Thursday, December 31, 2009


May The BearCrow of happiness not forget you in the new year :)

Happy New Year 2010! May this new year allow you space to realize your dreams, shore up the old ones, and renew loving friendships xo.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

In the last post, you have a picture of a rabbit and a crow in a very lovely-dove-y pose and now you give us a picture of a bear-crow hybrid. Good grief! What weird breeding experiments are you doing over there?!?!!?

Just kidding. May the SquirrelOtter of joy also splash happiness on you this year. :)

quilly said...

Terry, may 2010 find you and yours with all of what you need, some of what you want and as little of what you don't want as possible.

Tom & Icy said...

That is so cute. Have a great year!

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit! Great photo.

the walking man said...

Same back at ya Terry.

javajazz said...

Fresh Rabbit Fresh Rabbit,
Crow and Bear...!
wishing you
happiness and peace
and a healthy
abundant new year...
xo lisa

Icarus said...

Dear Terry! Sneakin in a quick visit....I've been on holiday to Jupiter and back.
I hope all's well with you. There's a lot of dark around, so I'm sending you my best wishes for a safe, productive 2010.

Jeanne said...

Hej Ms CrowBear,
I bee worried that you recieved my x-mas letter NOT.
If this bee the case, and you have changed adress or somesuchthing, pleez write and reinform me.

I am lost without my adresses.

And happy new year too.

actonbell said...

Cool pictures! Rabbit, rabbit, good luck in 2010!

Mo'a said...

Happy New Year Terry and Bjorn...a Crow-Bear...perfect :)

Hobbes said...

Likewise all the best to you in 2010!
Hope your holidays were happy.

Anonymous said...

a fine start
into the new year
rabbit rabbit
hug kiss
hug kiss

photowannabe said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Its nice to see you back again.
Wishing you a super New Year.