Tuesday, June 01, 2010


June is summer vacation, no more school, warm days and lots of fun.

Too bad for me - already got back from my summer trip to Washington State, I can't take the heat like I used to, I don't get any vacation from work, not even going to school, and well, I can only hope for good luck this month.

I've got my work cut out for me - so I plan to make fun happen~
Here we go!


actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit, you go, woman! Make the fun happen. I wanna hear about that.

Anonymous said...

XOXO rabbit rabbit
off to ........

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit.

Road trip month for Crow and Bear seems to be June through May.

laughingwolf said...

cute bun! ;)

hope you get time off for good behavior on weekends, terry :)

tsduff said...

Actonbell - Well, Somebody has to make the fun happen! Thanks for the cheerleading :)

Darlin - Yes, I know. Hawaii. Hey, send me a postcard, will you? xo

Doug - Yes, open road trip season is year round.

Laughing Wolf - Thanks. My fingers are crossed like rabbit ears for luck hoping for time off.

TLP said...

Belated Rabbit Rabbit. Anyone who knows that fun has to be made, is at least halfway there.

SOe said...

a late Rabbit, rabbit.
Come to Iceland - it´s warm and not hot :-)
Love the rabbit :-)

Lindsey said...

At first the picture kind of freaked me out! :o)