Thursday, January 01, 2009


Many folks believe that crows and ravens are mean, ominous, evil or harbingers of bad news. I disagree. Not so. On the other hand, rabbits are thought to have a cute, cuddly persona, fluffy and soft. Let's look at how mistaken this particular myth is by looking at the mean rabbit:

This past year of 2008 kicked my butt. I would like to imagine that 2009 will be the year I kick it's butt.


Anonymous said...

Rabbit Rabbit - Crow Crow...A Toast To Kick'n Ass Together Into 2009...XoXo Bear

Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit rabbit caw caw woof woof and meow! Can't we all just get along? Oh, heck, I do hope you really kick butt next year!

yellowdog granny said...

I've seen video's of rabbits kicking cats asses, dogs asses, and one chased a snake up a tree...we had a rabbit when mojo was about 3, and we called it hatter cause it was as mad as a bit, clawed, and peed on you every chance it got..i kept letting it out of the yard hoping the neighbors dogs would kill it but it would kick there asses and come back home...i hate bunnies...crows on the other hand..

lime said...

quite the battle in that vid. here's hoping 2009 is kinder to us all.

Ariel the Thief said...

Yes, we know rabbits are dangerous. I have seen the Monty Python movie.

Rabbit, rabbit and Lucky New Year!

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Terry, good luck in 2009! The High Hopes Level does seem to have gone up--I'd say we're at "code joy" right now. Good things will happen:)

Doug said...

Yeah, you have to get an early start to kick a year in the groin while it's still short. Get after it! (And best wishes to you and El Oso.)

javajazz said...

ya, kick it's tushie right back, crow!
oh well,
sometimes these shifts
are neccessary
for the next step
and the next step, etc.,
to occur...
i figure my 8 years
is just about up...
i'm almost ready
to kick back...!
lots of love
and peace
and happiness
in 2009 and onwards
to you and the Bear...xo

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Happy Butt Kicking! Monty Python showed the world the real danger of rabbits.

Logophile said...

Go get it, Terry, Ive got your back!
I'm hoping to beat this year into submission as well. We'll tagteam it, deal?

sister celtic said...

Lets kick it's ass Seabass... Deal me in!

Diesel said...

Quoth the bunny rabbit, "Nevermore!"

Minka said...

If you need help, I am a pretty good kicker ;) (two years of extensive soccer practice at age 12 and 13!)

Have a good 2009, my friend!
I am back blogging, that's got to count for something, right?!

photowannabe said...

A vivid video. Never saw anthing like that before.
Hope your 2009 will be better for you. You go girl!!

Will Doohan said...

Happy New Year Terry, to you and 'The Bear'.
Amazing photo by the way. Needs a caption like, "Hey wake up, we gotta got to work!" or, "Is this thing really dead?"

photowannabe said...

Hi Terry, I made a mistake in the location of the covered bridge. We visited both in the same day. The bridge is at the South Yuba River State Park. Its located in Bridgeport, California. They (the mine)are very close to each other.
Both are terrific places to hike around and fantastic photo ops.

Anonymous said...

All Fed and Ready For 2009,Much Love Bear

javajazz said...

terry berry how's it goin'...? xo

G-Man said...

LGS...Hit it on the head.

"E's no ordinary rabbit..
E's a killa"

Happy New Year Terry....G

weirsdo said...

Good luck with that and Happy New Year!

G said...

Tibbar tibbar and good luck just the same. Is the top little picture a rorschach test of whether you see it as a rabbit or a crow?

Dr.John said...

That was one mean rabbit indeed.

Northern musings said...

As you know Terry I am a fan of the crow/raven I love em. They bring me so much fun on my walks with the dog and now as spring approaches (I hope) they will start having their þings - their group meetings of who is where and what he/she should be doing.. well that is what I imagine they are discussing. I love it too when I see them meeting on top of a light pole and having a conversation.. I am sure that they are talking..

Northern musings said...

Oh and ofcourse - have a wonderful 2009!!!!

tsduff said...

Anonymous Bear of Mine - Yes, *clink* a toast to us. xo

LOL Tom and Icy - I actually think most of us DO get along. It is just a few of those rabid rabbits that mess it all up for the rest of us...

Yellowdog Granny - My sister had a rabbit she named BunBun when we were young. It was horrible, and scratched me as well as tried to disembowel me whenever I tried to pick it up. I now prefer a rabbits foot.

Lime - not hoping - insisting! :)

Ariel the Thief - I found out about rabbits from the savage one on Monty Python... learned my lesson well.

Actonbell - It is always your optimism that makes me happy when I read your comments. Always the happy one in the bunch :D

Doug- Only a dry humored, well traveled dogs like you can use groin in the same sentence as "still short". Well done desert trotter, and you roused a rumble from the Bear.

Javajazz - Ah, so very nice to hear your musical voice once more. I have been sitting on a pressie for you for many moons - it is something commissioned with you in mind and will one day make it to your door I hope. I also hope you will accept it with the same joy and glad intent with which it will be given.

Lone Gray Squirrel - Where would we be without the wisdom of Monty Python and his teaching of the Killer Rabbit? I for one am indebted to them.

Logophile - You make me tear up a little.. what a nice thing to say out loud to someone like me. Thanks, and you bet teammate.

Sister Celtic - You're on!. I sure the heck wouldn't want you on the other team... man alive we'd all be doomed.

Diesel - Didn't I hear that in a caption somewhere? :) I cast my votes for you.

Minka - Heck yeah I'll take all the help I can get. Besides, I've seen your boots!.

Photowannabe - And most people think those little rabbits are harmless... HA!

Will Doohan - I think the caption should read: "When we come back with our biker crow friends, that little rabbit is gonna make some great rabbit foot chains..."

Photowannabe - I'll have to check out that bridge. I love covered bridges, and thanks for the clarification so that I didn't think I was losing my mind!

Anonymous - Is it time to stop eating now? I think we are good until 2010.

JJ - So so. Under the weather a bit these past few days, but getting better all the time. Time to get back to living, *&$#($P#@*& job search and all. Hell, it is better than being bedridden! Life is good. *Haven't caved in and gotten a dog yet - that is a good thing :) How's about you?

Galen! Happy Happy Joy Joy and man alive, that's some cold driveway you've got. Watch out for the camouflaged white rabbits. They have teeth!

Weirsdo - Happy new year of new and fanciful things! Looking forward to all the teddys I can see :) I'm a shameless bear fan you know.

Miss G, my only ECS - you are the only one to comment on the crow/rabbit at the top! You win a prize. (When and if I get to see you in person next time, I'll give it up :))

Dr. John - I think they could be dragons in disguise, don't you agree?

Northern Musings - Of COURSE they are talking! They are also soaring, flying, diving, playing, rabble rousing, stirring up mischief, loving and being affectionate to each other, ... so many things they are capable of. I'm happy to have a fellow corvid lover counterpart in Iceland.

And a very good and prosperous 2009 to you and your wonderful family (and Freya of course :)

catnapping said...

oh. my. god.

i'll never ever let one of THOSE in my house!

Michelle said...

I found you hopping along through blog friends-of-friends. I saw the crow and had to come over to meet a fellow crow-lover.

I was born in Africa where they pied ravens were a bit scary (when you're eight and they're bigger than you and want your lunch!), but now I'm in Scotland and here the crows are a delight. They gather in huge groups to mess about and play. Every time I watch them I want to laugh for sheer joy in their joy. :-)

Hold your breath till Jan 26, it's around there that the Chinese New year starts and we ditch this year - Rat. Rat years are frantic, money/finance obsessed and just... mental. Everyone I know says they got shaken, whacked and thrown against the wall this year. Next Chinese year is Buffalo/Ox - steady, determined, a bit plodding, but shouldn't leave us all ready for a white padded room as Rat did!

HAPPY NEW YEAR- either Western or Chinese.
another crowzy woman ;-)