the Gypsies, Russians, Polish - oh there are so many cultures who claim it. And look at me - I'm a bird :) H.
How were the pancakes? Ummmm

Yellowdog Granny - Believe me woman - one of these days I'm going to join you for WestFest. I want to eat one of those thingamagigs all rolled up and cooked, listen to the accordions and watch you in the parade :)

Michelle said...

My grandfather had an accordion. I can remember picking it up once and making it scream like a dying animal... which more or less sums up my entire history of trying to learn any musical instrument.

I'm not usually a fan, since I grew up in Southern Africa with Afrikaans "tikkie draai" accordion music - Polka type music. which always reminds me of chickens dancing for some reason.

This piece you have here, on the other hand, is really pretty.

Michelle said...

Oh just looked down your replies and have to add that I LOVE dulcimer music. There was this old record of Appalachian dulcimer music at our library when I was younger that I took out over and over.I haven't ever thought to look up dulcimer music on the internet. I must go look around Youtube!

sister celtic said...

That was such fun thankyou for exposing me to the fine art /musical instrument.. Hey you know how I only watch old classics etc. movies well I saw that you mentioned Amelie so being curious I read what it was about and so it is on my list... will probabley be the next movie we are watching The Red Balloon tonight.. I noticed that the movie Delicatessan sp. was on the same page as Amelie and we saw that one and loved it.. It's weird..

yellowdog granny said...

skunk eggs

Dr.John said...

I play but not very well.
I play the keyboard style.

Jamie Dawn said...

The movie does not come up.
I'd like to see a video of YOU playing your accordion.
So, you live near Mt. Diablo. How nice. That whole area is very pretty.
We enjoyed our day there very much, and then we ate at Cattleman's restaurant. Yummy!! Their garlic fries are out of this world.

tsduff said...

LOL Michelle! I know that sound you mean, only it isn't quite like a dying animal... just a smeary sound with too many notes being played at the same time :)

I think I've heard that sort of music you mean - I happen to also like it. And yes, I can imagine a chicken or two dancing to it ha ha.

I go crazy listening to the hammered dulcimer - had never known what the instrument was that made that noise until I saw a Celtic girls band playing one several years ago. It was fabulous and I wish I could fool around with one. I completely lost myself in the You Tube hammered dulcimers for an hour... along with the steel pan, I WANT ONE.

Sister Celtic - How did you like Amelie? I was trying to tell George about The Red Balloon, but although I remembered the story, and the sad part - I thought it had a good ending. Only for the life of me I can't remember it. I've never heard of Delicatessen.


Dr. John - HA! One more little known fact about you that I like :) It doesn't surprise me that you play the same kind as I. I am very rusty from not enough playing.

Jamie Dawn - If you REALLY want to hear it - go Here

You can see Mt. Diablo from my house(well, behind a tree or two) It makes a wonderful day trip up there, with lots of views from all around. I'm not sure which Cattleman's you were at - don't know of one around here. Maybe more toward Sacratomato BUT YUMMY!

Daisy said...

My Dad used to play accordion. He loved polka music. This brought back good memories for me. Wonderful blog you have here. :D

Michelle said...

I found one of my favourites for you. This is one I really do love!