Thursday, February 12, 2009




Oxana from Fancyscrap

Hello Oxana!

You are the winner in my One World One Heart giveaway! Congratulations!! Your entry was chosen via the Random Generator and you have won a set of 10 handmade note cards, lovingly created from some of my favorite photos, most of which were taken here on the entire west coast of the United States, including the states of Washington and California where I live. I'm thrilled to have "met" someone from the other side of the world via this wonderful giveaway. Thank you for participating in this great event - and I hope you will join in again next year. I've met so many new people with a myriad of different artistic talents - a huge thank you to Lisa for all her inspiration and work on this amazing event.

Please email me your address information as soon as possible so that I may put your package into the mail to you immediately. Again, congratulations - and I hope you have as much fun using the note cards as I did making them.

Terry Duff



weirsdo said...

This sounds like a really neat project, and if we learn about it sooner next time perhaps we could participate. I'm not visually artistic, but Mall Diva is.

sister celtic said...

Congrats to the winner wow I know she is going to love your cards how cool...God willing next year we can do this again.. love ya me

McRaven said...

Congrats to who won!

Doug said...

This sounds like spam.

tsduff said...

Weirsdo - trust me if a person like me - an undeclared artist with questionable credentials could muddle through the thing, Mall Diva would breeze right through like a knife through butter. I actually had fun! Now if only the winner would answer my email (she is from Moldova) then I could send her the prize.

Sister Celtic - you and your G must be floating on clouds after your recent ritzy recognition... One day I'm going to visit you both at your own Gallery reception.

McRaven - I'm a slow starter, but like you with your stunning paintings, my art is beginning to actually be believable to me! Baby steps. The winner has not yet contacted me - and if she doesn't within the next several days, I shall have to have another drawing.

Doug - It is all relative. I personally can't eat the stuff - and I'm on a diet anyway. Want mine?

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL Doug!

Anonymous said...

Florida must be having a good effect on you


PS Do you know of any good picture directory software? Or, how to do pictures in mail merge?

tsduff said...

Ariel the Thief - He is a rather droll dawg - don't you agree?

Hi Dad - I'm in a state of shock and awe because this is my very first visit from you (you have graduated from being a lurker).

Florida is beautiful, and Mama Gully is spoiling us rotten and then some. Diet is good too.

Hmmm - picture directory software... mail merge pictures... hmmm I don't know anything off hand but I will begin to investigate.

Anyone out there know anything about the afore mentioned items?

Oh - and Dad, Elli is 2 cm dilated... my new Grandson Jayden will be born tonight or on Valentine's Day! :)