Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unsigned art from Stumbleupon


Ariel the Thief said...

I can see he is wearing not his everyday makeup. What he is out for? Maybe to meet the dead.

Michelle said...

Oh, he's magnificent and just what I needed this morning. I wanted to reply properly to the reply you left on my "I am crow" post, but it got so long I decided to rather hunt down your email here and paste it in an email instead.

Doug said...

Pulled a feather from his cap...

Funny Fashionista said...

I'm a combination of frightened and saddened at the same time....

It's a very moving picture!

sister celtic said...

We have wonderful chemistry...I'm in love!

cat said...

he's beautiful. i love him. i love him!

McRaven said...

He has Raven medicine or two winged medicine. From his stature I would say he is a Medicine Man. Holy Shaman.

I have your painting and address and as soon as I get home, back to the Coast I will send it to you.

javajazz said...

oooh...now THAT's
a hairdo...

lime said...

that's really striking! quite a gaze!

Mo'a said...

He is Magnificent...the Raven must know him very well to sit so still on top of his head.

yellowdog granny said...

maybe the best painting of an indian i have ever seen..
i think im n love

Dr.John said...

So this is not a self portrait.
But it is a great Indian picture.

actonbell said...

Now, that's raven haired.

Jamie Dawn said...

Totally nifty!
I would not want him angry with me.
I feel I would not survive.

Tom & Icy said...

Now if only he plays guitar.

Ariel the Thief said...

Oh so he is a doctor?

tsduff said...

Ariel the Thief - Actually he probably IS wearing his everyday makeup. I think his job description requires it.

Michelle - Thank you for your forthcoming response. I am thrilled to have found your blog, and as I mentioned, amazed at your journey and mine as well. Oh, and many congrats on your book!

Doug - ... "and watch a crow poke your eye out."

Funny Fashionista - Good heavens I forgot it was you! Still getting used to the new icon and name :) I wonder why he makes you sad? I find it powerful and am a bit awestruck.

Sister Celtic - Who wouldn't be? (perhaps one who doesn't get along with birds or Native Americans...) I find it stunning - I would love to meet this being.

Cat - Well said. Now how do you translate him into your art?

McRaven - Very good to hear from you. I miss your posts - though I do see a few in odd places :) I thought of you when I posted this picture. Thank you for your interpretation of his stature and power. It is awesome. Are you still able to paint while so far from home? How's that little cutie Piper? And, how are YOU feeling?

JJ - yes, and isn't it lovely? I think it would look great on me. *sigh* I've been told by a man who was in possession of a medicine bag given to him by an old Shaman that I had healing powers. The man asked me to hold the bag - and was amazed. It was all very mysterious and I didn't know what to make of it - so I just filed it away for safe keeping. I still wonder about it.

Lime - No more striking than yours my dear :)

Mo'a - I think the Raven is actually a part of him.

Yellowdog Granny - He is one I think few have had the privilege to meet. Would that you or I would be so lucky.

Dr. John - I have nothing inside to compare with such a portrait as his. Perhaps he painted it as his own self portrait - I do not know. That picture invokes awe and respect.

Actonbell - You have been hanging out at Doug's so long that you are starting to surpass his one-liners! Excellent :)

Jamie Dawn: I think you have him pegged. Or maybe not - perhaps he is one who is wiser than his anger and willing to do find solutions rather than concede his temper.

Tom & Icy - I bet he plays anything he desires. And well.

tsduff said...

Ariel the Thief - Yes. Look here for some brief info.

javajazz said...

wow Terry...!
that's kinda cool...
so you have the medicine bag
in your possession now?
hmmm...maybe bring it out
of hiding into the light,
as it were...sit with it
and see what it says
to you? thats pretty
cool...maybe cuz you're
so in touch with nature
and stuff....nature has
much to teach us...xo

tsduff said...

JJ - Actually, the man only let me hold the medicine bag - something he said he rarely, if ever, lets anyone do. He didn't even open the well-worn leather bag for me, but told me a few of the items it contained, and of a healing he himself had once performed by laying that bag on the leg of a maimed man. The man with the medicine bag was one who had lived for 10 years among a tribe, and that bag was his most prized possession. It was considered holy and powerful, and I went to sleep in my tent that night only to lay awake for hours of pondering if my choice of religion at the time would respect this exchange. I'd give anything for that to happen to me now.

Michelle said...

"I've been told by a man who was in possession of a medicine bag given to him by an old Shaman that I had healing powers. I still wonder about it."

We (modern day people) tend to forget there are many kinds of healing. My dad was told he was a healer by a psychic. That was about 25 years ago and my dad never followed up on it. Just recently I realised he never had to - the psychic was right - he's always been a healer. He just IS. All my life my dad has had strangers tell him things. People in supermarkets, on the street, or customers (he was a self-employed electrician for years)would come to him and confess all sorts of things. That they'd had an affair, that they were adopted, that they were dying of cancer. He's like a walking confessional!

And only now, this past week, I realised that this is his "calling". He heals by allowing others that chance to talk and set free their hidden secrets. THey tell this complete stranger and somehow it heals their spirits.

So... all you need to do is figure out what kind of a healer you have always been. Is it your abilty to be quiet and listen, is it your abilty to give great advice, bake a cake for a sick friend.. be there when you're needed? Not all healing is literal/health related.

PS... I promised you an email and then my book came out and my brain fried, but I haven't forgotten.

javajazz said...

what Michelle says is quite right,
well, meaning, i understand
that kind of truth...
i was going to say, it didnt
matter what was in the medicine
bag, or even if there was anything
in there at all...sometimes, as i used
to learn in some energy work classes,
intention is nine-tenths of the law...
and some people are just meant
to be healers, often those who would
probably rather not draw attention
to themselves, as i found out the
hard way! there are many ways to heal,
both ourselves and others...often
just being around a healing presence
will shift many ills...i say now look at
President Obama, for a light shines
within him...his simple kind goodness
has healed so many already....
call that a simplistic view, i dont
really care what its called...
sometimes just being around
people can cause a healing
of sorts...just listening to others,
a human touch, giving generously
of our time, caring about others,
this goes far and deep on the planet...

Funny Fashionista said...

His eyes.... I look into them and feel sadness.

Hobbes said...

Very impressive photo.