Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Earth refreshes

Renews and replenishes

Treat her with respect


Mo'a said...

Happy Earth day to you. I will do my very best.

Doug said...

Yeah, happy Earth Day. No more driving to Reno.

jillie said...

Yes I hear you on that one...she's the only one we have, we need to be good to her!


jeff@sally said...

I love Saddle Peak! :) It makes me homesick for Mone Nido. We are having a beautiful sunshiny day today in Wyoming but more snow forcast this weekend. Blah!

Nessa said...

...or she will kick your pawtooty.

javajazz said...

happy Earth day,
earthy lady...!

Fred said...

Back at ya'. We went to see Earth this was great.

Tom & Icy said...

Hey, that ain't pics of earth, it looks more like heaven.

EcoRover said...

Let's hope the next 3 billion years is as interesting as the last!

Ariel the Thief said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Happy Day Sweetie XO

KELLY said...

Ahhh! What a wonderful photo to see first thing this morning! Saddle Peak Mountain! I showed all the girls here at work! Look! This is what it looks like where I grew up!!! And the beautiful little wild flowers! The golden brown hills, and of course, the lovely ocean! Nice shots!! :D

photowannabe said...

Beautiful pictures for Earth Day and we definitely need to respect this wonderful world that we live on.

tsduff said...

Mo'a - you Always do your best. I know about you :)

Okay DOUG - no more driving to Reno. I'm supposed to do it one more time in May but maybe the stakes have CHANGED. I have to DO MY PART ;)

Jillie- My dear friend - yes, we need to not bite the hand that feeds us. xoxo (thinking about the grape vines in Napa LOL)

Sal - Saddle Peak is a trigger for all of us in the Ingram family :) I have taken so many pictures of it - I thought of making a catalog of "The Many Faces of Saddle Peak" - with the rainbows, thunderstorms, stark winter days, and of course the fiery burning Malibu fires... to me it is one of the most beloved pictures I'll ever ever see, or take, being as it is taken off the porch of our childhood home.

Nessa - yes, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature"... :)

JJ - I think we have settled into our Earthy relationship :) It is very good as is, although I strongly think, that if we were actually neighbors or music associates, we would still be fast friends.

Fred - what a cool endorsement. I was thinking I might not want to see the movie and have to wait around til it came out later on video... but now maybe I'll go sooner :) I LOVE that stuff xo

Tom & Icy - I knew there was something more about you that intrigued me. It is the love and knowledge/appreciation (and truly the way you have of expressing it so succinctly) of our environment and natural love of friends (furry or not :)) around us. I love & look forward to your comments above most. (besides, they make me laugh a lot)

Ecorover - Ha ha - you are funny. I wish I could pick your brain - I'm so sure it would contain a billion more of the beauty I find in your photos and thoughts ;) We won't be around for the next 3 billion years, but our offspring will. Pats to your pup.

Anon - xo

Kelly - That shot of our beloved mountain is enduring. I remember when we used to be able to see the entire thing - not just part of it - those trees grew up and obscured the view. Well, we all still know what it looks like :) xoxo

Photowannabe - The earth - our home... we have nothing else.

Ariel the Thief - you should know... as a fellow PHOTOGRAPHER :)

lime said...

such gorgeous photos. :)