Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Escorting the new
Last month of the old year out
Rabbit Rabbit all

The ghost of good luck
Rests vulture-like on my head
Time for something new


Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit.

You speak vulture, don't you?

Tom & Icy said...

That is so cool! I hear you had a birthday, hope it was a nice one.

Anonymous said...

rabbit rabbit
great last 5 days
Thank You

Anonymous said...

where did my comment go??
rabbit rabbit

quilly said...

All that rabbit-y stuff and my hope that you had a happy birthday!

javajazz said...

happy birthday ms crow!
xo canada

actonbell said...

Happy belated Birthday, Terry! Love the picture, and always up for something NEW!

tsduff said...

Doug - I do know about vultures... quite a bit as a matter of fact... I feel special. ;) Bunny bunny

Tom & Icy - yes, it WAS fun. Quiet, at home, low key (I always tell my Baby I prefer NO surprises...and He always acquiesces).

Anonymous: Thank you for sharing my Rabbit Rabbit.

Anon - I think I can see it ;)Right Here.

Quilly - Thanks hon. Hope Santa (Rabbit Rabbit) finds you in the sweet Hawaiian swells of the Pacific :)

Thank you ms Canada... I have a vague feeling I know who you are... say do you enjoy coffee?

Actonbell: You are always uplifting... - time for a trot over to your blog :) thanks for the b-day wishes :)

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit (it still counts.) That picture is cool.

Name That Christmas Song

the walking man said...

Really kind of hard to believe the last page of the calendar has come and soon will be gone.

javajazz said...

yes'm, me loves coffee...
(only 2 cups a day thank you)
but, oddly enough
i was sick last week
and didn't feel like coffee
till i got better
and then it tasted funny
and now i'm a bit scared...
there goes half my identity
and all...

ps hope all's well
at the WC Corral...
xo jazz

pps i'm having trouble
spelling the word verification.
cant they think of easier non words??

laughingwolf said...

what better 'new' than a whole year?

goofy word verif: fackinge :O lol

Fred said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Terry. Hope you're having a great December!

Anonymous said...

I love it...

Ranger Tom said...

Happy belated!

Mine's at the end of this month and for some reason this year I'm dreading it...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning
what are you
doing now?

javajazz said...

Merry Christmas
to Crow and Bear!
T&G thank you
for that wonderful card!
so sweet!

laughingwolf said...

merry xmas to you and yours, terry :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto sister.Anne & George